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Enough Already!

Here’s how my Thursday went. How was yours?

* 7 a.m. I ventured outside to get my newspaper and was nearly blown over by the 60 mph winds that were fanning the wildfires.

* 8 a.m. I listened to our local news and heard that over 2500 acres had burned (we were at 400 yesterday), along with 75 houses.

* 10 a.m. I sorted through my emails and found one from a friend named John who’d been forced to evacuate. “We’re safe,” he wrote. “But our house is in the hands of the winds and the firefighters.”
* Noon: Among the emails that go directly to my web site about my book was one from a reader named Dennis who wrote, “I can’t believe you missed a game because it was hot out. I travel all the way from western Mass to get away from these ****** Red Sox fans and would drive through any type of weather to get to the Bronx. You don’t deserve to be a Yankee fan.”
* 2 p.m. A tree in front of our house was knocked over by a gust of wind and split right down the middle.
* 3 p.m. I turned on the water in the sink only there wasn’t any.
No water.jpg
* 4 p.m. I sat down to watch Yankees-Rays. Before I even blinked, Pettitte gave up homers to Bartlett and Pena, followed two innings later by another to Longoria. Oh, Andy.
* 5 p.m. With the Rays ahead 4-0 in the bottom of the fourth, the very large Niemann walked Melky and allowed a single to Pena before being replaced by Cormier, who gave up doubles to Molina and Damon. The Yanks pulled to within 4-3. That was the good news. Then, up came Tex, who K-ed and heard boos from the fans.
* 5:30 p.m. Matsui tacked on a solo homer in the bottom of the fifth, tying the score, but what was Cervelli, our newly called up AA catcher, doing behind home plate in the top of the sixth? Could it be that Molina, our backup catcher/everyday catcher, was hurt? Of course.
* 6:30 p.m. Just as I started to think about dinner, the YES Network showed its nightly anti-smoking commercial featuring the woman with the disfigured hands. Talk about an appetite killer.
* 6:45 p.m. Jose Veras had his usual meltdown in the seventh, and the Rays jumped ahead 6-4. But Damon lined a two-run shot in the eighth, tying things up at 6-6. I felt pure joy as I watched Mo trot in from the pen for the ninth….only to witness the unthinkable: back-to-back homers by Crawford and Longoria. Never has Mo given up two in a row. Not in his entire career.
* 7 p.m. The sight of Girardi taking Mo out and bringing in Robertson – and the subsequent news that Mo has been suffering from “arm strength issues” – was too much.
7:30 p.m. After the 8-6 loss, the Yankees’ fifth straight, I tried to perk up. I reminded myself that A-Rod had left camp in Florida and would be in the lineup on Friday in Baltimore.
* 7:45 p.m. But then I heard the wind start to howl even worse than it had been howling all day. The lights flickered too. I looked out the window and saw smoke – lots of it – and suddenly it was back to living in the midst of a raging wildfire.
With baseball over for the night, I grabbed my She-Fan Cam and went outside to play one of those Weather Channel people. Here’s my “report.” The sound isn’t very good, because I was getting knocked around by the wind, but I gave it a shot.
Thanks to all those who’ve expressed concern for my safety and that of the firefighters and residents of Santa Barbara. As of this writing, the fire continues to grow and has the potential to last for months, like the one I mentioned in my book that broke out here in the summer of ’07. But we’re supposed to get a cold front by the weekend – maybe a little fog, if not some actual rain.
(Flip Video Contest Reminder: Deadline is Friday, May 15th to win one of these!)


