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Never Dull Here in Santa Barbara

Last month it was Heather Locklear who was arrested not far from my house for driving erratically.


(She kept running over her sunglasses in the parking lot of my local market.) 
This weekend it was former tennis star Jimmy Connors who got the attention of law enforcement. Oh, Jimbo.
He always did have a temper. I remember those matches when he’d go off on the chair umpire. McEnroe was a hot head.
But Connors was pretty demonstrative too.
You can read what he did here. Not exactly first degree murder. It was a slow news day.
I saw him at the dry cleaners about three weeks ago.
He was having a pair of jeans altered and was very polite to the tailor. Go figure. Maybe he has too much time on his hands now. He should start his own blog or something.
In other non-earth-shattering news, I went to a screening this afternoon of “Doubt.” Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning play, it opens nationwide on January 8th and stars Meryl Streep.
She’s a nun at a Catholic school in the Bronx (yes, there’s actually a scene where a boy is caught listening to the Yankees on his transistor radio). She becomes suspicious of a priest who takes an interest in one of the students. Viola Davis, the actress who plays the mother of the student, was at the screening and did a Q&A with us. She’ll be nominated for a best supporting actress Oscar for sure.
Here’s the trailer. I know, I know. It’s not a Ben Stiller movie. No Will Farrell or Vince Vaughn in it either and there isn’t a single special effect or flatulence joke. Still, it’s worth seeing.

Heather Locklear Arrested Near My House

Never a dull moment.

I was moping around tonight, mourning the loss of the finale against the Red Sox (thanks a lot, Veras) as well as the end of the season, when a friend called to tell me about poor Heather and her arrest on the main road that intersects with my street. I must be psychic! Check out my previous post about starting a neighborhood watch and catching criminals as a way to pass the time! I was only kidding, obviously, but here’s a link to the story from my local paper, complete with Ms. Locklear’s unfortunate mug shot.
I know we’ll be hearing lots of Yankees news over the next few months, and I’m somewhat consoled by that. One thing George King of the NY Post told me last year is that there really is no off-season when it comes to the Yanks; they’re always making headlines. So at least we can look forward to Girardi’s press conference tomorrow and Cashman’s upcoming announcement about whether he’s staying on as GM, plus decisions about Abreu, Moose, Pettitte and free agent signings and trades. And are they keeping the coaching staff? 
It’s all a mystery at the moment. In the meantime, let’s hope the players stay out of trouble now that they’ve scattered and gone home. I don’t want to see any mug shots of Yankees.