My LAST Post About Cliff Lee

I couldn’t resist posting this clip of Suzyn Waldman’s visit to the Arkansas home of Cliff Lee and his family. She really tries to get Lee’s young daughter Maci to explain why he decided to pitch for the Phillies as opposed to the Yankees, but the conversation doesn’t go well.
I hope Cliffy enjoys himself with his new old team. But what I hope most of all is that I never have to write about him again.


  1. thegoodofthegame

    That was pretty funny..

    Had to be a rough day in New York today. I think that was about as shocking a development as I’d ever seen. Can’t make this stuff up.

    I think the Yanks will be okay. Russell Martin is a good catcher who can help Posada stay healthy and they’ll make a move for Greinke, Webb, Haren or someone to help their rotation.

  2. thegoodofthegame

    That was pretty funny..

    Had to be a rough day in New York today. I think that was about as shocking a development as I’d ever seen. Can’t make this stuff up.

    I think the Yanks will be okay. Russell Martin is a good catcher who can help Posada stay healthy and they’ll make a move for Greinke, Webb, Haren or someone to help their rotation.



    thanks for a bit of humor. we need any smiles we can get now. so mostly i have been trying not to think of not getting cliff lee but when i do here are some thoughts. the red sox got better but it’s not like they have last year’s team and added two players, they replaced two of their best offensive players with two other great offensive players. so they are better but not as dramatically as i first thought. their offense wasn’t really their problem last year. it’s all about if their pitching performs anyway.
    as for the poor rotation we have. i don’t like it. however, i have been known to say game over after two innings–ok after 1/2 an inning–and we often come back. so perhaps this is only the 2nd inning of the off season and we don’t know if cashman will hit a walk off–king felix–or if cashman will just keep chipping away–little moves that keep us in it–until the trading deadline when we get our big last piece and happily things work out.
    i am not really believing any of the above because it’s the 2nd inning and i think we are done, but i am trying very hard not to freak out, not talk to any red sox fans (yes i know i live in boston and live with one), not to read any papers (i read the globe cover to cover and the times on line), not to listen to sports radio (it’s what i drive to work to everyday) and i am weaning myself from my beloved mlb network. i’m not ready yet.

  4. ladyjane303

    Some (mostly) non-basball comments today. At your suggestion, I read Molly O’Neill’s autobiography and loved it. Sounds like a great family, and the descriptions of Paul as a boy made me laugh more than once – the child was really a preview of the Paulie we all love. And I really understand his mania about food now.
    It’s time for me to take off on vacation – heading to warm, sunny weather. It’s not even officially winter yet and I’m already over it (kind of like I was over the Lee drama). Can’t go without wishing you and all the She-Fan family a happy, healthy holiday and a great new year. It was a fun season, made all the more special by being able to meet some of you in person. Have a wonderful holiday!

  5. Jane Heller

    It wasn’t as rough a day as most Yankee fans expected, Scott. We had a sense Lee wasn’t coming to NY, given how long it was taking for him to make a decision. I just thought he was picking Texas. That was the surprising part and I do feel for their fans and their manager, who kept saying he was sure Lee would re-sign there. Yes, the Yankees’ rotation will be OK – I hope.

    Oh, Barbara. I love trying to track your thought process as I read your comments. They make me smile even as I feel your angst. Again, I extend my offer to bring you to California so you can hide from the Boston media! In the meantime, you’re right – it’s only the first inning of the game. Not even. Plenty of time for us to make some moves and get ready for the season. “We often come back.” That’s what you said. Remember that.

    I’m so glad you liked Molly’s book, ladyjane! isn’t it wonderful? Not only does she have great wit and intelligence, but her observations about Paulie and the rest of the family, especially with regard to food and her own career, are priceless. I hope you have more good reading to take with you on your trip. Wear lots of sunscreen and have a fantastic time! Be sure to check in when you’re back; there will be news.

    Suzyn got the nod again, Jeff. She’s got one more year on her contract so I’m afraid you’ll be hearing her on the radio and seeing her in these vids for a while yet.

    HAHA, Christy. Let’s get there first.


