Wait A Second. WHAT?

It’s all right here. And I’m still trying to figure out if I’m hallucinating. Didn’t we just learn something from the Javier Vazquez Experiment? That when a pitcher fails to perform for you once there’s a better-than-average chance he’ll fail to perform for you a second time? I don’t understand all this bringing back of people, even when it’s only a minor league deal. Viz’s absence didn’t make my heart grow fonder, not at all. I’m sure he’s a very nice person, but after a promising debut with the Yankees he disappointed time and time again with his wildness. (I still cringe with the memory of his leadoff walks in crucial situations.) I’m just bewildered by this one, but what’s scariest about it is that Carl Pavano is still on the loose. Cashman wouldn’t even consider bringing him back a second time, would he?


  1. antonella

    I think I just choked on my spit.

    Um, am I being punked?

    Let’s just hope he doesn’t make the team & they keep him in the minors.. I’ll pray abt that tonite…

    I heard Pavano may be heading to Pittsburgh.. I dk if that’s true or not.. If it is….. he’ll fit in well. LOL

  2. antonella

    it may have been a joke that someone posted on twitter.. LOL I’m not sure.. I just saw his name linked to the Pirates.. As long as it isn’t New York.. I’m good LOL.

  3. Jane Heller

    Pavano is going to Pittsburgh, Antonella? They’re not known for coughing up money for free agents. Hm. As for Viz, I guess there’s no harm in letting him play around in the minors, but why? He hasn’t pitched in the majors since ’09.

  4. dschaub@gpo.gov

    First things first…hope you’re still surviving that rain, Jane. It looks ug-lee (oops, sorry, don’t wanna mention THAT name anymore). And may you keep your power…
    Speaking of ugly — what ARE they thinking — even the recollection of Carl F. makes anyone cringe. Maybe porn is big in Pittsburgh, and he can moonlight there (so to speak) with that ‘stache. And Vizcaino? I thought Pig Pitchers were only true in fantasy league beisbol…obviously not (snort, snort)…
    It’s Almost Winter back east, here in the mid-Atlantic (we have minimal snow, unlike many)… Santa is polishing up the sleigh, and we’ve survived two runs into Costco for holiday provisions…hope everyone out there is merry and bright (and I KNOW that somewhere, Diane is dancing…her Jets won a big game last night…)!!

  5. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    First of all Jane, I hope you stay snug and dry in your own home. I’m sorry to hear about all that rain. What a downer.

    As for this signing, the Yankees do have an experienced scouting team, so maybe they saw something different. As long as he doesn’t get to the majors unless he really can pitch there again, I’m okay with it. We are lucky our team can afford a $750,000 experiment. When I clicked your link to the lohud blog, one comment said something about dumpster diving. That made me laugh.

    As for Carl P., I got hooked on “Confessions of a She-Fan” on about the second page when you referred to him as “Carl f&$#* Pavano” To me, that will always be his middle name.


  6. ftyankeefan@aol.com

    I’m not that worried about Viz – it’s only a minor league contract, but if they ever bring back Pavano. after I stop vomiting, I will have to become a Red Sox fan and you know that I can’t think of anything worse than rooting for the Red Sox.

    I didn’t get to reply the other day when you talked about “Black Swan.” I loved the movie. Ballet and baseball are my two passions, so I have seen the ballet “Swan Lake” a million times, and there were so many parallels between the story of the ballet and the story in the movie. I thought Natalie Portman did an amazing job, and I also thought the story was very complex.


  7. abby1306

    Ha ha Melissa, that are exactly my thoughts about Carl **** Pavano! I immediately have to think about “Confessions of a She-Fan” when I hear his name. But I seriously hope Cashman does not consider him in any way. And let’s just hope it won’t be necessary to bring Vizcaino to the Big League.

    How’s the weather today, Jane?
    – Nadine

  8. Jane Heller

    The rain is still falling this morning, Dave….and falling. Not supposed to stop until Thursday! And then we’re getting another storm on Saturday. I’ve never seen rain like this, not even when I lived in FL during hurricane season. I was being facetious about Pavano; he’s not making a second appearance in pinstripes, I’m sure. But even on a minor league contract I don’t get the Viz signing unless he turned into superman in the Dominican League. Glad you’re surviving the runs to Costco and all the holiday preparations.

    It’s a total downer, Melissa, because I’d actually like to leave my house and go do errands. But they’re advising people to stay off the flooded roads. Dumpster diving. LOL! Funny. Yes, we’re lucky the Yankees can afford a $750,000 experiment, but why Viz of all people? I know people were enamored of his “stuff” the last time around, so maybe they do feel he’s corrected some flaws. For me, his mechanics were all over the place and I always thought he was an arm problem waiting to happen. Very herky jerky. Thanks for thinking of the book in connection to Pavano! HAHA.

    So you’re in the thumbs-up camp on Black Swan, Freya. Lots of people are. I have a feeling the Academy will give Annette Bening the Best Actress Oscar though and that King’s Speech will win Best Picture. My fave was Social Network and I think it’ll only win Best Adapted Screenplay. But I’ve been wrong before!

    Bring back Pavano to torment him, Paul? What an excellent, if twisted, idea!

    I think we’re safe on the Pavano front, Nadine. I was just riffing on players who left the Yankees in a cloud of failure only to be brought back again for whatever reason. The weather is just as rotten as it was yesterday, thanks for asking. I went to sleep to rain. I woke up to rain. UGH.

  9. raysrenegade

    Sometimes the second time around can be…more pleasant. Usually a player is jettisoned from a team because of immaturity or just a bad season that did not jive well with the team chemistry.
    I mean Andy Pettitte came back, and that turned out pretty well for the Bronx.
    The Yankees did perform a Vaz-sectomy this off season to rid a least one bad apple out of the bunch, but give Viz a chance, maybe Larry Rothchild think he is a born again Rich Peterson clone and can fix Vizciano…Worst thing have happened.

    Rays Renegade


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