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If I’d been at today’s parade, I probably would have made a ticker tape snow angel too. But before I get to the festivities in the Canyon of Heroes, there were still fans celebrating Wednesday night’s Game 6 triumph. Remember Karissa, the four-year-old she-fan I met in the parking lot of Angel Stadium during the ALCS? Apparently, she has a brother and the two of them did a little victory dance after the Yankees beat the Phillies.
Then there was Bill “Surf Dog” Connell, who was overjoyed that the Yanks notched #27.
The celebrating continued last night when three of the “core four” appeared on Letterman.
Is it me or do ballplayers look completely different in “street clothes?” I’m so used to seeing them in uniform that it’s always a shock when they show up in suits. They look bigger and somehow too otherworldly for the stuff we civilians wear. Not that they weren’t adorable with Dave. And having Hideki make his cameo at the end was priceless. Good job, boys.
Today’s parade was fun to watch. In addition to the usual suspects (current mayor and former mayors, Yogi and Reggie, broadcasters, Steinbrenners, and, of course, the players themselves), I was thrilled to see Freddy on a float, banging his frying pan. Remember at the beginning of the season when he was denied entry to the new Stadium? How things have changed. I feel a special kinship with that man and his pan.
Freddie Sez web.sm.jpg
And how about the player pairings on those floats? AJ and Molina? Naturally. A-Rod and Jay-Z? Why not? Jeter and Minka? Hmm. But they’re not engaged? Sure.
CC and Tex shared a float (I may kidnap “Lil CC”; that child is too cute). Marte and Joba were riding together, along with Wang and his baby. Andy and Chad Gaudin? OK. Damon with Swisher? Makes sense. Melky and his mother? Absolutely. I loved how they were all holding MLB-provided Flip Video camcorders – also known as the She-Fan Cam.
What I didn’t love was that the MLB Network (I don’t get YES programming here in California, just the games) had the nerve to cut away during the procession for a Phillies press conference. Excuse me? Talk about raining on my parade.
A few fashion notes before the finale at City Hall:
* A-Rod’s black fedora, also worn by Melky, was an interesting choice.
* Mo’s scarf was oh-so-stylish.
mens scarf B04.jpg
* Suzyn Waldman’s black leather outfit was very biker-chick.
The ceremony at City Hall went too fast for me – I would have enjoyed hearing each Yankee say a few words – and I thought my head would explode while they were playing that horrible Six Flags music.
But I got a kick out of Bloomberg’s line about Jimmy Rollins’ crystal ball, Girardi’s story about his phone conversation with The Boss, Jeter’s graceful thank you to the fans and the Steinbrenners, and AJ’s stealth grab of A-Rod’s hat. Please, Yankees. Can we do this again next year?

Yankees 2009: A Remarkably Soap-Opera Free Season

With the off-day and no Yankees baseball to watch, I had more time to read the stories about the supposed incompatibility between A.J. and Posada. When I was finished, I had the following thought: If this is the biggest Yankees controversy, it’s been an awfully quiet summer at the Bronx Zoo.
Seriously. This is the season that began with A-Rod’s “affair of the heart” with Madonna…
…his acrimonious split with C-Rod…
…his admission of steroids use…
…and his unexpected trip to the Steadman-Hawkins Clinic in Colorado for hip surgery.
Oh, and there was Joba’s DUI and his mother’s arrest on drug possession.
I expected tabloid headlines to dog the team for months. Instead, A-Rod is focusing on baseball (albeit with another celebrity girlfriend), Joba has come to terms with the Joba Rules and the players are behaving like model citizens, supporting HOPE week and other charitable activities, hanging out together at sporting events and concerts, even appearing on “Letterman.” (I’m looking forward to seeing Mark Teixeira with Dave tonight. Good luck, Tex! Break a leg! No, don’t!)
There haven’t been any dugout brawls or players whining to the media about not being in the lineup or rotation (not counting Brett Bombko) or threats from Hal or Hank about firing Girardi. Speaking of whom…
…at least some of the tranquility this season has to be credited to him. Yes, there’s a good mix of guys who genuinely seem to like each other. And winning helps promote unity in the clubhouse. But he’s the one who got the best out of Melky and Gardner when they were competing for the CF job, believed in Swisher when I certainly didn’t, switched Hughes over to the bull pen, and came up with the idea to bat Jeter in the #1 spot and move Damon to #2. That’s worked out pretty well for both guys, hasn’t it?
Not that everything is perfect, by any means. I’m always second-guessing Girardi’s pitching decisions, just like I used to question Torre’s, and I’m not wild about the way player injuries are handled. (Remember Wang, anyone?) But this team is in first place, and everybody’s having fun. No more pitchers who can’t control their temper (Kevin Brown)…
…or can’t deal with the media (Randy Johnson)…
…or don’t want to pitch in New York (Carl Pavano).
Way to be, 2009 Yankees. Way to be.