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Happy Birthday Cervelli – Not

No, Cisco didn’t get shot in the head on his 24th birthday today. But he took a shot in the batting helmet, thanks to a stray fastball from Jays pitcher Zech Zinicola. (Who names their kid Zech? Sounds like Yech.) What a bummer to be handed the position of Yankees’ backup catcher, only to suffer a concussion in spring training – his second after getting hit during winter ball in Venezuela. I’m just glad he was able to walk off the field.
Cervelli seems to be the victim of a Spring Training Curse. It was two years ago around this time that he broke his wrist in a collision with Elliot Johnson of the Rays.
Hm. “Jays” rhymes with “Rays.” Maybe Cervelli should stay away from the “A’s” too. In any case, I wish him the best. I hate seeing guys go down this early in the season. Hate it. Of course, the most stomach churning early season injury belonged to Jeter.
Who can forget when he dislocated his shoulder on Opening Day of 2003 against the Jays – the Jays again! – and we Yankee fans held our collective breath? We approach each season with so much anticipation and hope, so when a player goes down before we know it, it’s difficult to swallow. At least for me.
What else is there to say about today’s 9-1 loss to the Jays? I’m always happy to see A.J. pitch, even when he’s working on his newfangled changeup and isn’t particularly effective. Albaladejo, on the other hand, is quickly reminding people why he kept getting sent down to Scranton last year. Just not good, Dejo. But how about Boone Logan? He hasn’t given up a run yet and is becoming my favorite new Yankee, along with Colin Curtis, who had another hit today – a ground rule double.
Speaking of offense, Granderson hasn’t had a hit yet as a Yankee. Not that he doesn’t have company. Posada, Tex and Swisher are hitless too. I know, I know. It’s only a few days into ST, for God’s sake. I’m not panicking. Really.