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Our Chanting For Javy Worked!

Clearly, all Vazquez needed was for people on this blog to chant something, like members of a cult.
He had a high pitch count, but was otherwise impressive over five innings, only allowing a run. But Girardi brought him back for the sixth (why?) and Granderson and Cano let a ball drop between them (why?), and Suzuki hit a two-run shot that was probably the result of Javy thinking: I should be out of this inning. But he pitched well enough to get the win and he did. As for offense, the first three runs were cheap ones thanks to Gio Gonzalez’s control problems. But then came A-Rod.
I think that ball is still traveling. By now it should be somewhere over the Pacific, heading for Bora Bora. Boone Logan made sort of a mess of things in the seventh, loading the bases. But Joba came to our rescue in that inning and the next.
Marte walked the leadoff batter in the ninth. Girardi immediately pulled him for Mo, even though it was a non-save situation. I love seeing The God of Closers, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t love when the other relievers force him to be his own set-up man. And am I missing something? What’s the point of having Mitre on the roster if Girardi never uses him? I suddenly feel the urge to post a pic of Sergio, just to remind myself of his existence.
The good news is the Yankees continued their winning ways. It was cold in Oakland. They were jet lagged. Jeter was coughing. But all is well in Yankeeville.

Prediction: Javy Gets Win #1 Tuesday Night

OK, so I’m doing some positive thinking here. I’m looking at a photo of Vazquez and repeating over and over, “You will pitch really really well against the A’s.” Here, you try it.
You will pitch really really well against the A’s.” Good. Maybe our group chant will help. It’s way to early in the season to panic about him, regardless of what happened in ’04 or in his first two starts this year. He knows how to pitch. He throws strikes. He’s not a kid anymore. He sounds like he wants to show everybody he can be a winner in pinstripes.
Is it me, or does Kim Jones sound like she’s paying condolences at a funeral whenever she does a post game interview after a loss?
Anyhow, Vazquez will be facing off against a young A’s pitcher named Gio Gonzalez – the lefty who came over to the A’s in the trade with the White Sox for Nick Swisher. Small world, right?
Gio (love the name – sounds like a type of electric car) was the White Sox’s #1 prospect and is said to have a “devastating curveball.” But take a look at his arm during his delivery.
It’s going backwards. Or something. If I were a Yankees batter, I’d work the count and figure that the ball won’t be going anywhere near the plate. But since I’m only a fan, I’ll keep looking at Javy’s picture and chanting. “You will pitch really really well against the A’s.”