In The Booth With John, Suzyn And….Ted Williams?

By now everyone’s seen the story about “the homeless guy with the golden voice,” right? He’s been making the rounds and been offered all sorts of broadcasting jobs. What I don’t think anybody’s asked him is: “Are you a baseball fan?” And, more specifically: “Are you a Yankee fan?” He’s from New York with the accent to prove it, so why not hire him for occasional announcing duties during Yankees games or maybe for some of the programming on YES?
Well, there is one problem. He might have to change his name.


  1. yankeesfan27

    Wow. What a great story. He does have quite the announcers voice. And he seems so real–genuinely nice.

    I would much prefer him to Sterlings: Jorgie Juiced One! lol

    All he needs to do is change is name to Mickey Mantle.


  2. Jane Heller

    Yes, he should definitely change his name to Mickey Mantle, Christiaan! LOL. He has quite a baritone, doesn’t he?

  3. raysrenegade

    Congrats on another year of winning the MVB AWard. You are becoming the “Albert Pyjols” of the “Latest Leaders” list and it is always a pleasure to see you get that “Standing O”.
    Had to come tell you because you know you inspire me. Congrats again fair Pinstripe….You are again the Belle of the Ball. Cause for another champagne in the shower tonight. This time with the ski goggles!

    Rays Renegade

  4. Jane Heller

    Thanks, Renegade. I just found out about it on Twitter! But I think I’ll skip the champagne-in-the-shower routine tonight. I just washed my hair. LOL. Congrats to you on your great showing among the leaders. Well deserved.

  5. crzblue2

    What a great story Jane! It just breaks my hear when I see so many homeless people in LA. The original Ted Williams was a California guy so I like him.
    When I went to Santa Barbara with my out of town friend Sandi and another friend (Julie_Cardinalgirl mlbblog), I posted it on FB and a friend suggested where to eat in SB and he also said “if you want a Dodger dog, stop at Surf Dog” Small world ha? šŸ™‚ We could not fit it into the schedule but one of these times I will stop by at Surf Dog and call my friend Polo since he lives close to there.


    Nice story, I hope he stays clean and has a great career.
    Did anyone ask him if he could hit?

    Perhaps the Yankees need to find a homeless guy named Sandy Koufax.


  7. ooaooa

    He could replace Suyzn or Flarahdy right now! I could live with the name. It would tick off Beantown blowhards!

  8. Jane Heller

    I can’t believe you were right near Surf Dog and didn’t stop to say hello to him, Emma! He’s right off the freeway at the Ballard exit in Carpinteria! Oh well. Next time. Tell him you recognize him from this blog and he’ll be so surprised. Hope you had fun in Santa Barbara that day and got to see the Mission.

    I wish the best for him too, Mike. He seems to want to turn his life around so much. I just hope all the offers and the crush of media appearances don’t overwhelm him. He says he’s been clean and sober for two days and I wouldn’t want success to jeopardize that.

    Yup. He’d have to change his name, Mark. The Yankee Faithful wouldn’t go for a broadcaster named Ted Williams. Just sounds wrong.

    He doesn’t look like Obama, Paul. I sure don’t see the resemblance.

    You’re right, Ron. He was constantly smiling. I saw him again later last night on MSNBC and they brought on the guy from the Columbus Dispatch who originally shot the video of him, and it was an emotional reunion for the two.

    Melissa! Haven’t seen you in awhile. Hope all is well in your world. Yes, I think Cashman’s minions should start scouring the streets and asking everybody if they’ve ever played baseball. There could be some hidden gems among us.

    Ah, the frozen head, Jeff. I forgot about that for a minute. Let’s hope this Ted Williams has a better fate when his time is up.

    He certainly has a better announcer’s voice than either Suzyn or Flaherty, John. The question is….Does he know what a splitter is?


    I’ve been reading the blog, but too discouraged about what is going on with the Yankees to comment. We were watching a very exciting soccer (real football) game the other night, and I got a real pang of longing for baseball!

    I never mentioned our Christmas dinner. My brother said a sort of grace type thing and at the end said “and let’s be thankful that pitchers and catchers report in 54 days” (or whatever it was).

    Snowing here again. I have a snow day from work, but we were supposed to visit our friends and their daughter’s new baby.

    Please tell Michael I loved watching him sing along to the Beatles!



    “Hello, life! Goodbye, Columbus!
    I got a feelin’ that you’re gonna hear from us…
    You’re gonna know that we’ve taken the world by surprise!
    Got that look in our eyes…
    It’s a lucky day…”
    — The Association, “Goodbye Columbus,” 1969
    Oh, don’cha know how I love it when life conjures up just the right song again…ya know?? Bones Howe strikes again…they should dig that tune outa the archives for future Ted Williams interviews…
    And CONGRATS on your Award!! Sheesh…you mean that other people actually pay attention to all this stuff? And you’re the Top Cat…again?!? Ain’t that just GREAT…!!
    When I caught your subject title on Facebook this AM, b4 blogging in, it made me wonder who we should try to get to replace The Voice. Well, Mr. Williams CERTAINLY fits the bill! And here’s an idea…to avoid any angst or confusion or other conflicts…whenever (but ONLY when) the Bosawx come to town, give Ted a rest, and the Guest Voice should be…James Earl Jones!! I mean, come on…the connections…Darth Vader…”Evil Empire”…psych out ‘The Greatest Future Team Of All Time’…and in the 7th inning, they can show his monologue from “Field Of Dreams” — after all, who’s the last ballplayer to arrive at the field in that movie?…a YANKEE!!
    P.S. Hi Melissa — glad you’re still with us…!


