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Jorge’s Head And My Nervous System

Today’s game nearly drove me nuts.
I was up after the Yankees went up over the O’s 1-0. 
I was down after Wieters hit that homer because Nova had pitched so well. 
I was up after we had a rally going in the 7th and it looked like we’d come back.
I was down after Cervelli swung at the first pitch and killed the rally.
I was up after watching Joba take the mound in the 9th and throw the ball like he used to.
I was down after wondering why Girardi didn’t use Posada in place of Cervelli back in the 7th.
I was up – way, way up – after A-Rod led off the 9th with a solid single and Swish smacked a walkoff. In fact, I danced around the room and yelled “Yaaaay” like an idiot.
And then I was down after reading that Posada might have a concussion.
And then I was up again after reading that he didn’t have one and was day to day.
The point is that I now need a vacation from my vacation because I don’t feel very rested at all.

OK, Let’s Get Serious

The Yankees dropped their second in a row. Not a big deal, given that Matusz pitched well, that A.J. did a decent job of not imploding, that Brian Roberts has always been a Yankee-killer, that A-Rod notched his 100th RBI for a Major League record 14th time and that there’s no shame in losing to the O’s anymore. But here’s the thing: the clock is ticking.
We’re heading down the stretch now and it’s time to turn up the heat (and every other cliche I can think of). I have no interest in watching the Yankees lose a bunch of games – and their division lead. Instead, I’d like to see them pull away from the Rays so that when we play them, it won’t be cause for a heart attack. In the meantime, I’m turning on the TV so I can watch the Rays-Red Sox game tonight. Which team will I root for? This one. Always.

Doing What Championship Teams Do: Stepping Up

step up.jpg
No, that’s not Marcus Thames in the pic, but it might as well be. No A-Rod? No problem. Thames and his power bat have kept the Yankees in business down the stretch, and no one is more surprised than I am. I just didn’t think he would be such an important pickup for us, but clearly I was wrong. And no Pettitte? No problem there either. Well, OK, there’s been a big problem but somehow the Yanks have managed to solve it. Vazquez and Moseley were both pretty lousy today, but the bullpen did its job and shut down the Blue Jays. Of course, having Bautista F-bomb himself out of the lineup helped the cause, but mostly it was that incredible DP by Cano to Teixeira that turned the game around. I’m convinced that if Tex hadn’t gone into baseball, he could have done this.
So the streak is now at eight games with twenty-six games left. That’s right. 26. Where did the season go? How could we possibly be at Labor Day weekend already? And, most importantly, can the Yankees pull away from the Rays and take sole possession of first place – for good?

 New York 86 50 .632 8-2 W8 48-22 38-28
 Tampa Bay 83 51 .619 2.0 26 7-3 W2 43-26 40-25

Things Are Looking Up

Well, they were never really looking down. I mean the Yankees have been in first place for awhile now, but after tonight’s win they’re all alone at the top. Plus, most of the players’ ailing body parts are better.
Berkman’s ankle: Healed.
A-Rod’s calf: Probably fine.
Pettitte’s groin: Getting there.
Aceves’s back: Sounds okay.
Johnson’s wrist: Never mind.
Anyhow, Tex, Swisher, Posada stayed hot at the plate, and Granderson joined the party. Jeter? Am I the only one who thinks he’s not having a good time this season? He’s making the plays at short as gracefully as ever, but he’s missing that spark and I’m wondering if there’s something going on in his personal life. Or maybe he just needs a prescription for this.
Zoloft 100mg.JPG
As for Huuuughes, he got the “W,” thanks to his teammates’ offensive barrage, but it pains me to see him walk batters and pile up a lot of pitches. Doesn’t he remember that nibbling gets people in trouble?

Let’s Hear It For Nova!

The kid pitched like he’s been in the majors for much longer than a week, didn’t he? I was really impressed with how he handled the White Sox today. And thanks to the good news about Pettitte’s latest bullpen session, I’m starting to feel better about the rotation. Well, a little better. We didn’t get much offense going after yesterday’s bat fest, but Thames kept on bashing the ball and Cervelli had a welcome burst of production. Even without Tex and A-Rod in the lineup, this team managed to eek out the series anyway. Clap clap clap for that.

