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What A Bore

And what a fool I was. I thought there would be a carryover from the Walkoff Popup Game, and the Yankees would be so grateful for Friday night’s win that they’d come out smoking. Wrong. They came out like dead people.
Here, for example, is a photo of Andy Pettitte after he lumbered off the mound in the fifth inning, his mediocre performance over.
Seriously, is it too much to ask that a Yankees starter not named CC Sabathia give us a quality outing? Is it?

And how about Aceves? Is anyone else over him? I mean, he served up a homer to the 100-year-old Sheffield.
Now that I’m in New York for the week, I suppose I should I present myself at the Stadium on Sunday morning and demand that I take the ball against Santana. I can’t throw 95 mph, but even I’m better than what’s currently on the roster, aren’t I?

I don’t know what to say about the offense. Yeah, A-Rod hit one out (barely), and Jeter knocked in another run in the seventh after Melky and Gardner singled. But please. They all looked like they were dying to get the game over with so they could go do this.
I had a hunch the Yanks were in trouble when it was announced that they’d be facing a guy who hadn’t appeared in the majors in three years. A no-name pitcher always spells disaster for the boys in pinstripes, as if they couldn’t possibly review videotape or get a scouting report.
But whatever. They lost to the Mets 6-2 and seemed as dreary and gray as the weather.
Still, there were moments of levity, thanks to the broadcasters.
We got to hear Joe Buck say: “It’s a wet day but a pleasant day.”
We got to hear Buck explain that the Mets are the first team with three Fernandos in the lineup.
And we got to hear Tim McCarver sing from his new CD.