Thinking About Greinke

Today’s report that Zack Greinke has changed agents (he’s now with Jeter’s guy, Casey Close) and asked the Royals to trade him got me wondering. Maybe he’s not totally wrong for the Yankees. Yes, I know he has the team on his no-way list, but maybe he’s changed his mind along with his agent. And yes, he’s suffered from social anxiety disorder, but maybe he’s over it to the point where the bright lights of the Bronx wouldn’t turn him to sand.
There are really good therapists in New York (except in August when they all go on vacation). Plus, Curtis Granderson is into nutrition, if he’s into that, and Amber Sabathia is into finding new players houses in her neighborhood, if he’s into that, and Nick Swisher is into telling jokes and playing loud music, if he’s into that. Fun fun fun! My feeling is if Greinke is tough enough to pitch in front of large crowds (and pitch well), then he’s tough enough to pitch in front of large crowds anywhere. Bottom line? I wouldn’t rule him out. Not at all.


  1. antonella

    Hey there Jane!
    I agree, I wouldn’t rule him out but I feel like we’ll have to give up top prospects to get him….. Including Jesus Montero.. I don’t know how I feel abt that.

    He picked a good agent though. We’ll see what happens… #Patience LOL

  2. Jane Heller

    Ah yes, Antonella. There’s that thorny issue of the prospects. But we’ve got a deeper farm system than ever and, while I hate to give anybody up, you never know how they’ll develop. And maybe the Royals wouldn’t be interested in Montero?

  3. antonella

    I don’t know, Cashman did say he wasn’t planning on dealing Montero but that was before Martin signed.. I just don’t know now. *sigh*

    If he does, I just hope Greinke isn’t a bust in NY..

  4. Jane Heller

    I don’t know that Greinke would be a bust in NY, Antonella, I really don’t. I have a feeling he’s tougher than people might think. I like that he’s tired of pitching in KC and wants to be with a contender. He sounds competitive and that’s a good thing.

  5. raysrenegade

    Love the part about all the therapists in NYC. But don’t they all have their scedules booked up with Mets fans? Talk about a team with an inferiority complex.
    Seriously, Greinke would be great for the Yankees because then it will give the Rays a reason to push circus music and more cowbells during his starts.
    The guy is a great pitcher with a few personal quirks, but then again New York has tamed worst characters in their days and they go on to win…..rings.

    Rays Renegade

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