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All Sorts of Things

1) A-Rod didn’t get drilled as badly as I feared.
That said, his eighth inning at bat with the bases loaded sure didn’t go the way Yankee fans hoped it would. I mean, a grand slam for your 600th after a two-hour-plus rain delay? Now that would have been amazing. But at least he’s OK. Or so we’re told.

2) Congrats to Cano for hit #1000.

Robinson Cano.jpg
He’s not even 30. Think how many hits are in his future if he stays healthy and continues to work hard. Somewhere, Melky is either happy or really, really jealous.
3) What’s up with Huuuughes and all the homers he’s giving up in the Bronx?
Maybe he should go back to wearing those glasses? Sure, the Stadium has a short porch, but two dingers to Posednik? Really?
4) Nice to see the bats working for Jeter, Tex and especially Granderson.
Wouldn’t it be great if he finished up the season with offense like he demonstrated today? I want so much for him to succeed in pinstripes.
5) Joba. Oy.
It’s kind of ironic that he and Alex Gordon were both college phenoms in Nebraska. Both were rushed to the majors. And both have kind of flopped with their respective teams. Today they were on the field together, and neither was distinguishing himself. I felt sorry for them.
6) The Yankees didn’t get Dan Haren.
It doesn’t sound like we were even close to making that trade, but I got swept up in the rumors just the same. Such a gullible fool. I vow NEVER to believe what I read until a deal is done. (OK, I say that every time, but this time I mean it!) At least Haren won’t have to change colors, seeing as he can wear red as an Angel. But what about me? Last night I posted a video about how much I wanted him in pinstripes on YouTube. Such a fool to jump the gun, as I said. Oh well. Never again. Never!
Update: Well, I see my video was blocked by YouTube during the night while I was sleeping, blissfully unaware that the gremlins were at work. Interesting. Was it copyright infringement to use my own voice in the narration? Or iMovie’s sound effects? Ah, must be those photos of Haren because, after all, they shouldn’t be subject to “fair use,” because that would be, like, fair. And yes, I’m mad. Excerpts of my books get plastered all over the internet and I don’t say a word. I’m flattered, actually. I would think photographers would be flattered too, but then I’m a gullible fool, as I’ve already said. Bleh. Anyhow, sorry for the big blank in this post.

This game gave me acid reflux


Actually, it’s Brett Gardner who has it and was, therefore, unavailable today. Reports say he went to the hospital to have his gut checked. I sure hope everything is OK because this lineup missed him – and Swisher. But the real problem was Mitre. I know it was his first start coming off the DL, but isn’t he supposed to be a sinker ball pitcher? Did anyone see a ball that sunk? The only bright spot in the game was Moseley. Well, and Tex’s two homers. Otherwise, the Yankees looked wilted from the heat, including Mr. #599.
I really hope Cashman will step up his talks with the Diamondbacks about Dan Haren. Wouldn’t he look good in pinstripes?
Yeah, he’d have to get a haircut and lose the beard, but he’s kind of adorable. And more importantly, he strikes guys out.
Oh, before I forget, have people heard about the new sports site for fans, uberfan.com? It’s this really cool site where you can keep track of the games you watched and the corresponding stats for how your team did on those days. Check out their press release about it, and you’ll get the drift. It’s perfect for us superstitious fans. You’ll see.

