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From The “Too Weird” Department….


No, that’s not a dumpster at a ballpark. It’s a townhouse in Ogden, Utah, where a guy lived for eight years and drank a whole lot of beer.
According to my high school buddy Dave, who sent the pix along, the landlord thought the tenant was the best renter ever because he never called to complain. I guess he was too busy drinking.
Supposedly, the landlord found 70,000 cans of Coors Light in the place after the guy vacated.  How many baseball seasons would it take for you to drink that many beers?
As an aside, how bad is the beer at ball games? Does anyone actually enjoy it? Or is it just the beverage of habit? I’m a bottled water fan, so I’m hardly one to judge. But for anyone old enough to drink, be honest. Is the stuff any good? It sure doesn’t smell like it.