AJ Burnett, My Hero

I don’t usually fall for men with “body art.”
And normally it takes me a while to form meaningful attachments.
But AJ Burnett has come to the Yankees’ rescue twice in a row, and that’s exactly the kind of behavior that wins my trust and affection.
Here’s how he did it against the Rays and their cowbell-clanging supporters.
* He threw six innings of no-hit ball, completely handcuffing the previously elusive Upton.
Officer handcuffing camper.jpg
* He hit Zobrist on the foot in the second inning. But he protested that the ball hit the ground first and the umpire bought it, thanks to his great sales job.
* He buzzed one up and in to Longoria in the bottom of the fourth after Matt Garza had buzzed one up and in to Swisher in the top of the frame, displaying a keen sense of fair play.
* He wore a perpetual snarl/lip curl, and I almost expected him to point his glove at the Rays and yell: “Get. Off. My. Lawn.”
* After he gave up his first hit to Crawford in the seventh, followed by singles to Longoria and Pena, he could have lost his focus. Instead, he came back out in the eighth and retired all three men he faced.
* He was the guiding force behind the Yankees’ 7-2 victory over the Rays, out-dueling Garza and his fluttering glove trick.
Of course, there were other heroes….
Swisher for continuing to swing a hot bat….Gardner for smacking back-to-back doubles….Molina for picking off Pena (Carlos)….Girardi for replacing Ransom with Pena (Ramiro)…Jeter for homering to put the game away….Bruney for nailing down the “W”….Tex for playing with a sore wrist, although I hope that broken-bat foul didn’t make it worse.
Speaking of “sore,” Nady’s got an elbow problem? What’s up with that? I guess we’ll find out after he spends part of Wednesday in here.
P.S. Starting Friday, I’ll be a regular weekly guest on the sports talk radio show “The Natural.” Hosted by Greg Marotta, the show is broadcast live from 4-5 p.m. Eastern Time on WVNJ-AM 1160 throughout Northern New Jersey, Westchester, Rockland and parts of Manhattan, Long Island and Connecticut, as well as via streaming audio on their web site.

“‘The Natural’ goes after out-of-the-box guests,” said Greg of his daily show. “Larry Lucchino….Mickey Rourke…..and now Jane Heller.”

I never expected to be in the same sentence as either Larry Lucchino or Mickey Rourke. But wonders never cease and talking about the Yankees never gets old.

Another Day, Another DUI

According to Fox Sports, former Yankees pitcher Luis Vizcaino was arrested for driving under the influence in Tampa yesterday. Luckily, the Rays weren’t in town or he could have had a fender bender with, say, Carl Crawford. Things happen for a reason, right? Maybe it’s good that the World Series is stalled up in Philly.

Viz, who spent last season with the Rockies, really should have watched this video before getting into his car stinking of booze. He would have learned that even when you say you’re not drunk, you’re drunk.

Rays-Red Sox Game 4: Not Good! Not Good! Not Good!

Aw, I’m just having a little fun with “Sweet Caroline.” It’s a lame song and even these junior members of Red Sox Nation can’t bring themselves to finish it.

The boy looks like he could be Papelbon’s spawn, doesn’t he?
Anyhow, the Red Sox were beaten badly by the Rays – again. Some of the Fenway “faithful” left the ballpark early, and Stephen King was definitely reading a book during the game (I saw him, Greg). Not that I blame them. It’s painful when your team can’t pitch or hit.
Great work by Sonnanstine. And how about Crawford going 5-for-5?
Can the Red Sox come back? Of course. Yankee fans know that all too well. But the Rays don’t seem like they’re feeling any pressure, not since that first game at the Trop. The only person who may be choking is this guy….
He won the New York pizza eating contest, downing 45 slices in 10 minutes, talk about a champion.

Rays-Red Sox Game 1: A Nail Biter

I don’t know about you, but I was really into this one, even though there wasn’t a Yankee in sight. So many storylines. Would Dice K throw a no-hitter? Did Grant “The Mad Australian” Balfour plunk J.D. Drew on purpose? Would Carlos Pena get the green light with two men on and nobody out in the eighth?
And then there was J.P. Howell’s pre-game meal, which the TBS crew felt the need to tell us about:
With a side order of:
Was all that food giving the lefty a case of heartburn and is that why Ortiz walked and Youkilis reached on an error by Crawford smacked an RBI double that glanced off Crawford’s glove?
When it was all over, I decided that the Rays reminded me of the birds that fly into my living room window by mistake and drop to the ground, stunned. Eventually, they get back up and fly away, but who knows if there’s any damage to their little bodies. The Rays were stunned tonight. Time will tell if they’ll get back up and fly again.
As for their fans?
raysfans.jpgI think they were damaged before the game started.