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On the Eve of the GM Meetings…

Let the spending begin!
Oh, why not. Yes, it’s tacky to talk about money given the state of our economy, but I’m sick of people sniping at the Yankees’ big payroll. Never mind that the Red Sox, Mets, Angels, and Dodgers aren’t exactly penniless. I’m tired of pointing that out. Plus, it’s true that the Yankees have the deepest pockets now that some of those pricey contracts are coming off the books. We have sacks of money, in fact.
In today’s NY Post¬†Joel Sherman has some thoughts about how the Yanks could spend the dough. But the point I’d like to make to Cashman is…..Just spend it. It’s not coming out of our college tuitions or mortgage payments or shopping sprees to Neiman Marcus. (I know, I know. Palin is returning the clothes.) And we’re grownups; we’re aware that all the spending doesn’t guarantee us a championship and we can handle it if some of the deals are a bust. But for God’s sake, Cash, if you’ve got the green light to sign somebody good, sign him!
Over at the Sox and Pinstripes blog, Jeff (the Sox advocate) says he no longer fears the Yankees. He respects us; he just doesn’t quake in his boots at the sight of us anymore. My answer? We’re still the New York Yankees who won 26 World Championships and we’re proud. We wear our hearts on our shoulders.
On the backs of our heads too.
Even our highest paid player wears his pinstripes proudly.
So be afraid, people. Very afraid.

Heather Locklear Arrested Near My House

Never a dull moment.

I was moping around tonight, mourning the loss of the finale against the Red Sox (thanks a lot, Veras) as well as the end of the season, when a friend called to tell me about poor Heather and her arrest on the main road that intersects with my street. I must be psychic! Check out my previous post about starting a neighborhood watch and catching criminals as a way to pass the time! I was only kidding, obviously, but here’s a link to the story from my local paper, complete with Ms. Locklear’s unfortunate mug shot.
I know we’ll be hearing lots of Yankees news over the next few months, and I’m somewhat consoled by that. One thing George King of the NY Post told me last year is that there really is no off-season when it comes to the Yanks; they’re always making headlines. So at least we can look forward to Girardi’s press conference tomorrow and Cashman’s upcoming announcement about whether he’s staying on as GM, plus decisions about Abreu, Moose, Pettitte and free agent signings and trades. And are they keeping the coaching staff?¬†
It’s all a mystery at the moment. In the meantime, let’s hope the players stay out of trouble now that they’ve scattered and gone home. I don’t want to see any mug shots of Yankees.

Blame Game

OK. So now everybody on the Yankees is stepping forward to claim responsibility for the crappy season. Hank said it would be all better next year because he would MAKE it all better. Cashman said it’s all his fault. Girardi said the buck stops with him. A-Rod said he deserved to get booed.

Who’s to blame for the injuries? Nobody. Duh.
Who’s to blame for building a rotation around two unproven kids? Cashman. He’s also the genius who signed Igawa and Pavano and didn’t grab Washburn or Byrd when we needed an arm or two. And don’t get me started on Santana. I admit it. I wanted him. I was willing to trade Melky and Hughes/Kennedy. I honestly think having an ace on the staff would have made the hitters relax a little and we would scored more runs.
Who’s to blame for our anemic offense? This is the one that keeps me up at night. Girardi’s constant juggling of the lineup has been a classic case of overmanaging and couldn’t have helped. Lefty. Righty. Who cares? Just play the hot hand. Put the guy in the lineup who’s getting hits and leave him there. Players like stability. Cano has been on my blame list. He’s frustrating because he’s so incredibly talented. But what happened to him? Was it losing Bowa and his tough love that caused him to regress? Was it the big contract that made him lazy? He went down to the Dominican during the All-Star break and came back on fire. Was it something in the water there? And Melky. Well. I miss him in CF. Watching Damon not catch balls and not be able to throw is painful. But Melky was never a spectacular Yankees centerfielder. He was never going to be Bernie.
I could rant about A-Rod, but what’s the point? He’ll probably have another MVP season next year (he has them in odd years, not even). The Yankees need to find him the right shrink or the right Kabbalah Centre or the right best friend (I say bring back Mientkiewicz). He’s a head case but he’s our head case for the next nine years.
Not expecting a happy ending to Pavano vs Burnett tonight, but I’ll be watching anyway. Maybe Pudge will actually get a hit.