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A-Rod = Clutch

Just a tip for Ron Gardenhire: Don’t walk the bases loaded to pitch to A-Rod. I mean, didn’t he hurt the Twins enough in the ALDS last year? Sheesh. Talk about not learning your lesson. If I were a Minny fan, he’d have a lot of ‘spaining to do.
Other highlights:
* Brett Gardner’s homer. He can run AND hit for power?
* Francisco Cervelli’s triple. He can catch AND run the bases?
* A.J. Burnett’s six-plus innings. He can look good WITHOUT having his best stuff?
* Derek Jeter’s hit. He can shoot one off the pitcher’s leg AND get a double out of it?
* Joba’s eighth inning. He can strike out the side AND get the win?
* Mo’s ninth inning. He can be 40 years old AND pitch like he’s 30?
Okay, that’s the good news – that the Yankees opened the homestand with a sweet 8-4 victory, that A-Rod passed Frank Robinson on the home run list and that we continued our dominance over the Twins. The bad news? Yet another casualty. When I posted a few weeks ago that the Yanks were dropping like flies, I had no idea the situation would keep getting worse. But now Swisher? If he goes on the DL, I can’t be trusted to watch Randy Winn and Marcus Thames patrol the outfield. I really can’t.
And now for those who haven’t read this story, take a look. We love baseball or we wouldn’t be wasting time on my blog, but this kid loves baseball in a way that should inspire all of us.

A Tale Of Two Pitchers

Theirs was sterling.
Ours was highly breakable.
And that was basically the story of tonight’s loss. A.J. looked fine in the first couple of innings, but then he did his traditional Fenway Fall-Apart routine after having pitched great so far this season. Homers by Swisher and A-Rod (congrats to Al on tying Frank Robinson) were about all the offense the Yanks could muster against Lester. What else is there to say about the game? Oh, I guess I could rag on Marcus Thames for his adventurousness in left field – and for arguing the strike zone so vociferously that Girardi had to come out to defend him and then got tossed. And I suppose I could question why A-Rod and Jeter were pulled for the scrubs early; I was surprised we threw in the towel.
Mostly, I’m just happy the Yankees won yet another series. Yes, I would have loved a sweep so that I’d been able to use the shot Melissa emailed me earlier in the day. Well, what the heck. No point in it going to waste, so here it is.
What to make of A.J.’s aversion to Fenway? I can’t say I blame him. I wouldn’t want to pitch there either. But that’s his job and he needs to figure out how to do it. Oh, wait. No, he doesn’t. Not until October anyway.