A Moment To Remember….

As we tick off the final hours of 2010, I went back over my blog posts from this year and decided to pick the one that made me happiest. Well, maybe not THE happiest but very happy nonetheless. It was the post about the Yankees clinching a playoff spot. They had limped their way to the finish line but made it into the postseason, and I celebrated as if they’d won the World Series. I want to hold onto that memory as I brace myself for 2011, although the picture below really does make me look like Alice Cooper.

There Was Only One Thing To Do After This One

CHAMPAGNE.nose job.jpg
Celebrate. Uh-huh. 
Getting into the postseason is no small feat, and, like the Yankees, I decided not to let the occasion go by with merely a “Yay.” After watching the players douse each other in the visitors clubhouse at the Rogers Centre (I don’t get the post-game show here, so I had to wait for the party clips on the YES web site), Michael covered the shower wall with plastic so it would look “authentic” (a Hefty garbage bag like last year), escorted me inside, dumped champagne on my head and handed me the rest of the bottle. It wasn’t the good stuff and tasted like stale beer, but the sentiment was there even if I did end up looking like Alice Cooper. Woohoo, Yankeeeeeeees!
CC was The Man. He gave the team innings. He gave them effectiveness. He gave them the confidence to score runs. (Loved all the sac flies.) He gave them a true ace. And Mo. Well. Of course he wrapped it up. I know the division title is still up for grabs, but just knowing for sure that we’ll be watching October baseball is a thrill that never gets old. I thought back to 2007 when I was following the Yanks around the country for the She-Fan book. We were in Tampa, at the Trop, when they clinched their Wild Card berth and the Post’s Charles Wenzelberg promised he’d bring me back a champagne cork from the party. True to his word, he brought me the cork when we were in Cleveland for the ALDS. I still have it.
I keep it with my jewelry. To me, having a memento from a Yankees celebration is more valuable than diamonds or pearls.


  1. Jane Heller

    Scott, I think I’m keeping a positive outlook (it’s not that positive, trust me) because I’m distracted by the holidays and not really focusing on baseball right now. Ask me again in a few weeks. Happy New Year to you.

  2. scofid

    You’re keeping a much better positive outlook than I am! I am disheartened to think that the hopes of my team rest on whether or not A.J. Burnett can be resurrected by the Cubs man. Isn’t there a rule that you can’t win if you have X many ex-Cubs on your roster? It’s probably a good thing that Kerry Wood returned to Chicago for a “hometown” discount. I am not quite sure how you can consider Chicago your hometown when you are from Dallas but that’s besides the point. I want Josh Johnson or Felix Hernandez, and I want him now! 😉

    Happy New Year!


  3. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Wow…lotsa good memories there…it’s nice to look back on a season or two, a part of your sports fan experience, and recall that you didn’t HAVE to win it ALL to have some really feel-good memories.
    As I’ve told ya b4, I’m also a big college hoops fan, and for good reason due to my school’s successes. However, it has taught me a thing or two. One of the late great college b’ball announcers/coaches/characters was a guy named Al McGuire, NYC-born & bred, but the coach of Marquette U. (they won 1 national title, in ’77, over UNC). He became a beloved “color man” in the broadcast booth for years. Al was often interviewed — one thing he said has stayed with me forever and always will…
    Al said that the single greatest thing you can do in sports is go out there and give it your very best, play your best, to exhaustion if need be, and win. But the SECOND greatest thing you can do is go out there, give it your very best, play your best/to exhaustion, and lose. I thought it was so profound — sadly, our society gives glory to only the winners. My school made it to the Final Four 8 times (that’s the World Series for college hoops), a record for futility, and “failed” every time before finally being The Winner. Our ballclub has “failed”…what…13 times in history? And we’ve had some damn good teams too that didn’t even get that close, like our 2010 boys.
    Tonight, I welcome a softball buddy over to watch the 1960 World Series DVD…a Series that we LOST…he is a Pittsburgher born & bred, and cautioned me that he may need a Kleenex or two to watch the ending (he’s old enuf to have seen it and lived it)…I have ALWAYS wanted to see that Series again to figure out how the heck our Yanks lost…but it’s also because I know they did the second greatest thing in sports that year, and I’m still proud of ’em…here endeth the lesson…amen.

