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Who’s The Greatest NY Athlete Ever?

Even though I’ve lived in California for a long time, I still subscribe to New York magazine. Can’t help myself. I love their articles, and the recent one in which Will Leitch asked a panel of experts (including Al Leiter) whom they thought qualified as New York’s Greatest Athlete Ever was one of my faves. Among the candidates:
Joe Namath
Lawrence Taylor
Patrick Ewing
Phil Esposito
John McEnroe
Babe Ruth
Lou Gehrig
Joe DiMaggio
Willie Mays
Derek Jeter
It’s a really interesting article and I urge people to read it if they haven’t already – and then weigh in. A case was certainly made for Jeter, Gehrig and Ruth but Mays had one very loyal supporter. If they had asked me, I’d have said “Mariano Rivera,” but I’m not objective when it comes to him.
Turning to present day events, it appears that Rafael Soriano will be officially introduced by the Yankees tomorrow. I’ve read so much about his temperament; how he refused to pitch more than one inning for the Rays and had hissy fits about this or that. We don’t need divas on this team, so if he pulls any crap I have no doubt that the aforementioned Mo will take him aside and gently but firmly explain the facts of life in Yankeeville.

Another Deserving Hall of Fame Inductee


The tennis world announced its Hall of Fame winners the other day, and Monica Seles was a no-brainer. I don’t know if anybody else on MLBlogs is into the sport, but I’m a big fan and former player and I enjoyed watching Seles over the years.
As everyone knows, she was riding high on the women’s tour, only to be stabbed in the back – literally – by a crazed fan of Steffi Graf.
She made an attempt at a comeback, then sort of faded away, never really retiring (shades of Bernie Williams). Now she’s looking good, wouldn’t you say?
While I’m on the subject of tennis, the Australian Open starts next week.
The story lines include:
Will Roger Federer be successful in his bid to tie Pete Sampras’ record of 14 Grand Slam titles? I love the guy, so I hope he does it. Talk about talent. There’s isn’t a shot he can’t execute.
At the other end of the draw is Rafael Nadal, the tournament’s top seed. Very dangerous player.
I pick Federer to prevail on the fast surface in Melbourne. What’s amazing about these two is that they have a great rivalry and couldn’t be more opposite, and yet they like each other. What a concept. Not Yankees-Red Sox at all. Can you picture Youkilis and Joba posing together?
On the women’s side, we have the Williams sisters. Will they face each other?
Turns out they’re in the same half of the draw, so only one of them can win the hardware.
Standing in both their paths is the top-seeded Jelena Jankovic, who is nothing if not acrobatic on the court.
Missing in action this year is every guy’s poster girl, Maria Sharapova.
She’s been sidelined with – what else? – a shoulder injury. (See my last post about pitchers.)
I’ve been following tennis for a long time, as I said. It’s always fun to see new players make a name for themselves on the tour, but I can’t help missing this guy.
He’s great in the television booth, but those tirades on the court? He could really shake things up.
Here’s a little trip down memory lane.
First, we have the “Please Tell Me” video.
And now, the “Answer the question” incident.
And my all-time fave, “You cannot be serious.”

Peace, Johnny Mac.

Never Dull Here in Santa Barbara

Last month it was Heather Locklear who was arrested not far from my house for driving erratically.


(She kept running over her sunglasses in the parking lot of my local market.) 
This weekend it was former tennis star Jimmy Connors who got the attention of law enforcement. Oh, Jimbo.
He always did have a temper. I remember those matches when he’d go off on the chair umpire. McEnroe was a hot head.
But Connors was pretty demonstrative too.
You can read what he did here. Not exactly first degree murder. It was a slow news day.
I saw him at the dry cleaners about three weeks ago.
He was having a pair of jeans altered and was very polite to the tailor. Go figure. Maybe he has too much time on his hands now. He should start his own blog or something.
In other non-earth-shattering news, I went to a screening this afternoon of “Doubt.” Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning play, it opens nationwide on January 8th and stars Meryl Streep.
She’s a nun at a Catholic school in the Bronx (yes, there’s actually a scene where a boy is caught listening to the Yankees on his transistor radio). She becomes suspicious of a priest who takes an interest in one of the students. Viola Davis, the actress who plays the mother of the student, was at the screening and did a Q&A with us. She’ll be nominated for a best supporting actress Oscar for sure.
Here’s the trailer. I know, I know. It’s not a Ben Stiller movie. No Will Farrell or Vince Vaughn in it either and there isn’t a single special effect or flatulence joke. Still, it’s worth seeing.