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My Talk With A-Rod

With A-Rod bound for Buffalo, I thought it was time to bring back my alter ego for another chat in the cafeteria with a Yankee. I know A-Rod will be lawyered up for his meeting with the feds on Friday, but there’s nothing like a fan to tell him how to conduct himself. I tried, anyway.

Pettitte: “I just didn’t want to hit nobody.”

One of the things I love about Andy Pettitte is that he keeps things simple. The above quote was in response to the YES Network’s question today about the challenge of pitching against his teammates in an intra-squad game. “I just didn’t want to hit nobody.” Seriously. Doesn’t that say it all? Sure, he wanted to get his work in. Of course he was trying to make his pitches. But bottom line? He didn’t want to hit nobody! Can you imagine if he had nailed, say, Marcus Thames or Randy Winn and sent them to the DL? Talk about guilt. Luckily, everybody was safe.
Continuing to review today’s quotes from pitchers, how about the one from A.J., who, apparently, had a rough first inning in Clearwater. What did he have to say about those five runs he served up? “I threw some good changeups.” O-kay. Good for the Phillies maybe.
And then we have Phil Hughes, who struck out six in Clearwater but gave up three homers. His response? “I felt really good about all my pitches.”
Maybe it’s me, but doesn’t “good” mean, like, good? Just to be sure, I went to Webster’s dictionary and here’s their take on good:
Producing favorable results.
It’s possible that pitchers use the word “good” to mean: “It’s spring training and all I care about is working on my mechanics, so bug off, bloggers.”
Now I have nothing against Buffalo – I went to college in nearby Rochester and survived – but why couldn’t the feds meet up with A-Rod and his lawyers in Florida? Not only is it warmer in the sunshine state, but the sun actually comes out! Oh well. Nobody asked me.