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Happy Birthday Cervelli – Not

No, Cisco didn’t get shot in the head on his 24th birthday today. But he took a shot in the batting helmet, thanks to a stray fastball from Jays pitcher Zech Zinicola. (Who names their kid Zech? Sounds like Yech.) What a bummer to be handed the position of Yankees’ backup catcher, only to suffer a concussion in spring training – his second after getting hit during winter ball in Venezuela. I’m just glad he was able to walk off the field.
Cervelli seems to be the victim of a Spring Training Curse. It was two years ago around this time that he broke his wrist in a collision with Elliot Johnson of the Rays.
Hm. “Jays” rhymes with “Rays.” Maybe Cervelli should stay away from the “A’s” too. In any case, I wish him the best. I hate seeing guys go down this early in the season. Hate it. Of course, the most stomach churning early season injury belonged to Jeter.
Who can forget when he dislocated his shoulder on Opening Day of 2003 against the Jays – the Jays again! – and we Yankee fans held our collective breath? We approach each season with so much anticipation and hope, so when a player goes down before we know it, it’s difficult to swallow. At least for me.
What else is there to say about today’s 9-1 loss to the Jays? I’m always happy to see A.J. pitch, even when he’s working on his newfangled changeup and isn’t particularly effective. Albaladejo, on the other hand, is quickly reminding people why he kept getting sent down to Scranton last year. Just not good, Dejo. But how about Boone Logan? He hasn’t given up a run yet and is becoming my favorite new Yankee, along with Colin Curtis, who had another hit today – a ground rule double.
Speaking of offense, Granderson hasn’t had a hit yet as a Yankee. Not that he doesn’t have company. Posada, Tex and Swisher are hitless too. I know, I know. It’s only a few days into ST, for God’s sake. I’m not panicking. Really.

Yanks-Phillies: Not Exactly Must-See TV

OK, that was harsh. I’m sure it was more fun if you were actually at the game. (John, we want a full report.) And it’s always enjoyable seeing the prospects and trying to guess who has a major league future and who doesn’t. That said, the first two-thirds of the game were a bit of a snooze. CC got his work in. Halladay looked as sharp as ever. The Yankees didn’t send Jeter, A-Rod, Granderson or Tex on the long, arduous journey to Clearwater (doesn’t it take all of 20 minutes to get there???), so our “A-list” consisted of Swisher, Posada and Gardner, each of whom seemed rusty, and Cano, who got the first hit for the Bombers. Nick Johnson was scratched because of back stiffness. I woke up with back stiffness too, but it didn’t stop me from blogging, did it?
Oh, Nick. Nick. Nick. Please don’t go all Pavano on us. I’ll chalk this one up to spring training fragility, but try to stay healthy, OK?
Among the Baby Boomers, Melancon did a nice job, striking out two. Boone Logan (really love that name) looked good on the mound. And my boy Colin Curtis got another hit. Actually, the kids staged one of the Yankees’ signature, late inning comebacks in the 9th, but the Phillies rebounded in their half off someone named Arias and won 3-2. The good news is it’s spring training time – finally. Today’s contest wasn’t the 7th game of the World Series, but I’d rather be watching baseball than just about anything else.

A Day Of Firsts At Steinbrenner Field

The 2010 Yankees got off to a sweet start, didn’t they?
* Impressive pitching by Gaudin, Mitre and Aceves.
* Nice catches in the wind by Hoffman and Gardner.
* Great seeing the Bombers again, period.
As with most early spring training games, there was sloppy play. And it’s hard to get a rhythm going when everybody’s being shuffled in and out like a game of musical chairs.
But there were a few firsts that signaled a good omen for the season.
* A-Rod got the Yankees’ first hit of the spring.
* Pena smacked the Yankees’ first homer.
* Colin Curtis broke the 3-3 tie in the 9th with his three-run walkoff homer, enabling the Yanks to beat the Pirates 6-3. There was no pie, sadly.
Colin Curtis? Who’s he?
I would never have been able to pick him out of a police lineup, but he certainly got my attention today.
He’s got a level lefty swing – almost Matsui-like – and he’s supposed to be a decent outfielder. Will he nudge Winn/Thames/Hoffman/Gardner aside any time soon? I highly doubt it; he’ll end up back in Scranton. But watch this video and tell me he’s not a terrific kid. He has a new fan in me, that’s for sure.