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Well, THAT Was An Eventful Game

Too late for a pictorial. Suffice it to say that the Yankees’ 6-4 loss to the Angels was never dull.
* A.J. was wild early, and I kept thinking he’d get pulled and we’d see Mitre (if he still exists). But somehow he only gave up one run in the first inning when the Angels threatened.
* The Yanks came back in the third – with a vengeance.
Gardner doubled.
Jeter doubled, scoring Gardner.
Tex got plunked (and looked really ********** about it).
A-Rod singled.
Cano singled, sending Tex home.
Tex doesn’t run gracefully. He charges, like he’s being chased. When he reached the plate, he lifted his shoulder and rammed into Wilson, the Angels rookie catcher, hard. Wilson went flying, clearly injured, and Tex, still looking **********, made sure he tagged home and then marched to the dugout. Wilson went to the hospital with a concussion and an ankle something or other. By the time the inning was over, it was 3-1 Yanks.
* The Angels roared back against A.J. with three runs of their own, jumping ahead 4-3.
* Swisher tied things up at 4-4 with a solo shot.
* A.J. settled down and ended up going seven innings. I have to say it was a gutsy performance, in the manner of CC and Andy, who grind games out even when they don’t have their best stuff. 
* I went into the eighth hoping Joba could hold the Angels until we scored again. Wrong. He had nothing. I mean nothing. A single to Matsui and a homer by Morales made it 6-4 Angels. Dave Robertson put out the fire, but that was the ball game. Ugh.
Should Joba have been in there for a tie game on the road? What do I know, except that Chan Ho is on the DL; Aceves, Logan and Marte had been warming but sat down; and Mitre, as I said, seems to be MIA.
I hate the thought that Angel Stadium might turn itself back into a house of horrors for the Yankees, but this game didn’t end well. I’m hoping that Pettitte can restore order on Saturday.

Hell Hath No Fury…

…like a woman scorned.

Which is what I was tonight: a woman scorned by Major League Baseball. I know, I know. MLB hosts this blog and for that I’m very grateful. But come on. All I wanted was to watch the finale of the Yankees-Angels series – to see the special tribute to Jackie Robinson, the first start of the season by Phil Hughes and anything else that was going on in the Bronx. Was that too much to ask? Apparently.
I rushed home and turned on the MLB Network, which was supposedly televising the game.
No game. I checked the clock to make sure I had the correct time. Still no game.
I flipped over to the Extra Innings baseball package, which I purchase every year through my cable provider in order to get Yankees games.
MLB Extra Iinninga.gif
No game. I browsed through every channel just in case I missed something. Still no game.
In a panic now, I turned to my computer and signed in to MLB.TV; I’d bought a premium subscription so I’d be absolutely, positively covered.
No game. What appeared on my screen instead was a black out message, along with an invitation to “watch” the game on Gameday Audio. Thanks anyway.
I ended up getting my visual images from my buddies on Twitter, while I listened to John and Suzyn via my iPhone – an exercise in futility since the audio is on about a 5-minute delay. Oh, and did I mention that when I called my cable company to complain, they said, “Have you tried KCOP-TV, the Fox affiliate that broadcasts the Angels?”
“Yes,” I said. “They’re showing ‘Dragnet.'”
I’ll stop whining except to say there was no reason for me to be blacked out. I don’t live in New York and I don’t live in Anaheim. I’m simply a fan who wants to see my team play baseball, which is why I ponied up for the MLB Network, the MLB Extra Innings Package and the MLB.TV Premium subscription. In other words, I was all MLB-ed up with nothing to show for it. (And no, I can’t get DirecTV; I live up in a canyon where a dish would blow off my roof on a regular basis.)
OK, about tonight’s game…What a wonderful tribute to Jackie Robinson and his legacy to have the Yankee named after him not only present Rachel Robinson with a dozen roses but to smack two homers off Scott Kazmir?
If Robinson Cano keeps up his torrid hitting, he’s in for a monster season – and so are the Yanks. It was great to see (sorry, I mean hear) Phil Huuuuughes notch his first win, only giving up two runs. The six strikeouts were sweet. The five walks? Not so much. Excellent offensive night for Jeter, Granderson (two triples!), A-Rod and Thames. Those zeroes for Tex? Not very thrilling. The relievers delivered after Hughes was pulled, but I was hoping Joba could finish the Angels off. Instead, Girardi called for Mo who got the save (naturally) but who shouldn’t have to clean up messes on a nightly basis.
janitor mopping.jpg
The Yankees have now won every series they’ve played – each one against a contending team. Not a bad way to kick off 2010….which leads me to my last topic of this post.
2010 Baseball Guide Cover.png
I just got my copy of Paul (aka The Prince of NY) Lebowitz’s annual baseball guide. Paul may give our Yanks a hard time in his comments here on the blog, but he knows what he’s talking about. Somehow, he keeps track of every player, manager, coach and front office honcho in the major leagues and writes coherently about all of them. If you’re looking for a no-nonsense overview of the 2010 season, complete with predictions, his book is a must read. Take his remarks about the Yankees pitching staff. He’s a Mets fan and yet he still manages to say the following:
* “C.C. Sabathia is one of the best pitchers in baseball; he’s clutch and will be a big winner and Cy Young Award contender in pinstripes for years to come.”
* “It’s when the games are biggest on the large stage that Pettitte shines. No one can ever be concerned that Pettitte isn’t going to give his all at any point; nor do they need to worry that he won’t battle his way through the toughest situations.”
* “When ‘Enter Sandman’ comes blaring over the speakers at Yankee Stadium, the game’s over. The fans know it; the players know it; and most importantly, Rivera knows it. He’s the best. Ever. End of story.”

