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Since There’s No Yankees News, This Post Is About THEM

That’s right, the Fab Four (not to be confused with the Core Four). Today’s announcement that iTunes would now be making the Beatles’ music available for download was a huge thrill for me, and it took me exactly ten seconds to go on the site and click “Buy” next to all the songs I loved when I was growing up. Yes, I was one of those screaming teenagers who went crazy the first time I saw Paul, John, George and Ringo on “Ed Sullivan.” From then on, I hung their posters in my bedroom, bought their records, went to their movies (I actually saw “A Hard Day’s Night” 11 times and “Help” 13 times), terrorized my parents to let me go to their concerts. I was like the blonde girl in the video below who cries.
(Loved Groucho at the end of that.)
Anyhow, the Beatles were a big part of my childhood and even now when I see Paul McCartney at Yankee Stadium I go a little nuts. So today was a happy one for me and my iPod.
Oh, I guess there was a little Yankees news. Doc Halladay won another Cy Young award. How is that Yankees news? Because in my fantasies, he ended up in the Bronx, not Philadelphia – just like the Beatles came to my house and sang “I Want To Hold Your Hand.”

Who Will Win The 2010 She-Fan Video Award?

Gold.Fan 010.jpg
As we get closer to the announcements of this year’s MVP, Rookie of the Year and Cy Young awards, I realized I’d better get busy thinking about who will secure a nomination for the 2010 gold fan in honor of the best video recorded by the She-Fan Cam. As you may remember, last year I sifted through all my videos of fans, young and old, and picked the five I thought were most deserving of recognition. And then you, the readers of this blog, chose the winner from among the nominees. (Your winner was Surf Dog Bill, with my mother a close second.) This year, the task won’t be easy. I’ve got everyone from last year’s top two contenders, Surf Dog and Mom, plus:
* Paul, the Yankee fan pharmacist in New Milford, CT.
* Rachel, the Yankee fan nurse who was taking care of Michael in the hospital.
* Dr. Cami Ferris, the Red Sox fan who performed my root canal surgery.
* Evan, my five-year-old Yankee fan great-nephew.
* Sue, the Phillies fan and “Raves, Rants, and Random Thoughts” blogger.
* Jane Lang, the Yankee fan who was honored at the Stadium during HOPE Week.
* Alphonso, the “It Is High” Yankees blogger who ate my Yankees cap cake this summer.
* Harold, the Yankee fan father of Friend of the Blog, Barbara.
* Stephanie, the Tampa-based Yankee fan who sat with me during spring training.
* Denise, the Yankee fan and A-Rod adorer who went to Yankees-Dodgers with me.
* Ladyjane, the Yankee fan, and Emma, the Dodger fan/blogger, who sang a “Happy Birthday” duet to Jeter.
* Amanda, the Yankee fan who made possible my first-ever Tweet-up.
And many more. How will I ever narrow the field down to five? I don’t know, but I’ll be spending the next few days pouring over the footage so get ready for the nominees next week!