Premiering Tonight On Comedy Central…

With absolutely nothing going on in Yankeeville, I think the Onion’s new show parodying ESPN will be the perfect way to fill the void and I intend to watch the show’s debut tonight. The folks at the Onion always deliver laughs. Remember this vid about the new Yankee Stadium?
“Artisan crafted sunflower seeds dispensers.” LOL. “Gazebo covered on-deck circles.” HAHAHA. If the new show is half as funny as this spoof was, I’ll have a very enjoyable evening. 


  1. scofid

    I love the new stadium in The Hamptons! When can I get tickets? πŸ˜‰ It would be the perfect getaway from the Bronx on those hot, humid nights! LOL! Too funny! Any word on who’s going to pitch in the #5 slot yet? I suppose the Yankees have probably put out feelers to Ron Guidry, Ed Figueroa, and maybe Whitey Ford…


  2. Jane Heller

    You’d never seen that Hamptons video, Scott? It’s hilarious, isn’t it? Don’t even mention the #5 spot in the rotation because right now it’s Meat Tray. Ugh.

  3. mattpeas

    The episode tonight wS not what I was expecting. I love the concept but the fake stories are just plain stupid. That boxer, making dumb rules for the heat, mannys ghost hunter scheme? It wa nonsense. Best part was the st. Louis fans offering pujols a place to stay. That was good stuff.

  4. blithescribe

    Well that was a little disappointing. I’ll watch more off and on but, for me, this episode supported my opinion that the Onion is hilarious in small doses, less so in large ones, much like Saturday Night Live and a lot of other comedy shows. (Except the Daily Show! But even John Stewart has a several not quite funny episodes each season). The Pujols sketch was hilarious! And I laughed at the “Who would you kill” segment mostly for the Boras bashing, but the A-Rod musical and Manny Ghostbuster were kind of dumb. Oh well, hey at least they’re trying something new and it isn’t a reality TV show about nobodies behaving badly!
    – Kristen


    with a serious blizzard going on outside and no pitching on the horizon, a little humor is just the ticket. i love the king felix commercia, the orion clip was funny and i never saw the hampton video and it’s great. thanks for the humor!


    Yeah…it sure looks & sounds like a GREAT idea…
    The local newspaper machinery on the corner near my office has an Onion ‘freebie’ container…lotsa silly/fun stuff, and it’s great when it’s great, but not that often…
    However, ESPN badly needs to have some air let out of its self-over-inflated balloon…still, I think that (for once) Paul has said it best…JANE should be the host(ess)!!
    The Feminine Angle would be absolutely fab…and you could use all your bloggings and be TWICE as funny…think of what you could have added to that Hamptons Ballpark…!
    And you could even have fun with the non-fans. Here’s a real-life anecdote that SportsDome/She-Fan could do something with…my fellow-sports-addict brother-in-law was at an Alabama-Auburn football game some years ago (that’s THE state rivalry). He made the one-time error of bringing his dear wife, my sister, who knows nada about sports and cares even less. So it’s the 4th quarter…TIGHT game…BIG 3rd down play about to happen…John is a nervous wreck…and Jeanne tugs him hard on the shoulder.
    “John…JOHN…” He whirls around: “WHAT?!?” Says Jeanne: “John, what do you think of the color and style of that girl’s coat down there, 3 rows over…?”

  7. Jane Heller

    I agree with your review completely, Matt. The only funny segment was the Pujols one. Very disappointing because the concept is good and the actors sound just like real ones. Maybe they’ll sharpen their routines for future episodes.

    I agree with you too, Kristen, especially about SNL. I watch with great anticipation but the skits can often trail off without much point and I always say, “That would have been funny if they’d quit while they were ahead.” Humor is tough to sustain.

    I heard about your blizzard, Barbara. I spoke to my mother in NY just before it started and she had bought her rations and was just waiting for all the snow. Sorry to say I think the east coast keeps getting all the rain we’ve had in CA. But good news: it’s supposed to be sunny here for a week so you’ll be getting a break soon. Glad you liked the Yankee Stadium parody. I wish last night’s show had been as funny.

    They were totally “on,” Jeff. That’s the part I thought was good but they need better material for a half hour show. Certainly those ESPN people need spoofing!

  8. Jane Heller

    I’d love my own show, Paul. I could have guest appearances by your favorite contributor to this blog, the She-Fan Doll.

    LOL on that story about your sister and brother-in-law at that game, Dave! I can only imagine his reaction. ESPN is very full of itself and ripe for parody. I just hope the Onion people get more creative with their segments for the new show. Thanks for your vote of confidence on “my” show. I’ll let you know when it debuts. HAHA.

  9. abby1306

    Hahahaha! That made my…evening. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for sharing, Jane! Never heard of that show, but I love it already! Favorite line: A-Rod gets his own stadium. *ROFL*
    – Nadine

  10. Jane Heller

    I loved how deadpan they were in the video about Yankee Stadium, Nadine. They acted like every word was true and it made me laugh out loud.

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