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Yankees-Angels Game 4: Oh, Wow

I just got home from Anaheim after a LONG drive. I’ll have lots of game notes, pics and videos tomorrow (Wednesday), but it’s too late to post anything coherent now. So I’ll just say I had a fabulous time at the Big A watching the Yankees take Game 4 with a 10-1 victory. The Angels fans I sat next to were really nice. And the Yankee fans I met along the way were as excited to be there as I was. You’ll see a few of them tomorrow, but I’ll leave you with this very special fan. I heard her before I actually saw her. My husband and I were among the last to leave the stadium and we were walking to our car in the parking lot when we heard a tiny voice yell, “Let’s go Yankees!” And here she is.

Welcome to Anaheim, Yankees

It’s west coast time for the Yanks. I hope they’re adjusting to their surroundings and not experiencing any jet lag. They have to be liking the weather. Here’s the forecast for Monday.

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I enjoyed the day off, but now that Game 3 is upon us I’m nervous all over again. Angel Stadium has been such a house of horrors for the Yankees. Well, it has.
Sure, we’re up 2-0 in the series and playing confidently. But will our success continue? It’s hard to imagine that the Angels won’t pull it together on both offense and defense and run like crazy if they get on base. On the other hand, Andy Pettitte has the best pickoff move in the universe.
And he’s coming off an excellent start against the Twins. Maybe, just maybe, he’ll show us his old magic against the Angels, our bats will go batty against Weaver, and we’ll steal a game at their house?
The Yankees have confirmed that CC will pitch on Tuesday in Game 4 – and I’ll be in attendance! I’ve got my tickets and can’t wait to see the pinstripes in person. I’ll post pics and video Tuesday night (if the game doesn’t go 13 innings). In the meantime, here are tonight’s musings.

Getting The Monkey Off My Back

On July 11th, I went to see the Yankees play the Angels in Anaheim. The Bombers lost, naturally. But while I was there I walked up to a souvenirs concession, picked up a darling little rally monkey toy and proceeded to choke it. I hoped it would be an omen.
Fast forward to tonight when the Yanks finally beat the Angels 6-5 in what can only be described as a roller coaster ride.
The Yankees grabbed a four-run lead in the third on two-run homers by A-Rod and Posada and tacked on another run on Matsui’s solo shot in the fifth. So far, so good. But Gaudin, who had pitched well for four innings, ran into trouble in the bottom of the fifth, gave up a couple of runs and found himself in the dugout.
He was replaced by Alfredo A-Save-Us, who didn’t save us. Instead, he coughed up two more runs, pulling the Angels to 5-4. The situation could have been much worse, but A-Rod made a great play on Guerrero’s grounder to end the threat.
I figured all would be well when Huuuuuughes took the mound in the eighth, but he was victimized by errors by Cano and Posada and a curious non-throw by Gardner, all of which resulted in the Angels tying the score at 5-5. I was so nervous I thought I might throw up.
Would this game be yet another descent into misery and frustration?
Would the Yankees be thwarted in their latest attempt to beat the Angels in Anaheim?
Or would they display the “comeback-y-ness” they’ve shown all season long?
In the top of the ninth, the Yankees out-Angeled the Angels. Sure, they used the long ball to score the first five runs. But here’s what happened next:
Gardner: singled and stole second.
Jeter: walked.
Damon: sac bunted. (Yeah, I was surprised too.)
Tex: intentionally walked. (Yeah, I was really surprised. You walk him to pitch to A-Rod?)
A-Rod: sac flied, scoring Gardner with the go-ahead run.
Yankees led 6-5.
Into the game came Mo to secure the save. And that’s what he did. Game over. Angels vanquished at their house of horrors. Rally Monkey fired.
Oh, and by the way? The Yankees were the first team in the majors to clinch a playoff berth. I love clinches.
AJ will wrap things up tomorrow, and the Yanks have a chance to take two of three. My brain is ready for another contest, but I’m not sure my heart can handle it.
Heart Attack womenistock 500.jpg