What does he predict for the Yankees as a team?
* “The Yankees are too good, too deep and too powerful to be anything less than a playoff team….The subtraction of Damon and Matsui will be mitigated by the presence of Johnson and Granderson and the continued rise of Cano….The Yankees will roll to the division title over the depleted Red Sox.”
Does Paul think the Yankees will win another championship in 2010? Well, I can’t give away the ending, can I? Check it out for yourself…if you dare.

Helpless Against Pineiro

Well, not every Yankee was handcuffed by the Angels’ starter today, but here are a few glaring examples of hitters who were.

Jeter, SS 4 1 2 0 0 0 0 .324
Johnson, N, DH 4 0 1 1 0 2 1 .207
Teixeira, 1B 4 0 0 1 0 1 2 .097
Rodriguez, A, 3B 3 0 0 0 1 3 1 .257
Cano, 2B 4 1 2 0 0 0 2 .382
Posada, C 4 0 1 0 0 1 4 .400
Granderson, CF 4 0 0 0 0 0 3 .313
Swisher, RF 4 0 1 1 0 1 1 .308
Gardner, LF 3 1 0 0 1 0 1 .217
Totals 34 3 7 3 2 8 15 .278

See those zeroes under H for Tex, A-Rod and Granderson? Ouch. The fact is, Joel Pineiro (I’d never really paid much attention to him before) was masterful in getting ground ball outs, and he made me long for the days when our own Chien-Ming Wang used to pitch the same way. Sigh. 
Vazquez? He wasn’t terrible and certainly didn’t deserve the boos he heard at the Stadium. So he gave up a few runs. Booing won’t instill confidence in him. Why not support your pitcher at least until he proves he can’t do the job. That’s not to say I haven’t cursed him in the privacy of my own home. I’m no saint.
Aceves looked a little rusty, but Joba and Marte took care of business. Actually, I thought the Yankees might mount a comeback after Shields came in for the Angels and we scored a couple of runs. But there was no comeback, no walkoff, no pie.
Getting back to yesterday’s home opener, I had to laugh when several people emailed to ask if I was at the game in the Bronx, sitting with her.
The confusion was triggered by this article in the Daily News, mentioning “my” name….

