Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You

“Pettitte is choosing not to pitch in 2011, but the Yankees are — as they’ve been all winter — waiting for Pettitte to let them know something official. He’s leaning toward retirement, and he’ll let them know if that situation changes.”
This was courtesy of the LoHud Yankees blog today. I realize there’s been no news in Yankeeville, but the Pettitte saga is starting to remind me of a Saturday Night Live routine. Every few days somebody either has a conversation with him or texts him or talks to a friend of a friend of his, and the message that comes back is always the same. He’s leaning toward retirement. The Yankees shouldn’t hold their breaths for his return. If he decides he wants to pitch at some point, he’ll give everybody a call.
Here’s what I think about this matter: If Pettitte wants to retire, HE SHOULD RETIRE ALREADY. I won’t be happy about it, but I won’t fall apart either. In fact, unless something changes, I’m officially bidding Andy goodbye tonight. I’m going to watch old footage of him winning big games. I’m going to think lovely thoughts about all the ways he made being a Yankee fan so special. I’m going to picture him joking with him teammates in the dugout. Here’s to you, Andy. Thanks for the memories. I’ll always love you. xxoo She-Fan


  1. scofid

    Can the Yankees and Brian Cashman just throw us a bone already? Anything positive will do! This has been the most depressing off-season and I am tired of the negative news even if Cash was misunderstood! I am tired of the foregone conclusion that the World Series will pit the Red Sox against the Phillies!


  2. ronlang44

    Wow, this is starting to become a saga for the Yankees and their fans. I even find it a little bit frustrating myself. I think he can still be successful if he plays, but if his heart isn’t in it then I suggest he stays at home and lets the Yanks move on. I’m not trying to be disrespectful to Pettitte, just realistic.



    Thanks for the memories Andy. I wish him well but I am livid that Cashman threw all his eggs in one basket this offseason for Lee while never having an actual Plan B. I’m also angry because I believe management had a clue that Joba was never gonna be a starter. If so, Cash should’ve traded him last July to the Diamondbacks in a package headlined by him for Dan Haren. If we had Haren, we would’ve never needed to go all out for Lee and his not signing with us wouldn’t have stung that bad. I hope Cash is now planning something that we don’t know about yet because I would hate to have both Nova AND Mitre at the back end of the rotation. Maybe some prospects will be brought up from the minors but it wouldn’t be fair to expect so much out of them or else we relive 2008 when Ian Kennedy and Phil Hughes were in the rotation and had some unrealistic expectations.

  4. antonella

    Someone wake me up March31 when all questions are answered.

    PS- Jane.. I’m on chapter 8 of An Ex to Grind.. I just know it’s going to get crazy.. I can def picture Cam Diaz playing Melanie.. [can we get an ARod special appearance? lol]


    i’ll picture him yelling into his glove. i still think he isn’t officially saying no so we don’t look so desperate in our search for another pitcher. yesterday whilst i was shoveling a ridiculous amount of snow and my back was hurting i thought maybe mussina should unretire. was it the cold or desperation that was making me start thinking crazy thoughts?

  6. ooaooa

    No chance to bemoan Andy yesterday. We had 29 inches of snow in Meriden Ct. in 15 hours. Most in my life time. FYI, the ground never shook! I send you some pics soon.

  7. Jane Heller

    I’d like Cash to throw us a bone too, Scott. But I don’t think Phillies-Red Sox is a foregone conclusion. Would you have picked the Giants to win it all last year? Anything can happen. Hold your ears when you hear stuff like that.

    Exactly, Ron. If his heart isn’t in it, stay home. The Yankees have moved on as far as I know, and so – as of this post – will I.

    I agree about the lack of a Plan B, Leo, but I’m not sure trading Joba in a package for Haren would have been the answer. At that point, we all had hopes that Joba would get it together and be a significant member of the back end of the pen – hopefully, the 8th inning guy – but then Wood showed up and solved that problem for us. Larry Rothschild needs to work not only with A.J. but with Joba too.

    I don’t think all questions will be answered by March 31, Antonella. I think we’re looking at a mid-season trade of some kind, when teams have started to fall out of contention. I just hope we’re not one of them!!! So you can picture Cameron Diaz as Melanie? Now just pray that the screenwriter turns in a script already. His deadline was Christmas and he missed it.

    You must have been delirious shoveling all that snow, Barbara. (I hope you were careful about your back. Snow shoveling can be tough on the back as I remember from my days in CT.) If I had to daydream about a player un-retiring, I wouldn’t pick Mussina. He did have a good bounce back in his last year, but he was looking pretty shot in ’07.

