The New Year Ushered In A New Yankees Friendship

I’m relieved to say I survived last night’s New Year’s Eve karaoke party. Actually, I not only survived but ended up having a really great time. Our hosts were gracious, everyone was in the holiday spirit and, once the machine started shooting out song after song, we all got into it. (Alcohol helped.) I’m hoarse today, so I must have been belting them out without realizing it. Anyhow, as promised, here are a couple of guests covering the Beatles. (Notice the guy in the background with the beard and glasses? That’s Michael, who claimed he didn’t sing, but as it’s plain to see he was moving his lips!)
Next up were our hosts (I promised I wouldn’t reveal their names so they wouldn’t be mortified). I hardly remembered the song “King of the Road” by Roger Miller but now I can’t get the damn thing out of my head.
The party was moving right along toward midnight when suddenly the karaoke machine started playing Neil Diamond’s….you guessed it….”Sweet Caroline.” I immediately held my ears and yelled, “God, no! Not that awful Red Sox song! I’m a Yankee fan!”
“You are?” asked Steve, one of the other guests.
“Absolutely,” I said, a little wary of admitting my allegiance in a town where most people root for the Dodgers or Angels.
“So am I,” said Steve, who explained that he grew up in Connecticut and has been a Yankee fan his whole life. “I’m really worried about the team going forward. The Red Sox made so many moves and we didn’t. I still can’t believe we didn’t get Cliff Lee.”
Well, that led to a discussion of the Bombers and our concern about the pitching, etc. Before we knew it, the TV came on and Ryan Seacrest was in Times Square counting down to midnight – and Frank Sinatra was in the background singing “New York, New York.”
“Now that song makes me feel a lot better,” I said. “We could be at Yankee Stadium right now.”
Which was not a bad way to end the evening.


  1. Jane Heller

    I did have a good time, Bern. Now I’m trying to keep my eyes open, since I’m not used to staying up late at all! Happy New Year to you. Hope you’re doing well.

    Aw, you’re welcome, Duque. Same to you. You really think we’ll get ’em? I feel better already.

  2. Jane Heller

    Happy New Year to you, Sweet Thomas!

    Sweet Caroline is just a bad, bad song, Kristen. It makes my ears bleed. I can’t even watch that Swisher commercial, as much as I love him. LOL. Hope your New Year’s Eve was fun too.

  3. Jane Heller

    You had a Sweet Caroline experience too, Nadine? Oh, well. It was probably bound to happen, given that it’s a favorite karaoke tune. But I got the same looks you did – “What’s she talking about?” – except for Steve, my new Yankee fan friend. Glad your evening was fun. Fireworks and amazing people are a good combo.

  4. blithescribe

    Sounds like you had a great time! And Sweet Caroline coming on is priceless – I would have been groaning too. It sounds like you lived Nick Swisher’s ESPN Sunday Night Baseball commercial (My 2nd favorite of the 4 by the way, after the one with Torii Hunter and BJ Upton). I’m sure everyone has seen it but, just in case, the link is here.
    Happy New Year! Best wishes for a great 2011!
    – Kristen

  5. blithescribe

    Sounds like you had a great time! And Sweet Caroline coming on is priceless – I would have been groaning too. It sounds like you lived Nick Swisher’s ESPN Sunday Night Baseball commercial (My 2nd favorite of the 4 by the way, after the one with Torii Hunter and BJ Upton). I’m sure everyone has seen it but, just in, case the link is here.
    – Kristen

  6. abby1306

    Hi Jane! It looks like you and Michael had a lot of fun! That’s great! So funny, I almost had the same experience with “Sweet Caroline”. We had music running in the backround and all of a sudden there it was…”Sweet Caroline”, but a cover from a guy named “DJ Ötzi” (don’t ask, he’s from Austria, doing some party music and unfortunately got famous with that in Germany/Austria/Switzerland) and I go like “Oh no, not that Red Sox song”. As you might have already guessed, everybody was looking at me, going like “what the hell is she talking about?” and I just said “never mind”. That’s what you have to go thorough when you’re the only Baseball-Fan (not even talking about Yankees-Fan) within probably hundreds of miles.
    At least you had a good conversation…ha ha. But all in all I also had a great evening/night with tons of food, wine, fireworks and some amazing people. =)
    And I didn’t have to sing – lol!
    – Nadine


    Happy, Happy NY (New Year) to one and all…
    Sigh…ah, Jane…you barely remembered “King Of The Road”…? Now I know better who/what I’m dealing with when I send out those song parodies…will try to keep them s-i-m-p-l-e (like that Beatle sing-along…loved the Michael
    Chorus!) and much less ‘obscure’ in future endeavors…!
    Glad you found some solace and some new Yankee companionship at the soiree…and yes, I’d have likely stuck my finger down my throat at the first few notes of ‘Caroline’ too…
    Just one question…no Singing Jane? Couldn’t they have played “Gitarzan” for you, and singled you out specially for your “Bay-beh!” shout-out? Plus you coulda had Michael do the Tarzan Holler! OMG, I would pay some serious money to see & hear all THAT!! But, oh…wait…maybe youse guys don’t remember ‘Gitarzan’ either…there I go again…!!

  8. Jane Heller

    Dave, I have no idea what Gitarzan is! None. So yes, you’d better keep your song parodies simple or they’ll be lost on me. To answer your question about my singing, I did indeed get up and do my thing – not alone but with two “backup singers.” We did the Supremes’ Stop in the Name of Love and Carly Simon’s You’re So Vain. Now that was fun. But since I had the Cam in my pocket, there was no one to shoot it (luckily).

  9. Jane Heller

    I just went over to your site and read the NESN thing, Paul. I understand the delirium of Red Sox fans over their acquisitions this off-season, I really do, but have the NESN people ever heard of hubris? Or counting chickens before they hatch? Or never taking anything for granted? My God.

  10. Jane Heller

    Thanks, Mark. And to Cubs fans as well!

    Better than the celebration pic, Jeff? I thought that was your fave. Glad you liked the Cam’s work and Happy 2011.

  11. raysrenegade

    We renamed “Sweet Caroline” into “Sweep Caroline” in 2008 to get ride of the after effects of that Red Sox 7th inning gutwrencher. Also helped that we sent Red Sox Nation home weeping after the Rays swept them twice at the Trop. that season.
    Glad you had a great time, but what is with the Roger Miller? Expected Frank, Dean and maybe even Milli Vanilli, or Sonny and Cher. I think the OKlahoma born Roger Miller was a Rangers fan.

    Rays Renegade

  12. Jane Heller

    Sweep Caroline. LOL, Renegade. But Milli Vanilli? I doubt they were on the playlist. The host had a huge list that came with the machine and given that the guests were of different generations it was kind of tough to pick songs that pleased everyone. That’s why the Beatles were an easy solution.

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