Martha Stewart tweets throughout Yankees home opener: ‘Derek looks really good’

Wednesday, April 14th 2010, 4:00 AM

Looks like Martha Stewart is a sports buff - who knew? The homemaking honcho tweeted all throughout New York Yankees home opener against the Los Angeles Angels Tuesday.

Perlman/The Star-Ledger; Corkery/News

Looks like Martha Stewart is a sports buff – who knew? The homemaking honcho tweeted all throughout New York Yankees home opener against the Los Angeles Angels Tuesday.

The domestic diva’s got game – and an eye for the Yankees‘ captain.

No stranger to pinstripes, Martha Stewart tweeted her way through Tuesday’s Bombers home opener, even offering play-by-play to rival Michael Kay.

Curtis Granderson, new this year, has a great opportunity right now – two on base with two outs,” Stewart wrote to her nearly 2 million followers onTwitter.

The homemaking honcho also showed off her photography skills, capturing Yankee pretty boys Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter.

“Derek looks really good,” she noted.

After Jeter slugged his first homer of the year in the third inning, Stewart wrote, “Derek just hit a homer; 2-0, hooray!”

The multimedia maven sat with her good friend banker Jane Heller in front-row luxury seats left of the home team dugout and close enough to the Bombers’ on-deck circle to converse with the players.

“A-Rod berated Jane for not bringing me more often to games,” she tweeted. “Obviously, he realizes I am good luck!”

She even gave a hand to Granderson during one of his pre-at-bat warmups.

“Curtis Granderson just asked me to fix the velcro on his batting gloves and then he hit a very, very long fly ball to the end of centerfield.”

Her eye was not just on the field, but also on celebrities sitting around her, including Mayor BloombergLorne MichaelsAlec BaldwinKeith Olbermann“and a bunch of moguls.”


You see, “the other Jane Heller,” as my husband and I refer to the friend of Martha, is the private banker to Steinbrenner and the Yankees. She’s the one with the front row seats at Yankee Stadium, not me. But we do know each other. She took me to the World Series in 2000 and, trust me, her seats are the best in the house. Here’s an item in the NY Times that’ll explain everything…


What’s in a Name? A Series Ticket

The woman in Row 1, Seat 9, at Yankee Stadium on Sunday night was named JANE HELLER. So was the woman in Row 1, Seat 8.

The Jane Heller in Seat 9 (and above, left) was the Jane Heller who wrote ”Name Dropping,” a novel about two women with the same name that was published this year by St. Martin’s Press. To minimize the confusion here, let the record show that the two women in the ”Name Dropping” book are both named Nancy Stern. Mercifully, for the sake of this item, not Jane Heller.

The Jane Heller in Seat 8 was a banker whose clients include the principal owner of the Yankees, GEORGE M. STEINBRENNER 3rd, and MARTHA STEWART. She is the one who invited Jane Heller (the author) to sit in the same section of Yankee Stadium as MAYOR RUDOLPH W. GIULIANI and his son, ANDREW; BUD SELIG, the commissioner of baseball; DENZEL WASHINGTON; SARAH JESSICA PARKER and her husband, MATTHEW BRODERICK; and THE REV. JESSE JACKSON.

The two Jane Hellers had had an e-mail exchange several months ago in which Ms. Heller (the banker) said that she had all the other Ms. Heller’s books — and also had the best seats at Yankee Stadium.

That was several months ago.

”When it got to be the post-season,” Ms. Heller (the author) said, ”I thought, this would be a good time to hit her up for a couple of tickets. She said, ‘Saturday is taken, but how about Sunday?’ ”

So they chatted with the likes of DEREK JETER and PAUL O’NEILL in the on-deck circle and traded stories about themselves, including the one about how Ms. Heller (the banker) came to be where she was.

”When my son was 2, he said to me, ‘Mommy, you should get the Yankees,’ ” she said. ”I started calling on the Yankees. One day, George had a problem at Chemical Bank. He said, ‘Get that girl who keeps coming up here.’ It’s been almost 26 years. I’ve been his private banker all that time and still am the private banker to the Yankees.”

