Sunny Days Will Be Here Again: A Happy Post

Since we’re all feeling a little impatient/perplexed/downright angry about the Yankees’ off-season thus far, I figured I’d lighten the mood with a bulletin: It’s almost spring training, which means it’s almost Opening Day. I know, I know. I’m not the only one with a calendar, but I just might be one of the only ones with a preview of the new Yankee Stadium E-Guide, which is the fantastic creation of Kurt Smith as part of his BallparkE-Guides series
YS E-Guide.jpg
Each e-guide is a detailed, PDF-formatted booklet that takes us through our favorite parks in a way that teams’ official programs and web sites don’t. For example, at Yankee Stadium you can’t get back into the ballpark once you leave, right? Wrong. Thanks to a tip in the Yankee Stadium E-Guide, I learned that if you enter via the Hard Rock Cafe and have your ticket punched there, you can come and go as often as you want. The E-Guide has insider info about buying tickets, paying less for tickets, figuring out what and where the best food is, not to mention getting to the Bronx without stress. It’s all here and it’s only five bucks, downloadable from Kurt’s site. I’ll definitely consult the Yankee Stadium E-Guide before my next visit to the Stadium. 
Speaking of which, I predict that the Yanks will, indeed, end up signing Rafael Soriano.
Why? Because there’s precedent for bringing in a proven closer as our setup guy. Does the name Tom Gordon ring a bell? He worked out pretty well setting up for Mo even though he’d been a closer for the Red Sox. Despite Cashman’s comments about staying “in-house” for the eighth inning and trying to avoid an expensive LaTroy Hawkins/Kyle Farnsworth-type flop, Soriano is no Hawkins/Farnsworth. He’d fit the bill just fine.


  1. antonella

    Getting Soriano would make me a extremely happy.. I said this earlier on twitter & some people looked at me like I was crazy.. They used the “getting rid of a draft pick” excuse.. BLAH.. Since when have the Yankees been worried abt the “future” rather than the present..

    I’ve been patient enough, I deserve a gift.. a gift that comes with a healthy throwing arm [*ahem Cashman*]

  2. Jane Heller

    I know Cashman made that statement about not wanting to give up a draft pick, Antonella, but there seems to be a reason for not signing anybody! So I’m not listening to excuses anymore (holding my ears and going, “lalalalala”) and saying we’ll sign Sori. I’d feel a lot better with a proven arm in the back end of our bullpen.

  3. Jane Heller

    I don’t think Kurt has written a Wrigley E-Guide yet, Mark, but did you check his web site? Maybe go there and leave a comment suggesting one.

    I agree, Ron, although I’d be even happier if the Royals would trade for Soria.

    So he says, Paul. He’s been known to change his mind when there aren’t any more options. Will hurry over to take a look at my shout-out 🙂

  4. Jane Heller

    He’d be a very savvy move if not for the draft pick, Jeff. And Cashman has been vocal about not wanting to give that up. But at some point you have to give up something to get what you want, which is the true test of a GM, it seems to me.

  5. blithescribe

    Those e-guides look fantastic! What a brilliant way for him to capitalize on his fan knowledge and creativity. Now if only he had liked minded friends who go to games out here on the west coast, LOL.
    Soriano would be a great match, as a set up guy now and as the heir apparent for Mo when he does decide he wants retire…of course Mo might just decide to outlast Soriano. Soriano isn’t exactly young and Mo doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. But I am not making any more predictions. I am like 0 for 4 this off season…or is it 5?
    – Kristen

  6. scofid

    Despite the draft pick comment, I think the Yankees will probably make a move on Rafael Soriano if they can get him at a reasonable price. I think would be huge to have Soriano setting up Mo and capable of closing on the nights that Mo can’t. It would definitely allow the Yankees to be more selective on how they use Mo which is probably a good idea at this stage of his career. I still haven’t thought about what I think of the Yankees pursuit of Andruw Jones. I suppose in the right role, he’d be a valuable bat off the bench. It’s hard to believe that baseball is right around the corner. I’m definitely looking forward to it!


  7. Jane Heller

    I think the e-guides are a great idea too, Kristen. The programs they sell at the ballpark are so expensive and not always informative. Kurt’s really help you save money on parking, tickets, food, etc. and are reasonably priced. Very true about Soriano’s age; he’s not that young so Mo could outlast him! As for your predictions, I haven’t fared much better.

    I agree, Scott. The draft pick thing can’t be stopping the Yankees from helping the team if there are no alternatives. And being selective about using Mo is so important. Andruw Jones doesn’t thrill me at all. He was such a bust for the Dodgers.

  8. abby1306

    Thanks so much for telling us about the e-guide. Perfect timing, I just booked my vacation to NYC I told you about. So all I need are tickets to the games…lol. And of course I bought the Yankee Stadium E-Guide. 🙂
    I’m really curious what Cashman’s next move will be.
    – Nadine

  9. Jane Heller

    The e-guide will tell you the best way to get your tickets, Nadine. Perfect timing is right. As for Cashman, I just hope there IS a next move!

  10. ballparkeguides

    Greetings All-

    Thanks for the kind words about Ballpark E-Guides. And to those who purchased them, thanks doubly so!

    I have good news for Wrigley fans…a Wrigley Field E-Guide is in the works! I can’t say exactly when it will be available, but I am hoping to make the trip to Chicago this July for photos and verification.

    In the meantime, sometime this May hopefully, there will be E-Guides available for Oriole Park in Baltimore and Nationals Park in Washington…both fantastic ballparks worth a visit.

    If you’d like to stay posted, you can sign up for the newsletter at

    And I would like to thank Jane again for taking the time out of her schedule to post this review…it is greatly appreciated!

    Best Regards to all,
    Kurt Smith
    Ballpark E-Guides

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