    hello all. i still read the blog everyday and have been thankful for a few smiles here and then but i, like melissa and quite discouraged. we have no pitching rotation and the sox are going to be so good. the other day, my red sox fan husband said aren’t you happy that spring training is soon. and i said no. baseball will start and your team will be good and mine will be bad and those around me will give me a hard time.
    i had a woman come up to me at the gym telling me i was so brave to wear my yankee hat. she said she is a big yankee fan but not brave enough to wear her yankee stuff in boston. others at the gym have approached me when they see my yankee key chain. so i’m not alone in boston, it just feels that way at times.
    instead of baseball, i am bowling with a some New England Patriot players on Sunday. They are doing a fundraiser for the family shelter i work at and i am bringing some kids to bowl with the players. It would be more fun if it was Yankee but it could be interesting.
    i’m still checking daily for the news of our great trade….

  12. Jane Heller

    Good to know you’ve been there in absentia, Melissa, and that life is fine (except for the snow and the lack of movement on the part of the Yankees and Pettitte not making a decision, etc etc). I missed your always pertinent comments. I will tell Michael you caught him singing on karaoke night. LOL

    I don’t think The Voice is going anywhere just yet, Dave. He’s still got another year on his contract. After that, I guess it depends on whether WCBS carries the broadcasts or if there will be a switch. But James Earl Jones certainly has the pipes to intone, “It’s an A-Bomb from A-Rod.”

    Hi, Barbara. You are very brave to wear your Yankees gear to the gym and elsewhere in Boston. Clap clap clap for you! And I’m sure you’re not alone in your fandom there; people are just timid about expressing it (cowards!). The bowling outing sounds like fun except that it’s not with Yankees and I’m sure the kids will enjoy it. Don’t lose heart up there among the Sox fans. You carry the torch for all of us.

  13. Jane Heller

    He does seem very sweet, Virginia. I read this morning that he’s hoping to get therapy so he won’t relapse.

    Of course I remember the movie “Goodbye, Columbus,” Dave. I also remember that the scene where Richard Benjamin and Ali McGraw were playing tennis was shot in our very own town, on the red clay courts at SHS where I played all the time. I just didn’t remember the song, as I’m not as song-literate as you are. šŸ™‚


    First up…Yay, Barbara…hang in there, lady…you know you always have Da Bloggerz for support…!
    Now, BTW, Jane…guess this didn’t ring any bells for you, but…
    If you remember the movie “Goodbye, Columbus” (and maybe you don’t…based on a Philip Roth novel?)…starring Richard Benjamin and Ali McGraw…WELL…
    Recall that we east-coasters aren’t as blah-zay as you SoCal folks are when a movie is being shot in your area…esp. back in the day…WELL…one summer night in 1968, after my friend Paul left to go home ’round midnite, in 5 minutes he was back again. Why? He couldn’t drive off my street…it was shut down… bright lites were everywhere…come on outside and see. Say wha?
    Well, so out I went…and there, at the end of my block on Church Lane, were big trucks, some huge bright lights, a whole lotta people, including nieghbors…and sitting in an open convertible, all made up, were Richard Benjamin and Ali McGraw, filming a scene that was used in the movie. Way cool, esp. for the Sixties!!

  15. Jane Heller

    Sorry I missed Ted Williams doing that batting order thing, Matt! I figured one of the shows would have him make the connection. Very cool.

    We did miss you, Melissa. In fact, the other night I said to Michael, “I hope everything’s OK with Melissa. She hasn’t commented in awhile.” I know people have busy lives and stopping by to comment on a blog is hardly a top priority, but there are those whose presence I do miss because I wonder how they’re faring. I’m like the social director of this thing and I worry about everybody!


    Awww, you guys are sweet – you missed me!

    James Earl Jones lives about an hour from me, so he could easily get the Yankee Express train out of Poughkeepsie. lol

    Barbara, I will wait to see if the Red Sox live up to their hype. Anything can happen, and usually does.

    And don’t forget magic – there is that something intangible that some teams have that make them win even when the stats say they won’t. Glad I decided to cheer you up – Now I feel better!

    Congrats Jane on the win! How cool! I think you must have lots of people stopping in who don’t comment – I hope we hear from them soon.


  17. Jane Heller

    This blog wouldn’t be anything without you, Barbara, and our other buddies who contribute in such interesting and entertaining ways. What started as a way to amuse myself has turned into our own little social networking site and it makes me happy to know that. So yes you do have Yankee fan support here!


    congrats jane for winning again. this blog is the best. jane you rock and thanks for the support of other bloggers and melissa you always add great stuff. it was wild seeing the bernie video again. it made me smile and miss my brother. bernie was his favorite player. ok i will get through this season no matter what. after all i have yankee fan support here.

  19. scofid

    I get that the guy has talent, but I have to question his character in light of the ethic issues that landed him on the streets to begin with (drugs, alcohol, forgery, etc.). Everyone deserves a second chance, I get it, but this is still not a quality guy. Good luck to him and the Cleveland Cavaliers, but I am glad that he is not associated with the Yankees.


  20. Jane Heller

    Dwight Gooden and Darryl Strawberry, to name two, weren’t exactly clean, sober and model citizens before they were given second chances by the Yankees, Scott.

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