Ms. Heller (the author) said that Ms. Heller (the banker) asked when her next book would be out. ”April,” the author said. ”I’m thinking about opening day.”

Life sure is funny. Martha Stewart was sitting in “my” seat yesterday.

The Yankees Could Probably Open An Envelope…


…and it would be exciting. They have a way of turning even the mundane into the dramatic. Not that today’s home opener was mundane – far from it – but there was so much emotion packed into one baseball game that my head almost exploded while I was watching on TV.
I mean, how about long-time head trainer Gene Monahan, in the midst of treatment for cancer, showing up to receive his World Series ring?
Or what about Steinbrenner putting in a rare appearance and Jeter presenting him with his ring?
And could there be a more moving moment than when the players mobbed Matsui or when the crowd gave him a huge ovation?
And, of course, I have to mention Bernieeeee throwing out the first pitch.
Sweet. And then there was the game itself. Pettitte never ceases to amaze me. Year in and year out, he’s on the mound delivering when it counts. Six scoreless innings against a very tough opponent? He took care of it, getting in and, more importantly, out of jams.
Nick Johnson smacked a homer in his first at bat, reminding us that number two hitters don’t have to be named Johnny Damon. Jeter and Posada, as they have on many an Opening Day, provided offense. Cano continued to hit the ball hard. Swisher made a tremendous running catch that ended in one of these.
In fact, for most of the game it felt as if the Yankees could do no wrong and the Angels would keep looking flustered and off balance – the exact opposite of the bad old days when the Yanks couldn’t buy a win from the Halos. But then came Chan Ho’s homer to Morales – one mistake pitch that cost him – followed by a truly lousy outing by Robertson, who hasn’t been as sharp in 2010 as he was last year. The only good thing about Abreu’s grand slam was that it created the need to bring in The God of Closers.
I suppose it was only fitting that Mo get the save, given the occasion. Oh, and the other positive aspect to the Angels’ late rally was that it made the final score:
Yankees 7
Angels 5
Which made contest winners out of three lucky commenters on this blog who predicted the outcome:
Pinstripe Mike
Congratulations to them! A Vintage Yankee Stadium Tin filled with Cooperstown Cookies will be headed their way as soon as they send me their addresses. I hope they’ll report back after they’ve sampled their prizes. I also look forward to hearing from those who were at the game today. Watching it on TV was better than nothing (even though I was stuck with the Angels feed here in California), but being there in person must have been a day to remember.

Happy Opening Day Eve!

With the Yankees getting ready to open the season against the Angels in the Bronx tomorrow – and pass out World Series rings (!!!!) – it’s time to see how everybody voted in the Cooperstown Cookies Contest. We had a fantastic “turnout,” and I wish every single person who entered could win the tin of treats. Here’s how the votes look on Opening Day Eve:
Predictions for an Angels victory:
3-2 from 4nymets
4-1 from eapurple
5-3 from matthew
6-3 from anjakj
6-5 from geeman321
6-5 from Rays Renegade (http://raysrenegade.mlblogs.com)
7-5 from carenw
9-8 from Mimi (http://mimi.mlblogs.com)
10-3 from Mark (as in our fearless leader/mlblogosphere)
And now for the predictions for a Yankees win:
2-1 from elyse
3-1 from David Whitney
3-2 from Mike (thefreak)
3-2 from sheweta2
4-1 from colleen
4-2 from cheshirecat
4-2 from wirishrose
4-2 from Nancie
4-3 from Melissa
4-3 from dorgal
4-3 from James Buxton
4-3 from hitman461
4-3 from Devita
5-2 from phoebe264
5-2 from clemens911
5-2 from BernBabyBern (http://johnsterling.blogspot.com)
5-3 from pinstripesperson2
5-3 from michael.sundance
5-3 from disneytink
5-3 from impreza006
5-4 from Dave (dschaub)
5-4 from hsilverm
6-2 from debrabs
6-3 from ladyjane
6-3 from John (ooaooa)
6-4 from Courtney
6-4 from dj
6-4 from seindsfeld
6-4 from zanynyy
6-5 from Diane
6-5 from Rob Storm
7-0 from Lillie (latinyankeerebel)
7-3 from Peggy
7-4 from 27to7isnorivalry
7-5 from Pinstripe Mike
7-5 from djfarenheit
8-3 from Kathleen
8-4 from Steven
8-4 from Mike (mikeeff)
8-6 from Ellen
8-6 from ibrenne
8-7 from gehriggirl
9-2 from lrkaserman
9-4 from Scott (http://fotr.mlblogs.com)
9-5 from arizonacacti
9-6 from bdfc57
11-9 from singingtoastmaster
13-4 from jojovanb
As you can see, we had quite a few multiples. The question is…Will any of the scores be the correct one? Good luck, everybody, and here’s to a great day at Yankee Stadium tomorrow!

