Random Thoughts On Soriano’s Press Conference

Have a peek at this excerpt if you haven’t seen the whole thing already.
Here are my take-aways:
1) Cashman: Did he gain some weight this off-season? Or was it just those pancakes he ate at the breakfast yesterday? Also, I loved how he called Soriano “Rafi” and Mo “Mr. Mariano Rivera.”
2) Girardi: “Now we have two closers.” Works for me, Joe. It’s not my money.
3) Soriano needed a translator? Or maybe Boras was just afraid his client would blurt out, “Hey, Cash, I know you didn’t want me here but everybody else did so stuff it.”
4) I really liked Soriano’s suit. No undertaker look for him in that taupe or whatever color it was.
5) I don’t want to be done with these press conferences. There needs to be another one before spring training – and I’m not talking about Pettitte, despite reports today that he’s been “throwing” just in case he decides to join the party. I’m talking about an as-yet-to-be-named starter who will put on the pinstripes for the first time. The Tigers DFA-ed Armando Galarraga. He pitched a perfect game, for God’s sake, and he’s only 29. Could he really be that bad?


  1. James Buxton

    I’m glad you said it Jane, because it was in my mind for a while. Armando Galarraga looks promising; I’m sure his breakdown after the “almost” perfect game was some confidence issue. He is a talented pitcher, and could gain some experience hanging around CC, Phill and of course Mo.
    Sorry for the absence, but finally I managed to get some vacations.
    I hope Soriano doesn’t do a “Pavano” thing (knock on wood).

  2. Jane Heller

    After I wrote this post, James, I read a report somewhere else (wish I could remember where) that the Yankees were indeed looking at Galarraga. But that could mean “looking” as in “just checking on” him. Don’t know if there’s real interest, in other words. I guess the question is..Is he better than Mitre? If so, I say grab him!

  3. antonella

    Jane, maybe they’re “looking” at him like they were “LOOKING” at Pavano & then we find out Cashman actually made an one year offer to him BUT he decided to stick with the Twins.. [Which is fine with me] lol.

    Galarraga would be a great pick up.. I mean, his uncle is Andres Galarraga for goodness sakes.. He’s like a national here in Vzla lol.

  4. Michael David

    No, Jane, Galarraga is not that bad. He’d be a solid pick-up for any time. I think the Tigers are crazy, and, again, Detroit fans are left scratching our heads. I hope he pitches well wherever he goes. Tiger fans will miss him. He’s better than Bonderman, anyway….
    ‘Minoring In Baseball’

  5. Jane Heller

    Do you believe that Pavano thing, Antonella? I was stunned when I heard about that! How could Cashman even consider bringing that guy back to NY, no matter how well he did in the intervening years. Ugh. I forgot that Andres was Armando’s uncle. A hero in Venezuela is right.

    I guess the Tigers’ pickup of Brad Penny left no room for Galarraga, Mike. Seems to soon to cut him loose but their loss is another team’s gain if he recovers his form.

    You’re right, Ron. I wasn’t going to mention Pettitte ever again! *Shhhh* I think Galarraga deserves another chance too, and if he becomes the Yankees’ 4th or 5th starter he’ll have plenty of opportunities. Actually, we may need a 3rd starter too, depending.

    Maybe with new team and a new pitching coach, he could work on his focus and concentration, Jeff, although that’s kind of the same problem we already have with AJ Burnett. And yeah, the Cashman versus the ownership thing was awkward. But I’m glad they overruled him.

  6. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Okay, Raffy! Lookin’ fine in #29…
    Now that we’ve secured some good news for the pen, it is truly time to get serious with some starting pitching. No Porn Star Mustache, thank you…whew…guess it really IS all about money, and there is no past…?
    The Curious Case of Mr. Armando. Great in ’08 (he was 13-7, 3.73 ERA, got ROY votes); not so fine in ’09 (down to 6-10, 5.74 ERA, got “OY” votes — nyuk nyuk nyuk) and then the long strange campaign of ’10. That One Game showed what he can do — but he was yo-yo’d between AAA and the show all year, and ended up 4-9, 4.49 ERA. Look…as you say, She-Fan…if all we got is suspect prospects and a Meat Tray…this could be well worthwhile. Hey, not YOUR money, right?!?

  7. Jane Heller

    Armando’s numbers are all over the place, Dave, so I’m not saying he’s Cliff Lee. It’s all relative. Is he better than Mitre? Probably. Better than Nova? Not sure. Better than Pavano? Who cares because I’m sure Hal Steinbrenner would have overruled Cashman on that one too.

    “Some good games in him” is probably the best the Yankees can expect from a starter at this point, Paul. So I’m ready to see him in pinstripes.

  8. Jane Heller

    I don’t know that Galarraga is at the top of the list, russelw. He’s just been mentioned along with just about every guy with an arm.

  9. colombiano2386@yahoo.com

    I feel so ashamed in saying this and you guys may feel free to slap some sense into me but I actually wasn’t totally against signing Pavano especially since it was supposedly just for a one year deal. Given the options that are available and Andy not counting because we still don’t know for sure what his status is, he was the best one left. I was just as pissed as everyone during his tenure with us and all the mountains of injuries (such as the laughable bruised buttocks which I still get a kick out of). Pavano did a great job turning his career around once he left us and hats off to him because he has a bit more stability with the 2 year contract the Twins offered him. If Pavano was anyone else or had never had that horrific first stint with New York, I feel nobody would’ve objected to signing him.

  10. Jane Heller

    I’m not slapping you, Leo. Lol. I hear what you’re saying. Maybe Pavano has matured and that’s why he’s had success since leaving the Yankees. More likely though is that he’s not built for New York and performs better in smaller markets. Plus, Vazquez has shown us that second acts in pinstripes are usually not a good idea.

  11. Jane Heller

    It’s telling that the Tigers chose Coke and Penny over Galarraga, Scott. But maybe with a new team/pitching coach and a fresh start, he’d improve? And no, I’m not a fan of the Jones signing. He’s a shadow of his former self and I think Thames did a great job in that role (minus the defense). It would have been fun to have Damon back, but they wanted a right-handed hitter and only a role player at that.

  12. scofid

    I think your Soriano comments are right on point! I understand Cashman’s frustrations but I wish that he hadn’t been so vocal about his disagreement with the Soriano signing. Like in business, you air your opinion but ultimately you support the decision of your boss as if it were your own once the final decision is made. I wondered about Galarraga when I heard the news, but I am a bit skeptical for no other reason than the Tigers preferred a good but injury plagued older pitcher (Brad Penny) for his spot at the same time they are making a reliever a major league starter in another spot (Phil Coke). I know his inconsistency was a problem for the Tigers and the Yankee fans certainly wouldn’t be very forgiving. If the Yankee scouts think it is a worthwhile move, then I’d support the signing with the obvious reservations. But that’s probably true of almost anybody the team could acquire for the #5 slot at this point in time. May as well take a shot if the price tag is not too high. By the way, I know you aren’t a fan of his, but I was glad to see the Yankees sign Andruw Jones. I was in LA too when he was a Dodger and I saw how miserably he performed. But, in his expected role with the Yankees, I think he will be better suited to perform to expectations. Sadly, it means that Johnny Damon won’t be coming back so if there is a downside, that’s it.


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