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No Pie

The Yankees almost staged another miraculous comeback against the Phillies, complete with a walkoff and the requisite pie in someone’s smiling face.

But it didn’t happen. Instead, the Yanks lost 4-3 in 11 innings and I collapsed onto my bed, exhausted.
I mean, we were totally supposed to win that game. It was all set up. We got eight good innings out of CC. We sent Hamels packing after six and made him shake his head in disgust after Tex hit one out with a broken bat.
We survived awful at-bats by A-Rod and Matsui, who looked like they were trying to hit the ball with one of these.
And we survived a ninth inning appearance by Veras, who walked a batter but didn’t give up a run.
“He possesses good stuff, but the problem is his location,” said Al Leiter, stating the obvious and forcing me to stand up and yell at the TV. “I DON’T CARE IF HE HAS ‘GOOD STUFF!’ HOW GOOD COULD IT BE IF HE CAN’T THROW IT WHERE HE WANTS IT?”
(Sorry. I lost it there for a sec.)
We not only got to Lidge for the second straight day and tied the score in the bottom of the ninth (thanks to Cano and Melky yet again), but we escaped trouble in the top of the tenth after Mo gave up a single to Ibanez, who was a Yankee killer for the entire series and made me want to strangle him.
But then came the bottom of the tenth. With some reliever named Condrey on the mound for Philadelphia, Jeter and Damon singled and we were THISCLOSE to a walkoff win. Except for two problems.
Tex: grounded into a double play.
Pena: flied out.
Inning over and Girardi turned to Bombko for the top of the 11th. (Supposedly, Aceves wasn’t available. Why not? He didn’t pitch yesterday.) 
Here was the result.
Utley: walked.
Ruiz: doubled in the go-ahead run.
Just a word or two about Ruiz, who killed us like Ibanez did only on both offense and defense. The guy blocks the plate better than most catchers in the majors. Impressive.
We went down meekly, 1-2-3, in the bottom of the frame. Game over. No celebrating. At first, I was bummed, but who can complain about a team that goes 8-2 during a home stand?
In fact, I think I’ll celebrate anyway. The Yankees put the pies on hold, but that doesn’t mean I have to.

Rays-Phillies Game 5: Phinally Over

In what can only be described as an anticlimax (unless you’re a Phillies fan), the boys from Philadelphia took down the Cinderfellas from Tampa Bay to win this thing and put an official end to the ’08 baseball season. Congratulations, Phillies, and kudos to the National League for letting the world know you’re not that bad.

Just a few random thoughts before I say goodnight.
Don’t Lidge and Ruiz look like they’re doing a commercial for match.com?
Do they not sense that Ryan Howard is about to jump on top of them and crush them?
When Maddon put Fernando Perez in to run, shouldn’t Perez have stolen second AND third before we even blinked? The guy is fast.
But mostly I’d like to ask a question: What is the purpose of mascots? (Don’t get me started on white rally towels. I respectfully request that Major League Baseball ban them.) Plenty of teams have furry creatures that roam the ballparks. There’s the Philly Phanatic.
There’s Raymond, who stomps around Tropicana Field.
There’s Ace, the cheerleader of the Toronto Blue Jays.
Even the Red Sox, who pride themselves on being purists, have Wally.
wally.jpgSo are the Yankees missing something? Do we need a mascot too? Or do we already have one that gets the fans excited about the game?
Yep, we do. And his name is Der-ek Jet-er. Clap clap clap clap clap.