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Do You Football Fans Remember Chuck Muncie?

As I’ve admitted many times, I’m clueless about football and couldn’t tell the difference between a split end and a rear end. So the name “Chuck Muncie” meant nothing to me – until I mentioned to my husband that he wanted to talk to me about the book.
“Chuck Muncie was a huge star with the New Orleans Saints and San Diego Chargers in the ’70s and ’80s,” said Michael. “And he was runner up for the Heisman Trophy when he was at UC, Berkley.”


Michael also explained that Muncie retired in ’84 after testing positive for cocaine. His addiction eventually landed him in a California federal prison for 18 months. He emerged a changed man, turning his life around by creating a non-profit organization called the Chuck Muncie Youth Foundation, which mentors at-risk kids in Southern California.
Recently, Muncie and his partners launched KadyTV.com, a Web-based television network that broadcasts local college and high school sports and has an ambitious agenda for additional programming – including “The Muncie Report” on which Chuck will interview guests in the sports world.
That’s where I come in. Chuck invited me on his show, and I look forward to meeting him.
Life is funny, all right. I had just been blogging about A-Rod and Phelps – two star athletes who need to rehab their images – when along came Chuck, a star athlete who managed to do just that.