My Patience Has Worn Thin

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I’ve never been good at waiting. Not for the phone to ring. Not for a package to arrive. And especially not for the Yankees to do something besides sign Jose Pedro Feliciano. I’m tired of watching other teams make deals or be rumored to be making deals while our GM dresses as an elf for the holidays and rappels down a tall building. What I also have to admit is that I’m tired of waiting for Andy Pettitte to decide if he wants to come back and pitch for the Yankees. I love Andy. A lot. And I sincerely hope he’s on the 2011 team. But he’s been doing this dance with regularity and it’s gotten annoying. He’s had months to think about whether his family needs him at home, hasn’t he? Surely, his kids and his wife (and his aunts, uncles and cousins) have expressed their preference by now. And surely he can see how badly his teammates need him. So I get that he might be as torn as the jeans in the picture, but it’s time for a decision. Please, Andy. As the expression goes, “S—t or get off the pot.”


  1. antonella

    Hey there Jane! Happy new year!
    *sigh* this has been the off-season from hell.. I think it was well known that we needed pitching when Yankee season ended.. I’ve yet to get excited abt anything that has been done. DAMN THAT CLIFTON LEE! Him taking his sweet time screwed everything up.. & I rather not talk abt Andy.. Spring training is next month & he’s yet to say YAY or NAY.. It’s clear to me that this team is ran by men because women are good to throw a deadline at anyone. *sigh x3*

  2. abby1306

    You’re so right, Jane! I can’t wait for Andy’s decision either. But hopefully this week he’ll tell us what he wants. I can’t read the line “he’s leaning toward retirement” anymore. Though I have the bad feeling that this is exactly what he’s going to do. Let’s hope, we’re really, really lucky and he sees how much the team needs him.
    – Nadine

  3. Jane Heller

    Happy New Year to you, Antonella! Hope you had a good holiday. You raise an excellent point. If the Yankees were run by women, we would have had all the players we needed by now. We would have nagged Andy to death and gotten him to make a decision months ago. We would have coaxed Lee to pitch in NY with our powers of persuasion. And we would have assessed the other needs and simply gone out and taken care of them. Done.

    Yeah, Nadine. “Hopefully this week.” And “He’s leaning toward retirement.” How many times have we read those words? If he really feels he must retire, then retire already! (I know I sound cold and callous, but as I said in the post, all the waiting has made me cranky.) Like you, I have my fingers crossed that he’ll surprise us.

    I haven’t thought about the money thing, Jeff. If he’s holding out for more we would have heard about it, because his agent would have gotten involved. His teammates have talked to him or texted him and they’ve gotten the retirement vibes just like Cashman. So I think he’s just trying to figure out if he’s had enough and would rather spend time with his kids. But with spring training coming up, maybe he can’t wait to get out the door!

  4. Jane Heller

    You think he’s coming back, Paul? I don’t (regretfully). Cashman said he doesn’t even expect to get a call. Maybe Andy’s doing a Bernie Williams and just fading away without an official anything.

    Ugh, please no Favre comparisons, Dave. I’ve heard enough of them on Twitter. He’s not someone I want to put Andy in the same sentence with. As for a personal visit to Texas, I would rather have made a personal visit to Hawaii, where the Pettitte family was vacationing through the New Year! But if you want me to go to Texas, I’ll go to Texas. I’m that desperate.


    Okay, now…exactly HOW old is Andy P?
    Here’s the latest comment from left field…you know, this whole Andy thing is reminding me more and more of a certain famous/infamous NFL player, by the name of Brett Favre…most people have heard of him, or are truly sick of hearing about him, but I’ll assume that you beisbol-only lovers somehow may not know…
    Mister Favre (pronounced FARV) was the superstar QB for the G.B. Packers for years & years, but he was gettin’ too old, so they let him go…he spent 1 year in NY, then shocked the entire midwest by unretiring a second time and signing with Minnesota, one of G.B.’s rivals. Not much of an analogy to Andy P yet, but lemme finish…
    After one surprisingly great year with Minny, Brett decides to retire AGAIN (think of Billy Martin getting re-fired and re-hired)…because Minny was in desperate need at QB, and he had had a great comeback year, the coach and several players flew a jet to Favre’s home in Ole Miss and basically begged him to come back. Oh…well then…for $16 million for one season?…well, gosh…okay…
    And Favre stunk it up. And the team lost and lost. And he fell out with the coach. The coach got fired. And Favre’s past sex life (sort of) got in the news. And he got hurt and couldn’t play. And now, at LAST (or so we think)…the old goat is finally hanging ’em up…
    Does Our Boy Andy need a personal visit to Texas? If so, I recommend JANE to represent the Yanks. Like you ladies say, you would “git ‘er done”…!! And please — no Brett Favre silliness. As a Green Bay fan put it so eloquently when Favre returned: “WE’LL NEVER FORGET YOU, BRENT”…

  6. raysrenegade

    It is almost like Andy Pettitte is looking for a miracle sign. A signal from above (the Owner’s box) that he is a wanted soul along for the voyage in 2011. Maybe he is just waiting for a polite “pretty please” or a “thank you” for everything he did in the past…Or possibly that recent Derek Jeter contract kind of scared him deep into hiding and he is waiting like the rugrat Punxsuxtawney Pettitte and waiting to see his overgrown shadow on the first of Febuary.

    Rays Renegade

  7. Jane Heller

    If he’s looking for a miracle sign, Renegade, he should have seen it by now. I’m sure the stars were out when he was in Hawaii for vacation and looked up in the sky. No sign. Or if there was one, he hasn’t told us about it yet. He already knows how much everybody wants him back, so it’s not about that.

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