With This Ring….

I have to admit I cracked up when I read this via LoHud tonight…

TMZ Sports
New York Yankees — About to Get Rocked

The New York Yankees better clear out some space in their jewelery boxes — TMZ has learned the team will be getting their World Series rings on April 13th … when they play the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

We’re told the design of the ring is being kept a secret — but we can only imagine they’ll be even more ridiculous than the 2000 rings, which included 22 major diamonds.

I mean, not only did I figure that TMZ had something more scandalous to write about, particularly in an EXCLUSIVE. But I wonder who their source was: a guy from the Diamond District?

diamond engagement rings.jpg

Here’s the 2000 ring they’re talking about.
It practically defines “gaudy.” So what could the Yankees possibly do to top it? I don’t know. I have my own ring issues. I’ve had my eye on a certain diamond eternity wedding band from Cartier for a very long time. So in case my husband is reading this post, here’s what it looks like.



Goodbye, Old Friends

Now that our long national nightmare is over and Johnny Damon has made a deal with the Tigers, it seems appropriate to bid him – and other former members of the 2009 Yankees – a formal farewell. Let’s start with Damon himself.
From now on (or at least for the 2010 season), his uniform will have one of these on it.
Judging by the one-year, $8 million the Tigers are said to be paying him, he should have stayed with the Yankees. The weather’s better in New York and so are the restaurants. But farewell, Johnny. Good luck to you.
Jose Molina won’t be wearing the pinstripes either.
Instead, his uni will have a little birdie on it.
He wasn’t much of a hitter, but I sure liked his catching and I know the Yankees pitchers did too. Goodbye, Jose. Have fun in Toronto, eh?
Melky has already been photographed in his Braves uniform and it’s not all that’s changed about his appearance. He’s grown a beard, if you can call it that. (Hat tip: LoHud)
Oh, Melk Man. You weren’t the greatest outfielder we ever had, but I’ll miss all those walk-offs. What I won’t miss is your habit of sliding into first. May the Tomahawk Chop be with you.
Hideki Matsui in an Angels uniform was jarring at first.
But didn’t I just read that his knees are hurting already? Not a good sign. I send him greetings and best wishes. I hope he gets more of a kick out of the rally monkey than I do.
And finally, I must bid a final adieu to Brian Bruney and C-M Wang. Here’s one last look in their Yankees garb…
…because the next time we see them they’ll be sporting this.
Oh. I just realized I forgot Phil Coke and Ian Kennedy. Out of sight, out of mind. Baseball is a cruel business.