Back to Nova, I’m wondering if the Yankees have “Nova Rules” in place, like they did for Joba and do for Huuughes, and if so what they are. Here are my guesses:

#1) Nova can’t stay out later than midnight.

#2) Nova must avoid alcoholic beverages, strip clubs and other paths of ruination.

#3) Nova has a calories limit, but the exact number isn’t being announced.

#4) Nova can watch television, but only “Yankeeographies” and ABC Family.

#5) Nova may not inject himself or anyone else with B-12 shots but is permitted to squirt people with this.


Cano = MVP

Let the campaign begin.
There was a time not too long ago (last season, as a matter of fact) when I would hide my eyes whenever Cano came up with men on base. He disappointed me a lot in those situations. Now? Not so much. His six RBIs today in the Yankees’ 10-0 thrashing of the Mariners were a snapshot of his 2010. He’s become the player everyone hoped he’d become. Why is this his year? My Top Five Reasons:
#1) Melky was shipped out of town.
#2) Hitting in the five spot behind A-Rod (or at cleanup in place of A-Rod) is a nice gig.
#3) He got a taste of winning a World Championship and liked it.
#4) He has his own bobblehead doll now.

#5) He’s just really, really good.

And to think..a few years ago I was among the chorus of fans who contemplated trading him. I should be ashamed, and I am.

Please Help Us, Ivan Nova: An Open Letter

Dear Ivan,
I don’t know a whole lot about you, except that you tore it up in AAA and are supposed to be really good. So here’s the deal. You’ve been called up, and you need to make the most of it – for both our sakes. I’m not happy that the Yankees were forced to call you up – not happy you’re taking A-Rod’s spot because he’s on the DL, not happy Vazquez is such a disappointment, not happy that A.J. is so inconsistent, not happy that Huuuughes has an innings limit, not happy that without Andy our rotation is an thin as my pinky finger – but if you can help the team by pitching well on Monday (and maybe beyond) I’ll be forever in your debt.
Thank you.
Sincerely Love,

I Have Two Words For Tonight’s Game

Felix Hernandez
OK, I have a few more. Words, I mean. Hernandez was so dominant in striking out 11 batters that I almost turned off the TV after the sixth inning. Why bother watching? A.J. wasn’t a lot of laughs. Neither was A-Rod, who appeared for a split second before re-injuring his calf. And I’m tired of watching Cervelli not hit. Can’t Kevin Long work some magic on him? Oh, never mind. I know I’m supposed to just tip my cap to Hernandez and call him the Yankees’ daddy.

I Like How This One Turned Out

When Austin Jackson hit that homer in the first and Curtis Granderson had to run down those two bombs in center, I thought……Oh, nooooo! 
CC looked like he didn’t have it. But then a miracle: he did have it, and went on to win his 16th game, leading the AL. As they said on YES, the definition of an “ace” is to keep your team in it even when you don’t have your best stuff. That’s CC. On the offensive side, it was a pleasure to see the bats come alive against Verlander. What’s worrying me is the news about Pettitte. Will he be able to pitch in September? This season? And in the meantime, are the Yankees okay with Moseley for the long term? And what about A-Rod’s calf?
I’d better stop with the what if’s or I’ll never get to sleep tonight.

And The Slump Continues…

The Tigers tried to hand the Yankees the win. Valverde couldn’t find the plate and was basically saying, “Take the game. It’s yours.” But with the bases loaded and one out, Jeter hit into a DP, ended the threat and avoided getting tagged with pie.
Aside from Granderson’s three hits, what was there to like about this one? We lost the division lead. A-Rod and Swisher left with injuries. And Vazquez’s dead arm is getting on my nerves. Why keep him in the rotation? I couldn’t stand watching, and the experience was made worse by images of Damon not being a Yankee. Ugh. Just ugh.