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Oh, My

I know my job here is to try to cheer everybody up after a loss and I’ll do my best, but let’s be honest: tonight was a major league bummer. And the bummer-ness can be summed up with two photos. This one:
And this one:
When I saw Tex grab his hammy in the fifth, I went numb. I think I even stopped breathing (sort of). You just never want to see an injury to one of your best players. Not anytime, but especially not when you’re fighting for a chance to get to the World Series. And while I haven’t heard the results of the MRI, I can’t imagine they’ll bring good news for him or the team. 
Onto the photo of AJ after he gave up the homer to Molina in the sixth. How did things go so horribly wrong? The Good AJ had shown up after all, and I was so relieved to see him pitching well with the crowd cheering his every strike. But – and cover your eyes if you don’t like me second guessing our manager – I wouldn’t have let him go back out for the sixth. He hadn’t pitched in forever and five innings of two-run ball would have allowed him to feel somewhat vindicated, to have 50,000 people on his side and, most importantly, to notch the win. Instead, Grady Little Joe Girardi pushed it and the result was awful.
And speaking of awful, what happened to Boone Logan all of a sudden? (I won’t even get into Joba or Mitre.)
All this agony might have been avoided if the hitters had done their job. They kept letting the Rangers’ pitchers off the ropes, and it was frustrating to watch.
So we lost. And now it’s up to CC to save us tomorrow – and for me to end this post on some happy notes.
* The pizza wasn’t lucky but it was delicious.
* There was more thunder and lightning here but my power didn’t go out.
* A Red Sox fan called me bad names on Twitter and I took the high road by not calling him bad names back.
* Patrick Wilson, the actor who sang “God Bless America,” is very handsome. (I loved him in the movie “Little Children.”)
* There’s a very good chance we’ll win Game 5.
Good night.

Yanks/Sox Game 2: Looking On The Bright Side


I’m not saying that losing the second of two back-to-back marathons against the Red Sox is easy. I mean, the Yanks scored nearly a dozen runs without our best hitter (A-Rod) and another big bat (Nady) and yet we didn’t win the game? That’s just grotesque.
But before I throw myself off the ledge following the 16-11 defeat, let me at least shoot for a little perspective.
Here are a ten fun things to take away from the game. Yes, fun!
#1) It was a good old-fashioned slugfest.
#2) The Yankees hitters made Josh Beckett work.
#3) We found out that AJ Burnett has the ability to go all Jekyll and Hyde on us at any moment.
#4) The ancient Angel Berroa was in the lineup and succeeded in not making a single error.
#5) We got to watch Dustin Pedroia do his best Bill Buckner imitation.
#6) Tex walked five times.
#7) Jose Veras had the delivery of a break dancer.
#8) Pitchers on both teams were bad.
bill murray you suck.jpg
#9) Joe Girardi and Terry Francona channeled Grady Little by leaving their starters in too long.
#10) Nobody came down with swine flu during the nearly five-hour game.
There. Feel better? I do.

Ozzie Guillen Is the New Grady Little

Well, he is. Did you see how he went to the mound in the 7th, checked on his pitcher and LEFT HIM IN to face Xavier the Savior? Reminded me of the good old days when Grady left Pedro in too long.

Before that, we were all subjected to watching yet another rookie pitcher handcuff the Yankees offense. But the X Man woke everybody up. Cano hit the ball with authority, which was entertaining, and even Melky got a hit – eventually.
As for Hughes, despite the high pitch count he looked better this trip. Less nibbling. More strikes. Just couldn’t put hitters away. 
And there was another player milestone tonight: A-Rod hit 35 homers in 11 consecutive seasons, tying The Babe’s record. Even in a “down” year, he’s pretty damn consistent.
After our game was over I switched over to Rays-Red Sox and watched TB take it to Boston. I had my eye on the Rays last season and wrote about it in the NY Times. Everybody laughed and said I was nuts. Is anybody laughing now? Even without Crawford and Upton, the Rays keep going, especially at home. There must be a lesson here. I’m just not sure what it is. Go younger? Come in last so you get draft picks? Hire a manager who spent years in the Angels organization? What?