Who I Want In My Christmas Stocking

Last year I got CC, AJ and Tex for Christmas. This year all I’ve gotten so far is Curtis Granderson.
I’m excited about Grandy, no question. I think he’ll be a quality player and a great guy in the clubhouse. But I really hope Cashman isn’t done shopping. One new Yankee does not a Merry Christmas make – especially with Matsui going to the Angels. Which reminds me. I haven’t said a proper goodbye to Godzilla.
非常にすばらしいDHおよびワールドシリーズ最高殊勲選手があることにあなた、Hidekiに、感謝しなさい。 私は逃すが、アナハイムの運のベストを望む。 それで、私は運の限り天使aren’最もよく望む; ヤンキーを演じるt。 愛、彼女ファン。

(Translation: “Thank you, Hideki, for being such a wonderful DH and the World Series MVP. I will miss you, and I wish you the best of luck in Anaheim. Well, I wish you the best of luck as long as the Angels aren’t playing the Yankees. Love, She-Fan.”)
Rumors are swirling that the Yanks are interested in Nick Johnson to replace Matsui. Will the former Yankee with the insane on-base percentage be in my Christmas stocking?
He’s not my idea of a great signing. What’s the point? He’s injured a lot and won’t be playing first base, since Tex has the job. Shouldn’t Cashman bring back Damon? And why am I even talking about the DH spot, since what we need is another starting pitcher. Lackey, Halladay, Lee and Harden already have new homes, so it’s time to look elsewhere for a Christmas gift. I think I’ll do some window shopping on my own.
OK, I found a few trinkets that would be perfect additions to the Yanks. No, they’re not Sheets, Marquis, Pineiro or Duscherererer (or whatever his name is). I was shopping for arms on the Halladay level. So how about one of the following?
* King Felix Hernandez
Well? The Mariners just signed Lee. Why do they need King Felix too?
* Zack Greinke
Sure he won the Cy Young. But maybe he’d like to be on a winning team.
* Mark Buehrle
He pitched a perfect game. Why wouldn’t I want him?
* Justin Verlander
The guy is really, really good. Enough said.
Yes, I know I’m dreaming. But Cashman has a way of surprising us when we least expect it. Let him keep telling the media we can find pitching within the organization. I’ve heard it all before. What I want on Christmas morning is one of the above – all signed, sealed and delivered in a Yankees gift bag.
P.S. Commenter Mike thinks we should be happy with Sheets for Christmas. Hmm.

Now The Fun Begins

I was wondering when the Red Sox would start to stir.
The slumbering team from Boston wasn’t about to stay quiet forever (not counting Boof Bonser). So what if their Lowell deal seemed stalled and their overtures to Bay were rejected? We knew they wouldn’t spend this off-season sitting around talking about the good old days. 
So they got Lackey for five years. He’s a good pitcher and he’ll make their rotation stronger and it sounds like the perfect signing. But I never did like Big John and now the “B” on his cap will make the rivalry that much more intense. Besides, he was destined to wear red for the rest of his career.
Lackey.Angels Red Sox Baseball_003.jpg
The Sox also made a deal with Mike Cameron, whom the Yankees talked about acquiring last year and the year before that but never did. The 37-year-old outfielder is said to be a terrific guy in the clubhouse, but is he really an upgrade over Bay in left?
I guess we’ll find out this spring when the two teams face off to open the 2010 season. If tradition continues, they’ll kick our butts the first couple of times around and we’ll kick theirs later in the year and it’ll be another fight to the finish. But if you ask me, the team to watch will be the Mariners. What have they been smoking?
Sure, the Phillies put the Halladay saga to rest and the Angels picked up Godzilla, but the Mariners, having already signed Figgins, ended up with Cliff Lee. I mean, seriously. The AL West just got a whole lot more interesting. Of course, while all this was happening today, US Weekly reported that A-Rod and Kate had broken up. Talk about a kick in the gut. I not only went to see her movie over the weekend but gave her the She-Fan Award for Best Girlfriend! How could she? How could they?
Speaking of movies, I escaped all the baseball news this afternoon and went to see “The Blind Side.” I’m not a football fan, but this true story, based on Michael Lewis’ book, was inspiring and Sandra Bullock was terrific. If you haven’t seen it already, it’s worth a look.

Presenting The 2009 She-Fan Awards, Part 7 (The Grand Finale) – UPDATE!