Owned in Anaheim

There’s something about this place. Something sinister, unsavory, possibly even toxic. 
Yes, the Angels are a very good ball club, but the Yankees just beat them in the Bronx. So there must be a reason why Figgy, Vladie and company bring us to our knees every time we play them in Anaheim.
In tonight’s 5-2 loss, Pettitte was solid in his first outing since complaining of shoulder fatigue, but Girardi seemed to throw in the towel when he brought Bruney in for the seventh.
The offense didn’t do much, except for solo shots by A-Rod and Matsui. Jeter and Posada came ready to play, but the others?
Damon: 0-for-4
Tex: 0-for-4
Swisher: 0-for-4
Cano: 0-for-4.
You can’t win games when your bats are missing in action.
That said, things always go wrong for the Yankees in Anaheim. So what’s the cause? Seriously. WHAT IS IT? Here are a few theories.
#1) The Yankees are allergic to the grass at Angel Stadium.
#2) The Angels’ chef poisons the food in the visitor’s clubhouse whenever the Yanks come to town. Phil Coke was diagnosed with “acute gastritis” today and was confined to his hotel room, so it could happen to any of them.
#3) There are too many hot blondes in the O.C., making it difficult for the Yankees to concentrate on the games. (The Angels are used to the distraction.)
#4) There is entirely too much red, both in the stands and on the field. It makes the Yankees go temporarily blind.

#5) Mike Scoscia hires an old gypsy guy to cast a spell on the Yankees. (All things are possible when you’re only a freeway ride away from Hollywood.)
Are any of the above the root of the problem? I don’t know, but if the Yankees don’t pull off a win tomorrow night, I’ll be asking MLB to launch an investigation.

Why The Yankees Lose To The Angels

Well, they don’t always lose to the Angels. They always lose to them at Angel Stadium. So I braved the traffic on the 405 Freeway and drove down to Anaheim to cheer for my Yanks, the way I would at home.


My adventure got off to a great start. Getting out of the car with the She-Fan Cam in hand, I made a new pal right there in the Angel Stadium parking lot.
I entered the stadium at Gate 2 and looked for Dina, the sister of MLBlogs’ own Angels fan and blogger LuckyLori. Lori had told me to find Dina, who works at the stadium, and say hello, so that’s exactly what I did. Well, OK. I also interrogated her just a little.
She was very friendly, right? Even though I was dressed in my Yankees gear?
Once inside, I quickly headed down to the field where they let you hang around near the Yankees dugout before the game. As I stood there with all the seven-year-old boys, hoping for a glimpse of Jeter, A-Rod, Somebody, I met another grownup fan and turned the Cam on him.
So we were going to beat the Angels 8-2? I was elated!
Since there was no batting practice, I climbed the ramps to my seat in the nosebleed section above home plate and settled in. The man next to me turned out not only to be an Angels fan, but the season tickets holder of all the seats in my row. 
“I’ve been selling them to you people for this weekend,” he said.
You people. Uh-oh. “Glad you were able to make some money off us,” I said, speaking on behalf of the other Yankee fans he’d hosed on the tickets.
Determined to be pleasant, I made chitchat during which I congratulated him on his team’s dominance over the Yankees. He wasn’t interested. Instead, he talked to the nasty usher who hovered near our section during the entire game, blocked my view and trashed every Yankee fan that passed by.
Then came the guy just above me who started pelting me with pieces of Double Bubble Gum. I remained calm, even when a piece hit me in the back of the head. I was starting to wish I’d stayed home.
And then came the game. I won’t rehash all the horrific aspects (OK, yes I will: Pettitte’s fifth inning meltdown, Jorge’s inability to throw out runners, Damon’s odd and inexplicable positioning in shallow left, Robertson’s incompetence, Coke’s incompetence, Bombko’s incompetence, the incompetence of all hitters not named A-Rod or Hinske or Matsui). Suffice it to say, we had another lead and blew it to hell.
As people started filing out of the place in the eighth, the sour-puss Angels guy sniffed, “Look at all the Yankee fans leaving. The game isn’t even over.”
“Um, they’re mostly Angels fans that are leaving,” I pointed out. “They’re wearing red.”
My husband, who was kind enough to accompany me, told me to keep my mouth shut.
After the 14-8 debacle, which left me feeling totally beaten up, I staggered outside in search of answers. The Yankees had just swept in Minnesota. Why were they getting killed in Anaheim?
The first fan I met was pretty sanguine about the whole thing. His answer? “It was just one of those days.”
Then, I met Matt, a Yankee fan with season tickets to the Angels. (Go figure.) His answer? Karma.
And finally, I ran into Shawn, who thinks the Yankees’ losing streak in Anaheim is a psychological issue.
While I appreciated all their theories, the truth didn’t dawn on me until I was back in the car. The reason the Yankees fall apart at Angel Stadium is because they’re allergic to it!

blond woman sneeze good one.jpg
I started sneezing like crazy as we hit the road. And if I was suffering, why not Pettitte and the others? Maybe if Gene Monahan gave everyone a dose of this, Sunday’s game would turn out differently.
I don’t know what the Yankees were exp
osed to at the stadium that caused their allergy, but I do know what triggered mine. It was the rally monkey. I tried to strangle it.