I Almost Lost My Sanity Tonight

And I doubt I’m the only one. If you stayed up to watch the finale of Yanks-Diamondbacks, you’re with me. What a crazy game. It started off with Dontrelle Willis walking SEVEN batters and yet the Yankees kept screwing up scoring opportunities with lousy at bats and base-running blunders. Cano, who’s been genius for us, had an off night at the plate (for him), and Jeter and Posada (pinch hitting) were frustrating. Vazquez wasn’t as sharp as he’s been, and Marte? Please. How can you call yourself a reliever when you come in and walk two, balk and throw a wild pitch? How? That’s the opposite of relief, Damaso.
The happy news is that the Yankees, who’d been trailing, tied the score on a hit by – yes, indeed, Colin Curtis – and, after Marte stank it up, a sac fly by A-Rod pulled them even again. And then it was on to extra innings! (Sorry for you, east coasters.)
A solo shot by Granderson gave us the lead in the 10th – nice night for him, btw – and with Mo coming in for a second inning of work I figured we were golden. Not so fast! Mo actually loaded the bases with nobody out in the bottom of the 10th! I nearly died.
But then – instead of giving everybody nightmarish flashbacks to 2001 – he pulled out a miracle, retiring the side as if it were no big deal. The Yankees won the game and the series – and gained ground on the Rays and Red Sox. I’ll sleep well, I think, once I calm down.

Colin! Colin! Colin!

Yes, I know there were other heroes from tonight’s win over the D-Backs, but Curtis was a favorite of mine in spring training so it was fun to see him get his first major league hit. Actually, that whole inning was fun. Once we got rid of Haren, the Yankees feasted off the deservedly maligned Arizona bullpen.
Single! Single! Single! Home runs are great, but it was very satisfying to see the boys pounding out base hits too. Nice power from A-Rod tonight, excellent pitching by Pettitte (again – the guy is amazing) and a very relaxing game that became even more so in the eighth. I was out for dinner with friends for most of it, but came home and watched the replay – the perfect dessert.

What A Great Game!

If you’re a fan of the Diamondbacks.

Diamond Back Rattle Snake close up.JPG
With A.J. doing his best impersonation of a batting practice pitcher, there really wasn’t much for Yankee fans to do except marvel at his ineptitude. I mean, seriously. The Diamondbacks? That powerhouse lineup? What a joke. That last homer by Upton against Chan Ho Park to give Arizona ten runs was the last straw.
As for the offense, stranding runners is not the way to win ball games. Was it jet lag or just bad luck that kept the scoring to a minimum? Brett Gardner had a pulse, going 4-for-4. Swisher looked alive. And A-Rod hit a gapper. But whatever. It was just one of those nights, and I’m sorry for East Coasters who stayed up late to watch. What I really want to know is this:
How can a pitcher with A.J.’s talent be so inconsistent? How?

Is Cockiness Really Necessary?

In today’s MLB.com story about new Tigers closer Jose Valverde, he boasted that he could save 74 games this season and said of himself, “I’m the best on the mound.” 
Jose Valverde.jpg
Clearly, he’s a guy who gets fired up, if this photo from his Diamondbacks days is any indication. So maybe he meant, “That’s what I tell myself when I go out to pitch, just to psyche myself up.”  You know, like for self-motivation. And he wouldn’t be the first closer with a flair for the dramatic.


But when you start bragging about how good you are and how many games you’ll save, aren’t you going a little too far in the cocky department and setting yourself up to fail? I’m just wondering because Mo is so totally different from the above brand of closers.
Sure, he trots in to the high-energy “Enter Sandman,” but if he had chosen his own entrance music it would probably have been…no music at all. He knows he’s good, but he never beats anybody over the head with it. In fact, he shrugs off all the compliments and accolades and simply goes out there and does his job. Which is why Valverde’s comment got my attention. I read it and thought, Mo would never say that. I know. I know. I deify him every chance I get. I’m a broken record.
But he’s such an anomaly in the world of closers who thump their chests to show us how much heart they have. Please. We know you have heart or you wouldn’t have made it to the big leagues. Lots of players guarantee victories and shoot their mouths off. It’s part of sports these days. But Mo? He just collects saves – and World Series trophies. No words necessary.
World Series Phillies Yankees Baseball011706--300x300.jpg

The Yankees Won The Season That Didn’t Count!