    Hi Jane and fellow baseball fans! Been a little while since I last posted as I am still on the job hunt with nothing to show for it yet unfortunately. It’s really too bad that Lee didn’t sign with New York. Who knows if his wife really influenced him due to her experience. But it looks like he really wanted to go back to Philly. I don’t understand why though. While their offer certainly wasn’t a slouch per annual value, the Texas and NY trumped it with more years and more money overall. Not to mention he was traded away to make room for Halladay. I saw in another forum an analogy that Lee was like a insecure guy/girl who got dumped by a cheating bf/gf and yet goes crawling back. I agree with it but now it’s time to move on. I hope Pettitte can be convinced to return one last time. I also hope if Cash can’t get a decent starter that he can give Joba another chance in the rotation. Yeah it’ll go against their word that he would be a reliever going forward but he’s the best option internally unlike Mitre or Nova. I guess a pro we can take from not signing Lee is that the Yanks have much more payroll flexibility going forward.

  7. Jane Heller

    The kid has all the makings of a stone cold killer herself, Paul!

    Hi, Leo. Sorry to hear the job hunt goes on. It’s a tough time out there, especially with the holidays coming up, but I hope 2011 brings better news. I like your jilted girl theory regarding Lee and Philly, but for whatever reason he was just more comfortable there. I don’t agree about Joba though. I never want to see them jerk him around and try to make him a starter again. Nevah!

    That’s the good news, Dave – no more Operation Cliff Lee Countdowns. Bad news? Not a whole lot else going on, unless you’re excited about Russell Martin and Mark Prior. Actually, the AJ divorce is kind of interesting. I guess that’s how he got the black eye.


    Well…good ‘toon again…you coulda been a lot tougher on those clowns, if you wanted to, but why bother…to quote the refrain of a classic blues tune:
    “You can’t spend what you ain’t got,
    You can’t lose what you never had…”
    The absolute BEST part is that you never have to waste another blog posting on Lee or any of his confederates… and now that they’ll be living near Gettysburg, perhaps he should take a visit…Pennsylvania didn’t work out so well for THAT Lee’s team, either…!

  9. Greg

    What was Cliff’s kid burning in the fire in her room? The Yankees contract offer? 😉

    I sure was shocked to wake up and find Lee hadn’t signed with either the Rangers or Yankees.

    Should be an interesting remainder of the off-season



    Poor Suzyn, she didn’t stand a chance against that kid.

    I’m not going to get too worked up about any of this yet. As you all have been saying, it’s a long way to go and we know our roster is going to change. And anything can happen in baseball, and usually does! Who would have predicted the Rangers and Giants in the World Series at this time last year? Or even when the playoffs began? (The odds were 15:1 against).

    And who knows what could happen – players get hurt, have bad years, etc. Or AJ could finalize his divorce, stop being scared of getting another black eye, start dating Kate Hudson and have a great year!

    I’m just going to eat my Christmas cookies and think happy thoughts. Every day brings us closer to baseball season.

    Have a great holiday ladyjane – it was fun meeting you too. Hope you enjoy some lovely warm weather – soak up some sun for us!

    And Leo, good luck with the job search.


  11. Jane Heller

    Lee’s daughter never lights fires, Greg. Her Mommy doesn’t let her! Yes, it should be an interesting remainder of the off-season. I hope it is anyway.

    Melissa, I didn’t know you had matchmaking talents! Your idea of getting Kate Hudson and AJ together is genius. Just think how much fun it’ll be to see Kurt and Goldie at the Stadium again. You have Christmas cookies already?

    I’m not a huge fan of hers, Peter, but I admire that she broke through the glass ceiling of sports broadcasting and became the first woman to broadcast a World Series game.

    I don’t know that the Mariners would be the least bit interested in a trade for King Felix, martyk327. I do agree that we should try to sign Wood if he’ll agree to be an 8th inning guy instead of a closer.


    Now that the Lee saga is over, why cant we put togethe a package and go after King Felix. We also need a full court press on Kerry Wood. Is there any reason we are not going after King Felix

  13. raysrenegade

    Sometimes I wonder why sportscaster even attempt to interview the kids of star athletes. Most of the time they either end in disaster or become an instant classic. I remember when FSN Florida walkabout TV personality Todd Kalas went into the stands to interview Carl Crawford’s young son when the team was in Housotn for a InterLeague series.
    But as you said in the end, hopefully it is the last time for at least 5 years we have to hear Cliff Lee’s name outside of asn InterLeague game in the A L East.

    Rays Renegade

  14. Jane Heller

    Yes, this is last time his name is used on this blog, Renegade! (Well, don’t hold me to that. I might change my mind if he does something interesting. 🙂

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