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The Yankees Could Probably Open An Envelope…


…and it would be exciting. They have a way of turning even the mundane into the dramatic. Not that today’s home opener was mundane – far from it – but there was so much emotion packed into one baseball game that my head almost exploded while I was watching on TV.
I mean, how about long-time head trainer Gene Monahan, in the midst of treatment for cancer, showing up to receive his World Series ring?
Or what about Steinbrenner putting in a rare appearance and Jeter presenting him with his ring?
And could there be a more moving moment than when the players mobbed Matsui or when the crowd gave him a huge ovation?
And, of course, I have to mention Bernieeeee throwing out the first pitch.
Sweet. And then there was the game itself. Pettitte never ceases to amaze me. Year in and year out, he’s on the mound delivering when it counts. Six scoreless innings against a very tough opponent? He took care of it, getting in and, more importantly, out of jams.
Nick Johnson smacked a homer in his first at bat, reminding us that number two hitters don’t have to be named Johnny Damon. Jeter and Posada, as they have on many an Opening Day, provided offense. Cano continued to hit the ball hard. Swisher made a tremendous running catch that ended in one of these.
In fact, for most of the game it felt as if the Yankees could do no wrong and the Angels would keep looking flustered and off balance – the exact opposite of the bad old days when the Yanks couldn’t buy a win from the Halos. But then came Chan Ho’s homer to Morales – one mistake pitch that cost him – followed by a truly lousy outing by Robertson, who hasn’t been as sharp in 2010 as he was last year. The only good thing about Abreu’s grand slam was that it created the need to bring in The God of Closers.
I suppose it was only fitting that Mo get the save, given the occasion. Oh, and the other positive aspect to the Angels’ late rally was that it made the final score:
Yankees 7
Angels 5
Which made contest winners out of three lucky commenters on this blog who predicted the outcome:
Pinstripe Mike
Congratulations to them! A Vintage Yankee Stadium Tin filled with Cooperstown Cookies will be headed their way as soon as they send me their addresses. I hope they’ll report back after they’ve sampled their prizes. I also look forward to hearing from those who were at the game today. Watching it on TV was better than nothing (even though I was stuck with the Angels feed here in California), but being there in person must have been a day to remember.

Happy Opening Day Eve!

With the Yankees getting ready to open the season against the Angels in the Bronx tomorrow – and pass out World Series rings (!!!!) – it’s time to see how everybody voted in the Cooperstown Cookies Contest. We had a fantastic “turnout,” and I wish every single person who entered could win the tin of treats. Here’s how the votes look on Opening Day Eve:
Predictions for an Angels victory:
3-2 from 4nymets
4-1 from eapurple
5-3 from matthew
6-3 from anjakj
6-5 from geeman321
6-5 from Rays Renegade (http://raysrenegade.mlblogs.com)
7-5 from carenw
9-8 from Mimi (http://mimi.mlblogs.com)
10-3 from Mark (as in our fearless leader/mlblogosphere)
And now for the predictions for a Yankees win:
2-1 from elyse
3-1 from David Whitney
3-2 from Mike (thefreak)
3-2 from sheweta2
4-1 from colleen
4-2 from cheshirecat
4-2 from wirishrose
4-2 from Nancie
4-3 from Melissa
4-3 from dorgal
4-3 from James Buxton
4-3 from hitman461
4-3 from Devita
5-2 from phoebe264
5-2 from clemens911
5-2 from BernBabyBern (http://johnsterling.blogspot.com)
5-3 from pinstripesperson2
5-3 from michael.sundance
5-3 from disneytink
5-3 from impreza006
5-4 from Dave (dschaub)
5-4 from hsilverm
6-2 from debrabs
6-3 from ladyjane
6-3 from John (ooaooa)
6-4 from Courtney
6-4 from dj
6-4 from seindsfeld
6-4 from zanynyy
6-5 from Diane
6-5 from Rob Storm
7-0 from Lillie (latinyankeerebel)
7-3 from Peggy
7-4 from 27to7isnorivalry
7-5 from Pinstripe Mike
7-5 from djfarenheit
8-3 from Kathleen
8-4 from Steven
8-4 from Mike (mikeeff)
8-6 from Ellen
8-6 from ibrenne
8-7 from gehriggirl
9-2 from lrkaserman
9-4 from Scott (http://fotr.mlblogs.com)
9-5 from arizonacacti
9-6 from bdfc57
11-9 from singingtoastmaster
13-4 from jojovanb
As you can see, we had quite a few multiples. The question is…Will any of the scores be the correct one? Good luck, everybody, and here’s to a great day at Yankee Stadium tomorrow!

Contest!!!! Who Wants Cookies?

Before we dive back into Yankees-Red Sox and for all those who get hungry when they watch baseball, here’s a contest you’ll love. In anticipation of the Yankees’ home opener against the Angels on Tuesday, April 13th, Cooperstown Cookies will send one lucky reader of this blog a Vintage Yankee Stadium Collectible Tin packed with their absolutely delicious cookies.
Yankee Stadium tin.jpg
(Seriously, I’ve tasted their sweet little treats and they’re addictive.)
What do you have to do to win? Be a psychic, a fortune teller, a crystal ball interpreter – whatever you want to call it – and predict the final score of the home opener on the 13th in your comment here. Will the Yanks beat the Angels 7-5? Or maybe 3-1? Or will the Angels take the first game in the series 10-0? (Nah.) It’s up to you. If you guess right, you’ll win the contest – and the tin of cookies. If there’s more than one winner, Cooperstown Cookies has graciously offered to send prizes to all accurate soothsayers. If no one comes up with the right answer, I’ll choose the one that comes the closest without exceeding the exact score – sort of like “The Price Is Right.”
price is right.1.jpg
Please note: you can and should enter the contest even if you don’t root for the Yankees. For example…
(Who’s that woman with Rays Renegade? She looks so familiar…)
Even if you’re not a Yankees lover, you can win the cookies and pass the Yankee Stadium Tin along to some deserving fan of the Bombers. (And yes, you must know a Yankee fan or two.)
All contest entries must be posted on this blog by midnight, Sunday, April 11th, Pacific Time – one entry per person. By Tuesday night, we’ll know who will be eating cookies (unless there’s a rainout, in which case the contest moves to the next game).
And for those who’ve never been to Cooperstown (I’m raising my hand), Cooperstown Cookies is running a contest of their own: the “Ultimate Cooperstown Baseball Weekend” sweepstakes. Just enter on their web site before April 16th and you and a guest could win a hotel stay, complimentary meals, membership in the National Baseball Hall of Fame and much more. I’m planning to enter as soon as I finish typing this.
But wait! There’s more! (I know. I sound like the ShamWow guy, may he rest in peace.) Rob over at the Yankees blog “Bronx Baseball Daily” is giving away a pair of tickets to a Yankees game of your choice. Details are on his blog, so check it out.
Back to baseball, here’s hoping that A.J. Burnett pitches a beauty on Tuesday night and that the bullpen, if called upon, does its job.