  4. pinstripebirthdays

    I have an idea for the Yankees’ starting pitching problems. It came to me when I was researching player birthday data for today’s post. There is no current or former Yankee who celebrates a birthday on December 30th, but Sandy Koufax does. The very best pitcher I ever saw turns 75 years old today. Maybe Cashman could convince him to come to spring training and give that legendary left arm one more shot.

    In any event, Happy New Year Jane and Happy Birthday Sandy.

    Pinstripe Birthdays

  5. Jane Heller

    Emma, very exciting that you’ll be here in Santa Barbara! (Dress warmly. It’s absolutely freezing today with very high winds.) The Mission is beautiful and one of my favorite places in town. I know you’ll love it. As for a winery, I don’t know of any right in town but if you have time you must drive to the Santa Ynez valley to Sunstone Winery. It setting is one of the most picturesque and the wine is fab. Have fun.

    In my next life, Paul. Right now the closest I’ll come is New Year’s Eve. I’ve been invited to a Karaoke party.

    Thanks for the sermon, Dave – and I mean it. Winning isn’t everything if you play hard and the best you can. That said, we’re Yankee fans and we’ve gotten in a winning habit that’s tough to break. I’m not ready to write off 2011 by any means. So much can happen.

    I remember your comment about the pic when it was first posted, Jeff. The spit take on your keyboard definitely made me L-O-L!

  6. Jane Heller

    Pinstripe Birthdays, I read this morning that it was Koufax’s birthday today and had the very same thought you did: why can’t the Yankees sign HIM?! What a pitcher he was in his day. And what a shame his career was cut short by injury, although he seems to have had a nice post-baseball life.

  7. Jane Heller

    That cork has such meaning for me, Kristen. It sounds silly, but I smile whenever I look at it. So glad you enjoyed True Grit. Wasn’t that girl great? Happy New Year to you too!

  8. abby1306

    I remember me dancing through my apartment when the Yankees clinched the playoff spot. When I calmed down, I remembered that is was in the middle of the night and my neighbors would probably kill me. Lol. But they didn’t say a word, so I didn’t have to apologize. *phew* They were most likely used to it by then, ’cause every game is basically in the middle of the night here or at least lasts until then. And I’m not the quiet type when something good or bad happens. 😉
    Alright, I wish you all a Happy New Year and a great party! Hope you all have a New Year resolution…expecially Cashman. =)
    I’m just glad, Karaoke is not very popular here, Jane. But I wish you a lot of fun!
    – Nadine

  9. dschaub@gpo.gov

    OMG, Jane…you’re going to a KARAOKE party?!? Funfunfun (there’s one u can try)…but think about some Beatles and Kinks songs you can tackle…I tried ‘Mack The Knife’ once, and thought it wasn’t bad…then I saw our video…but my dear bride, who ain’t exactly blessed with the best of pipes, INSISTED on doing “Johnny Angel”…I tried to warn the dear girl that she should stick with something more uptempo, but noooo…and now, that video is, well, shall we say a priceless family memento and a source of endless embarrassment…ALL AT ONCE! So, have a great time, and keep it uptempo!!

  10. blithescribe

    That’s a nice way to look back on the year and certainly a stellar moment for your Yankees. I actually think the cork is one of the coolest parts. What a great memento! And not one too many people who don’t work for or with a team can say they have, I’m sure.
    I did get out to see True Grit over the holiday and loved it! I do adore a good gritty Western and the acting was fantastic.
    Happy New Year!
    – Kristen

  11. Jane Heller

    Yup, a Karaoke party, Dave (I didn’t know how to spell it – lol). I’m sure your wife’s rendition of Johnny Angel was priceless. I think it’s going to be group singing at this party – at least that’s what I was told – so maybe I won’t end up embarrassing myself!

  12. Jane Heller

    It was a night to remember, Nadine, so I don’t blame you at all for dancing through your apartment. So Karaoke isn’t popular there? Lucky you. LOL. I’m going to be a good sport and sing my lungs out tomorrow night. How will you be celebrating the New Year? Doing something special, I hope.

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