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Mad Men

Lots of people are spending this off-day blogging about the Yankees’ chances for:
a) winning the division
b) having a viable starting rotation for the playoffs
c) avoiding the need for Austin Kearns
d) enjoying a series at Fenway for the first time ever.
Not me. I spent the day having a lunch meeting in L.A. with the producer of “An Ex to Grind,” the novel I hope will become a movie soon. She told me that Benecio Del Toro, who’s attached to play the male lead, and Jeremy Garelick, who wrote “The Hangover” and is working on our script, got together and talked about making Benecio’s character a baseball player instead of a football player. Apparently, both are baseball fans. (I was totally ferklempt when I heard that.) Anyhow, the other subject that came up at lunch today was the TV show “Mad Men.” I admitted I’d never watched it. 
“How can you not watch it?” said the flabbergasted producer.
“I want to,” I said. “I just haven’t had time. Either I’m watching a ballgame or I forget. One of these days I’ll buy the first season on DVD and catch up.”
As I drove back to Santa Barbara, I was determined to order the show and start watching. In the meantime, here’s my own version. It stars, in alphabetical order:
Cameron Diaz
Derek Jeter
Minka Kelly
Alex Rodriguez
No wonder people are so into this show! 

A Private Conversation With Andy

After today’s game, I hopped on a plane and went straight to New York-Presbyterian Hospital, where Pettitte was just emerging from the Carl Pavano Memorial MRI Tube.
I was freaked out when he left the game after only 77 pitches because he was experiencing pain in his elbow or wherever it was on his arm. I mean, didn’t I just write a post about how the Yankees were dropping like flies? Did he have to be another fly? Apparently so.
The results of the MRI indicated that there was inflammation. But I needed more than that. So I ambushed him and peppered him with questions.
Here’s our conversation. I admit I was confrontational, but I was upset. Forgive me.
She-Fan: Why are you doing this to us, Andy? We have enough players with injuries.
Andy: It’s not like I got hurt on purpose, jeez. It just happened.
She-Fan: Nothing just happens. You should have been more careful. You’re not a rookie anymore.
Andy: I get that. I’ll be fine once I rest the arm.
She-Fan: Well, what are we supposed to do in the meantime? We’re already down a starting pitcher if you count Javy. Do you expect Cashman to use Aceves in your place? Or Mitre? Or do you think he can just go out and buy somebody – like maybe Lincecum or Halladay?
Andy: You’re kind of sarcastic. You remind me of my wife.
She-Fan: And you remind me of John Travolta. You both have holes in your chin.
Andy: I liked him in “Wild Hogs.”
She-Fan: Getting back to the Yankees, it was because of you that Girardi was forced to tax the bullpen today, which almost allowed the Orioles to get back into it. You do realize that the ninth inning gave me palpitations. It was like a bad dream having to watch this team try to close out the win without Mo.
Andy: I have inflammation in my arm. What was I supposed to do? Stay out there?
She-Fan: I don’t know. I have inflammation in my right index finger and I’m still writing this blog, so you tell me.
Andy: Look, I’ll be okay in a few days. Don’t get so riled up.
She-Fan: I’m a Yankee fan. We get riled up.
Andy: Well, y’all need to calm down, because the pain I’m having isn’t like the kind where you need surgery.
She-Fan: Swear?
Andy: I never swear. It’s not polite.
She-Fan: I didn’t mean curse. I meant promise.
Andy: Promise. I’ll be back on the mound soon. You’ll see.
I reached way up (Andy is very tall) and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Then I thanked him for reassuring me. I offered to buy him dinner, but he said he had plans with some of the guys. Likely story.
Speaking of dinner, did everyone see this in the Post today? What got me wasn’t the company A-Rod’s been keeping but his diet. Steamed fish with veggies? No wonder he’s not hitting for power. Give this guy a steak!

A-Rod and his H’wood blondes

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Alex Rodriguez is batting 1.000 with Hollywood blondes. The night before A-Rod and his girlfriend, Cameron Diaz, dined with Kate Winslet at Hotel Griffou — which we told you about yesterday — the lovebirds broke bread with Drew Barrymore and Gwyneth Paltrow at Macao Trading Company. Diaz and Paltrow arrived first, and were joined by Barrymore. “Cameron got a call, then ordered a steamed fish with veggies for her ‘friend’ who was on his way,” said a spy. When Alex arrived, after the Yanks beat the White Sox 6-4, Barrymore “moved so the couple could sit together.”

Yankees Alex Rodriguez.

Yankees Alex Rodriguez.


Swisher Gets a Pie and I Get a Movie Deal!

Yes, the subjects are unrelated, but I’m killing two birds with one stone in this post.


First, the Yankees. Their thrilling 3-2 victory over the Rays was yet another example of the 2009 team’s “comeback-y-ness.” I mean, Nick Swisher hitting a walkoff homer in the bottom of the ninth – his second dinger of the night? This from a guy who couldn’t buy a home run in the Bronx? Crazy but true.
And Chad Gaudin going toe-to-toe with David Price in a pitcher’s duel for six innings? Also crazy but true.
Gaudin was great and made me eat crow because I kept saying how bad he is.
With the Yanks up 2-0, he ran out of gas in the seventh, allowing a homer to Longoria. I kept wishing Girardi hadn’t brought him back out for the inning, but he found himself in a jam, and it took Marte, Bruney and Coke to get him off the hook.
Then came Huuuuuuughes in the eighth. Mr. I-Haven’t-Given-Up-a-Run-in-12-Outings surrenders a home run to Bartlett to tie things up at 2-2? Yet again, crazy but true.
Which brings us to the ninth. Mo did what he does best: shut down the opposition. And then Swisher did his thing – from the other side of the plate this time. Having so many switch hitters on the team is a such an advantage. 
The other news I wanted to share is that 20th Century Fox has bought the movie rights to my 2005 novel “An Ex to Grind,” a romantic comedy about a high-powered Manhattan financial planner who has to pay alimony to her slacker ex-husband, a former wide receiver for the NY Giants. Fed up, she hatches a devious plan to get her ex out of her life for good – only to decide she wants him back. 
You can read about the novel here and watch me talking about the story here. To be produced by Laura Bickford, who produced such films as “Traffic,” “Che” and the recent “Duplicity”…
and Julie Yorn, who produced “Bride Wars” co-starring A-Rod’s squeeze Kate Hudson…
the movie already has two stars “attached,” which means that if they approve the script they’ll sign on for the film. Playing my heroine would be Cameron Diaz.
And in the part of the ex? Benecio Del Toro.
A funny note on all this. Apparently, Benecio wasn’t comfortable playing a pro football player because he’s not a big guy, so he asked the producers, “Would it be OK with the author if we made the ex-husband a baseball player instead?” A baseball player? Uh, yeah. I think so.
I’ve had eight books optioned for films over the years, and none of them ever made it to the screen. But I have a really good feeling about this one. And if it does happen? I hope everybody will go see it!