The votes are in and, although it was a close race between Surf Dog, my mother and four-year-old Karissa (I’m laughing as I type this), the winner of the 2009 She-Fan Award for Best Yankee Fan Video is…
***** Bill “Surf Dog” Connell *****
If it ever stops raining here in Santa Barbara, I’ll take the She-Fan Cam over to Bill’s hot dog stand and videotape his acceptance speech. I have no doubt it’ll be a show stopper. Thanks to all who participated!
Gold.Fan 010.jpg
With the Winter Meetings kicking off on Monday and the certainty that Brian Cashman will be giving Yankees bloggers something juicy to write about, it’s time for the seventh and final 2009 She-Fan Award to be handed out to a person who contributed to the Yankees’ joyous season.
Derek Jeter said during the post-parade ceremony at City Hall that it was the fans that made the season special, so it’s only fitting that we turn our attention to the Yankee fan who best embodied the spirit of the pinstripes when captured on the She-Fan Cam this year. The judges have reviewed the nearly 100 videos on YouTube’s SheFanVideos Channel and come up with clips of the the ones we feel are most praiseworthy.
Here, in chronological order, are the nominees for the 2009 She-Fan Award for Best Yankee Fan Video….
Alphonso Uses Pessimism To Protect Yankees (And Himself) From Disappointment –
On March 5th, during a visit to Tampa for spring training, I had dinner at a very dark restaurant with Alphonso of the Yankees blog “It Is High, It Is Far, It is….caught” and asked for his prediction on the upcoming season. As you’ll see, he was correct about almost nothing, which I found very heartening.
Lisa Declares Herself Descendent Of Yankees Legend Joe DiMaggio
On my way out of Steinbrenner Field during the March trip, I met Lisa, a Security Officer for the Yankees. She not only gave patrons excellent directions and handled beer-soaked troublemakers with ease, but announced that she was related to Joe D. Enough said.
Joyce Intends To Be Buried With Yankees (Sort Of)
Prior to the March 7th spring training game, I chatted with Joyce, who caught my eye because of all the Yankees pins and medals she was wearing. A Yankee fan for 65 years, she had surprising news to share.
Michael Picks Yanks To Win World Series Without Being Bribed
Yes, She-Fan family members are eligible for the award. (Why disqualify them?) On April 1st my husband Michael made a bold prediction about the Yankees’ season. He was not coerced. If he doesn’t want to do or say something, he doesn’t. Trust me.
Patricia Reads She-Fan’s Tarot Cards And Pronounces Yanks World Champs
On August 18th, I had my second reading with Santa Barbara tarot card reader Patricia Diorio, whom I had consulted for a New York Times article back in February. Once again, she was extremely encouraging about the Yankees’ chances of winning the World Series.
Karissa Roots for Yankees Despite Being Only Four Years Old
As I was leaving Angel Stadium after the Yankees had just beaten the Angels in Game 4 of the ALCS on October 20th, I heard cheering –  really high-pitched cheering. I followed the sound and came upon Karissa, whose father Mark had clearly raised her properly.
Bill “Surf Dog” Predicts Yankees Win World Series in Six
Local legend Bill Connell, proprietor of the Surf Dog hot dog stand in Carpinteria and former New Jersey-ite, hoisted his Yankees flag on October 30th and let me videotape him in action. He also gave me his thoughts (and a free hot dog). His prediction of six games made him more accurate than Jimmy Rollins.
Mother Knows Best
I couldn’t leave my 92-year-old mom (she’ll be 93 next month) out of this competition, could I? On November 13th, during my trip to New York, I asked her how she was feeling about the Yankees’ big victory. She was thrilled – and very candid.
And now comes the moment of truth…without any interruptions.
kanye west taylor swift video music awards vma 2009 interrupt outburst.jpg
The envelope please.
The winner of the 2009 She-Fan Award for Best Yankee Fan Video is…
***** Oh, Wait! You’re Picking This One! *****

That’s right. You. And you have until Monday at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT to leave a comment with your vote. Good luck to all the nominees. The final gold fan awaits.
Gold.Fan 010.jpg