The Rain Stopped And I Headed For The Movies

Finally, a break in the downpours. I actually had to blink when I looked out my window and saw that it wasn’t raining – and that, in fact, the sun was trying to come out. Sun. Yes, sun. After days and days of cabin fever, I bolted for the multiplex having read the great reviews for “True Grit” this morning. The movie didn’t disappoint. Here’s the trailer.
I love westerns and I love most of the Coen brothers’ movies, so this was a match made in heaven. I don’t remember the original with John Wayne and am glad I don’t. The Coen brothers’ version is faithful to the novel, complete with the book’s dialogue, and the cinematography is as gorgeous as a painting. Jeff Bridges is his usual great self and the young girl who plays Mattie is terrific. But it’s Matt Damon whose performance knocked me over; he’s a Texas Ranger (no, not the baseball kind) who takes himself very seriously. He makes the character both funny and compelling. 
Is the report of the Yankees’ interest in Johnny Damon funny or compelling – or both? I did a post here the other day about the return of Vizcaino. I didn’t much like that idea and I have no particular enthusiasm for a possible second act in pinstripes for Damon. Sure, I enjoyed having him the first time around and was sorry to see him sign with Detroit. And if he’s willing to be a bench player (which I doubt), I’d be happy to have him come up with men on base and slap a homer into Damon’s Deck. But can he pitch? Because that’s what we need: a starting pitcher.



    Ho, ho, ho again, Miz J…
    Well, we may not have been on the same (ballet) stage, but we sure as shootin’ are with THIS flick!! Could not agree MORE with your whole assessment…the critics have raved, and all trailers I’ve seen look GREAT…never saw the “oregano” either…wasn’t a big ‘Duke’ fan (how ironic)… but also love them Coen Bro’s and all their movies…and that 14-yr-old girl is supposedly sensational (she beat out 15,000 kids for that role?!?)…
    MORE irony…the bad guy is named ‘Tom Cheney’…that’s a fairly famous beisbol name here in D.C. — as a former Washington Senator, he struck out 21 Orioles in a game waay back in the ’60s… and now you tell me Johnny D is a re-upping possibility…? This is just gettin’ better and better, Ms. Santa…now, can you stuff a decent pitcher in my stocking, too…?

  2. blithescribe

    How funny, I have plans to go see True Grit tonight. I’m glad you liked it. I also love westerns and the Coen brothers (O Brother Where Art Thou is one of my favorite movies) and have been looking forward to this one for a while.
    Wow, Johnny Damon sure is the subject of a lot of talk this offseason. Like a popular high school girl, the rumor mill has him paired up with everyone and who knows if any of it is true, LOL.
    – Kristen

  3. Jane Heller

    Damon doesn’t make much sense to me either, Jeff, and at this point I doubt there will be a deal. But I’m glad Cashman is talking to anyone and everyone. Yes, put True Grit on your list. You’ll love Jeff Bridges.

    The critics did rave about the movie, Dave, which must be why the theater was so packed on opening day (plus everyone wanted out of the house after all the rain). I don’t think it’ll win any big awards at Oscar time, which is a shame, but it came late to the party in terms of gathering steam with voters. Interesting about Tom Cheney. You do know your baseball trivia!

    This one is nothing like The Road, Paul. Have no fear in taking the lady. There’s humor and action. The Road was just bleak.

  4. Jane Heller

    Let me know how you like True Grit, Kristen. I wonder if your theater will be as crowded as mine was. I think there were more people for that one than for Little Fockers. I don’t think Damon and the Yankees will happen. He’ll get an offer to play more often somewhere. Maybe.

  5. scofid

    Dear Santa, For Christmas, all I want is a #2 starter!…

    Hopefully, Santa will hear our call and magically drop Felix Hernandez or Josh Johnson in our laps! I was thinking about going to see True Grit today but talked myself out of it. I guess I should have read your review before making my decision. I’ll try to see it this weekend.

    Have a very Merry Christmas!


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