Yes, they won the 2009 Grapefruit League. Which is another way of saying they won the state of Florida. 
Which is another way of saying they won more spring training games than any other team on the circuit. I realize it’s not the World Series, but it’s better than this.
Stooges- Eye Poke.jpg
Presumably, the players are feeling good about themselves as they head home to face the Cubs for two more games that don’t count. Will they win those too? Who cares. I just want the “real” season to start.
Which team will take home the hardware this year? Everybody’s got a prediction, and the answers vary depending on whom you ask. Of course, I pick the Yankees. I’m a complete homer. I can’t be trusted to think impartially. I don’t pretend to be fair. But I honestly believe the Yanks have the talent to get it done. I mean, seriously. Look at this starting rotation.
Is it better than Beckett/Lester/Matsuzaka/Wakefield/Penny/Smoltz?
Or Kazmir/Shields/Garza/Sonnanstine/Price?
Only time will tell, but it’s a helluva lot better than last year’s model.
Are there question marks? Sure. But every team has them. Every team.
What isn’t a question mark for the Yankees this year is a first baseman who can not only hit with consistency and power but who can catch the ball. Huge upgrade right there.
Other non-question marks? I like Jeter leading off, with Damon batting second. I think Gardy will drive opposing pitchers nuts on the bases. I figure Nady will have a productive contract year. I’m glad we have a bench, which was nonexistent in ’08. I expect Mo to be Mo.
But don’t take my word for it. Hear what Michael, my husband, had to say. I turned the She-Fan Cam on him earlier while we were walking on the beach. He was a reluctant interviewee, threatening to throw the Cam into the ocean if I didn’t leave him alone, but I talked him down.
It’s settled. The only other times in life that Michael was ever wrong were:
2001 – He predicted the Yankees would beat the Diamondbacks.
2003 – He predicted the Yankees would bury the Marlins.
2004 – He predicted the Yankees would sweep the Red Sox.
2007-  He predicted the Yankees would overcome the Indians and their indigenous insects.
O.K., so his track record isn’t perfect. Never mind. The Yankees will win the World Series. Again.

Thinking Yankee Thoughts On A Saturday Afternoon (With Video)

The Yanks won another ball game today, beating the Tigers 4-3. I know it’s just spring training, but they’re on a roll, having notched their ninth straight victory. That’s right. Nine.

Go ahead and scoff. “She-Fan is all about winning,” you’re probably saying to yourself.
But come on. Here’s what winning looks like.
Here’s what losing looks like.
sad.jpgWhich of these two people seems happier?
The winner, obviously. I rest my case.
Moving on to the game itself, Joba pitched well, sure, but it was Mo who was flawless. Again. The man is 39 years old, is just coming off shoulder surgery, and is taking care of business. I’m beginning to wonder if he’s a real-life super hero.
The only part of the Mo Legend that puzzles me is his mentoring of the younger relief pitchers. It’s not working. 
For example, he spends time counseling Edwar Ramirez.
And yet Edwar continues to throw that same old change-up, over and over, until – bam! somebody hits it right on the nose. How about developing another pitch, Edwar.
Another example: Jose Veras. Mo is trying to help him too.
They can laugh all they want, but the fact of the matter is: Veras gets behind hitters, can be wild, doesn’t trust his stuff. Just throw strikes, Jose. Please.
I listened to the game today on WCBS Radio and could hear some Tigers fans cheering in the background. It always surprises me when people root for any team other than the Yankees, given the opportunity. Why does it surprise me? Because the Yankees have the best name of any team.
O.K. Hold on. Just think about this impartially for a second. They’re not named after an animal or a Native American tribe or a type of apparel, but rather after a term for Americans. Plus, the word “Yankees” has two syllables and is easy to chant. I mean, how do people who cheer for three-syllable teams manage it? “Let’s go Card-in-als?” “Let’s go Diam-ond-backs?” “Let’s go Ath-let-ics?” Cumbersome, if you ask me.
But I’m well aware that the Yankees are not beloved by some. In fact, I was out and about in Santa Barbara yesterday, my trusty She-Fan Cam in my purse.
I wish everybody loved the Yankees as much as I do, but for now I’ll be content if they win another game tomorrow…and the day after that.