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Just A Quick Thanks

I’m beat from a long day in the city, my signing and the Yanks-Nats game, so I’ll be brief and write a longer post tomorrow before my flight back to California – complete with my impressions of the new stadium, the game itself, etc.

In the meantime, how cool to have so many fellow bloggers and readers show up both at Stan’s and at my seat at the game. It was a thrill to put the faces with the names I’ve been seeing for so long. I know how busy people are, so I was very flattered and grateful they made time to come and say hi.
So to the following…..my deep appreciation:
Lisa and Jon of Subway Squawkers.
Alex of River Avenue.
And Cheshirecat, Peggy and Ladyjane – all frequent commenters on this blog.
What a thrill for me to meet all of you and to realize yet again how baseball has brought such terrific people into my life.
More tomorrow.