    29 inches in 15 hours, John? Doesn’t California look better and better to you? Yes, the ground shakes from time to time, but it’s supposed to be near 70 today.:)

    Yup. Enough is enough, Jeff. Time to move on for us fans and let Andy do his thing, whatever that is.

    Basically, I think he’s told the Yankees that, Paul. He’s said they should make plans as if he’s not coming back. It’s these little carrots he dangles that are frustrating – the “I’m not pitching at least to start the season” stuff. Doesn’t help the front office at all, it seems to me.

  8. PAUL

    If he’s unsure, then he should tell the team to move forward as if he’s not coming back. That said, he may have done that and they may be keeping it quiet so another club they’re dealing with in trade talks doesn’t use that as a hammer to extract more because of Yankees desperation.
    I may have to post something about that theory tomorrow.

  9. cheshirecat9

    Maybe Andy will follow in the steps of Roger Clemens (without the PED’s). One fine late spring day we will be watching the Yanks play. Mitre will be on the mound and losing and then all of a sudden Andy will appear on the Jumbotron next to Hal in the luxury box and he will announce his return to baseball. Except unlike Clemens, he will actually come back and help the team and we will win #28, beating the Phillies (again!). It will all come down to a game seven duel between Cliff Lee and Andy. After a typically gutty performance Andy will triumph in a 2-1 victory.


    Reading all this reminds me of the early days/years of SNL, when Chevy Chase was doing the “Weekend Update”…
    “News Flash…General Francissimo Franco is still dead!”
    Yup. Agree with you fully, She-Fan. We gotta move on, and thanx 4 the memories. Otherwise, those loathsome analogies to Bart Farv come floating back into discussions, and NOBODY wants that…
    The cupboard is still bare, Mother Hubbard. I hate to say this, but Paul makes sense again today with his theory about trade strategy. And maybe our staff isn’t as wretched as we fear. I for one don’t have problems with hyping The Unstoppable Philly-Boston World Series, ’cause in most sports today, the “obvious” never happens — and in my experience, the more I declare that something WILL take place, the LESS likely that it actually does…!
    P.S. Sympathy to ooaaooaa and The Snowbound…we’ve had nary a flake this winter, but were buried in it last February, so oh can we relate…and do send pictures…

  11. Jane Heller

    I LOVE your fairy tale, cheshirecat! The scenario really made me smile. There’s not a single thing about it that I would change!

    I thought of the same skit, Dave!!!! I can just picture Chevy Chase saying the line too. And I agree about the hype featuring those two heavyweights: the Red Sox and the Phillies. Let them try to live up to expectations. Ha!

  12. raysrenegade

    Maybe Andy is literally “borrowing” a page from the Cliff Lee best selling novelette “How to Make Bank on Borrowed Time”.
    It seems like the same ploy with Pettitte maybe coming out in a few days saying he is going to play for the team with the big “For Sale”sign on their stadium…Houston one last time.
    Some times I seriously wonder what goes on between the ears holes of a few of the MLB Free Agents. I think Rafael Soriano and Scott Boras spoke two different languages, and that is why the Rays former closer is still..unemployed like 12.6% of Tampa Bay.
    Maybe it is time for the Yankees to put a clock on it, then go to Plan B…or bust.

    Rays Renegade

  13. Jane Heller

    The Yankees don’t seem to have a Plan B, Renegade. But if there is one, Pettitte is no longer a part of it. He’s not holding out for more money. That much I know.


    i just saw the yankees agreed in principle to a big deal with soriano. does it make sense to pay this much for a set up man? is this desperation because we have to do something and we can’t get a starter? it makes the end of the game quite good but how are we going to get to the end of the game? any chance they make joba a starter now because they need that more than bullpen or are they done messing with him? ok i read here that folks wanted cashman to throw us a bone. does this count?

  15. Jane Heller

    Does it make sense to pay all that money for Soriano, Barbara? Here’s my feeling about it: It’s not our money and we needed help in the pen. No, I can’t see any way Joba becomes a starter again. Lots of people are suggesting it on Twitter and I can’t believe it’s even up for debate, given how inconsistent he’s been in both jobs. And yes, I think Cashman threw us a bone, but we still need a starter and soon!

    Yup, he’s now a Yankee, Scott. We lose the draft pick but gain a bona fide reliever.

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