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Touching Down To Disappointment

My flight landed at Burbank airport tonight and the first thing I did once I got to baggage claim was flip on my iPhone, click on my MLB app and listen to Yankees-Rays. They were in the 4th inning and there was no score. For the next couple of hours, as I made my way up to Santa Barbara on the freeways, I sat there glued to the game wondering which team would score first. What a pitchers duel – the two best teams going at it as if it were a postseason contest. The car finally pulled in my driveway with the game in the 11th. I dropped my luggage at the front door, ran inside the house like a crazy person and turned on the TV – just in time to see Mitre serve one up to Brignac. For the first time this season I was glad I don’t get the postgame shows on YES; my Extra Innings package cuts off the broadcasts as soon as the games end, and the screen shows nothing but the words “Good Night.” It was not a good night for the Yankees, and I’m too tired and heartsick to do anything but say “Good Night” myself.


A Few Minutes With A Mets Fan/Yankees Hater

I was at a party last night and overheard a man named Jon talking about his love for the Mets. So I hurried over with my She-Fan Cam (could I be any more annoying) and asked him a few questions.


I’ve never really been into the whole crosstown Yankees-Mets rivalry. I know I’m supposed to hate them, like White Sox fans hate the Cubs (or vice versa). The truth is, I don’t hate them. I don’t even pay much attention to them and never have, and the only time I actively root against them is if we’re playing them in an inter-league series.
So I often forget how much Mets fans despise the Yanks and show their anger.
Just to remind me, here are a couple of clips with the Mets fan I met last night. As with many of his generation who followed the Brooklyn Dodgers growing up, he developed his Yankees hate early in life.
Am I too mature to have my heart broken? I think not.
Actually, Billy Martin was the Yankees’ manager five times, not three, but who’s counting.
But Jon brings up an interesting question. How much influence does the manager have over the “spirit” of a team? Should the Mets fire Jerry Manuel after having fired Willie Randolph? At some point, aren’t the players responsible for getting the job done?
Reminder: May 15th is the deadline for sending in your Flip Video contest entry. Note to the lucky winner: Don’t shoot a subject with bright light overhead as I did in the above clips. I’m still learning.
I’m also really hoping the rain holds up in the Bronx long enough to get tonight’s Yanks-Sox game in. I wouldn’t mind a little payback. No, a lot of payback.

The Yankees/Team USA/The Yankees/Team USA….Help!

With the Yankees in action against the Pirates at the very same time that Team USA was facing elimination against Puerto Rico, I felt compelled to follow both games and, as a result, developed a severe case of split personality.

Part of me was my usual Yankee-centric self, caring only about the game at George M. Steinbrenner Field. Why shouldn’t I? There was a lot at stake.
Like would CC rebound from his awful outing?
Would Mo throw strikes in his spring training debut?
Would Posada be able to catch without his arm falling off?
There were more plot twists than on this.
Luckily, all was well in Yankeeville as the Bombers beat the Pirates 9-2.
CC went four solid innings, only giving up a run while striking out seven. Sweet.
Mo threw a 1-2-3 inning, striking out two. Really sweet.
Jorge’s arm didn’t fall off, and he seemed happy about that.
With the victory sealed, I turned my attention to the goings-on in Miami. As I’ve said before, I’m not a big fan of the WBC. I think the tournament should be played in December or January, when it wouldn’t conflict with spring training and would provide welcome entertainment for those of us who are starving for baseball at that time of year. But whatever. Team USA was down to their last out in the bottom of the ninth, about to be booted out of the tourney. Up to the plate stepped David Wright.
He may be a Met, but I was rooting for him to do something, anything, to keep Team USA’s hopes alive, even if he does stick out his tongue when he swings the bat.
I yelled at the TV. “WRIGHT, GET A HIT!”
And he did. He went down and got a pitch that was out of the strike zone and golfed it into right for a walk-off single. Game over. Group hug. Everybody pile on.
Yes, my split personality defaulted right back to the Yankees, and my main concern was my Captain.
My husband walked into the room and asked who I was talking to.
“David Wright and Derek Jeter,” I said with a shrug, as if it was obvious.
He rolled his eyes. “I guess I should worry when you start telling me these guys talk back.”
I didn’t dare mention that in my twisted imagination they already do. And I certainly didn’t tell him about the strange thing I did on a basketball court the other day. Take a look, but please keep it to yourself.

Brian Cashman Is Such A Kidder

According to widely published reports, Yankees GM Brian Cashman won’t be acquiring an established third baseman to fill in for A-Rod while he’s rehabbing his hip. No signing a free agent. No sending another team prospects in a trade. Nada.
“I’m not optimistic about doing anything,” he said. “Our answer is here in camp.”
Yeah, right. Because the Yankees never go out and get a high-profile player. Tell that to Bubba Crosby, our supposed center fielder until we ended up with Johnny Damon. Or to Enrique Wilson, our supposed third baseman until we ended up with A-Rod. Or to Nick Swisher, our supposed first baseman until we ended up with Mark Teixeira. Sure, we’ll put Cody Ransom or Angel Berroa out there on Opening Day at our brand new stadium. Hahahahahahaha.

I asked a couple of other Yankee She-Fans if they found Cashman’s remarks as hilarious as I did. Here are their reactions.
O.K., so the Yankees will cast a wide net for a guy to play third. But who will it be?
I know, I know. I’m reaching. It’ll probably be him.
But how will I ever be able to spell Grudzielanek whenever I do a post about him? It’s always something, isn’t it?
At least Joba pitched well tonight and so did Phil Coke, and the Baby Bombers went on an offensive tear, beating the Reds 7-1.