Day 6 of “Operation Cliff Lee Countdown”

Yes, I know. We’re all getting tired of this Countdown. But it seems that Cliffy is “weighing all the complex offers” that have come his way, poor guy. Despite the stories about Amber Sabathia telling Kristen Lee she has their house all picked out down the street, Cliffy is, as of this moment, still undecided about where to play for the next zillion years. So I’m taking a different tack with tonight’s Countdown video, which doesn’t feature Lee or his agent but rather a Yankee fan – a Yankee she-fan, to be more specific. I hope he and his wife watch the video and realize that money is nice and Texas’s no-state-income-tax law is sweet, but little girls who know the names of every Yankee? Priceless.


  1. scofid

    Why couldn’t I have had that kid? LOL! My son gets an autograph from Nolan Ryan at 2 years old and he is a friggin’ Rangers fan for life. He still has the hat that Nolan signed in a case for protection. This has been a tough week. If the Yanks don’t sign Lee, it will be even tougher. The Rangers seem to be pulling out all stops and they certainly have the money in ownership to make it happen, but like Hal Steinbrenner says, Lee needs to “join the party”. Would you rather be remembered as a great Ranger or a great Yankee? Sorry Dallas, there is a difference…


  2. Jane Heller

    Your son is proof of how an autograph or even a positive exchange with a player can cement a kid’s fandom for life, Scott. Yes, rough week watching the Red Sox get their men. Would I want to be remembered as a Yankee or a Ranger? Is there a choice? Cliff Lee should know the answer!

  3. blithescribe

    That was the cutest video! Reminds me of the most adorable Dodgers fan ever I sat next to at a Freeway Series game. “Who’s you favorite player?” “Andwe Eef-yer!”
    Unfortunately, after reading this article, I have come to the conclusion that you really should be showing videos of fat 10 point bucks in upstate New York instead. This made me crack up with the thought that maybe Lee isn’t deliberately dragging things out or messing with both sides to get more money, but rather his agent is desperately trying to stall for time because Cliff’s turned his cell phone off and run away to the middle of nowhere to commune with nature with extreme prejudice for a few weeks.
    Cliff Lee’s Agent: But Cliff, you don’t understand, the Yankees are offering you seven years!
    Cliff Lee: La la la, not listening. *a loud rifle report sounds right next to the phone*


    That kid is a-dor-a-ble (makes me think of “Adorable Baby” by Clyde & The Drifters, but I’ve been overly awful with songs of late…sorry…)!
    Makes me almost wish I had a daughter…and kudos to all who do, or who hope to…but golly gee, raising two boyz has been such…um…fun…
    In fact, typing this is the LAST fun I expect to have this weak-end (unless Cliffy does sign up, of course)…Son #2 is studying for his last exam in Accounting II…one of the most awful college courses there is that’s not hardcore science or engineering)…and he’s freaking out…so I gotta study with him to help make sure he gets at least a solid “C”…see what you’ve missed? Well, at least there’s still some beer in the garage…and maybe a sip of demon rum…?!!

  5. beckers46

    This is so cute. Thanks for posting, Jane! I hope everyone is doing well. It’s almost Christmas. I wish Cliff Lee would decide already. This deal is a no-brainer. Just sign with the Yanks. Cliff will live down the street from the Sabathia’s, and pitch for the Yankees the rest of his career.
    I once went to an Orioles game and sat next to a little boy all decked out in Derek Jeter gear. His mom and dad were wearing their Orioles jerseys. I was very impressed with the Jeter stats this kid knew. His mom told us that his grandpa bought him a Jeter jersey for Christmas, and he was hooked. Everyone loves the Captain.
    I’ve also been reading all the catcher news. How many catchers are we going to have compete in spring training? Everyone likes Montero, but now I’m reading about Russ Martin. I like Cervelli, but I know he needs to improve in some areas.
    Hope everyone has a great day! – Becky 😀


    I see you did take my comment from the other day to heart – it’s not just about the years and money!

    That girl was adorable and reminded me of the time we took a bus into NYC and a little girl of about 3 was singing all the words to “New York, New York.” It was delightful!

    Nadine, I loved what Teixiera had to say. Thanks for posting that link.

    Come on Cliffy, sign already!


  7. Jane Heller

    Dave, if I had a daughter I don’t even want to think what a crazy Yankeeholic she would be at age three! I’d have her reciting not only the names of everyone on the 40-man roster but also the names of their wives, girlfriends and dogs. LOL. Good luck to son #2 on his exam and enjoy the beer (or demon rum).

    Becky, I guess Cashman feels about catchers the same way he feels about pitching: You can never have enough. Posada will DH, primarily, so that leaves Montero, who hasn’t caught in the majors yet, and Cervelli, who’s not blowing everyone away with his skills. Why not add Russell Martin to the mix, he figures. Unfortunately, he’s not a sure thing either; he has an injury history, his average has declined sharply and other teams want him too.

    That little girl on the bus must have been adorable, Melissa. Nothing like a kid who can sing the words of “New York, New York” to melt our hearts. I love Tex’s Cliff Lee pitch to the Steiner Sports guy in Nadine’s link too. Spoken like a true recruiter.

    Thanks for posting the link to the Tex interview, Nadine. We all love it. And yes, this is a big screenings weekend for me. This morning we have “Biutiful,” the film from the director of “Babel” starring Javier Bardem, who will be there (drooling again). And tomorrow is “The Fighter.” I’ll be turning on my phone the second each movie is over to see if there’s “news.”

    I’m beginning to feel the way you do, Barbara. Not quite there but almost. Seven years is a ridiculously long time for a pitcher to be under contract, since, unlike a position player, he can’t move to the DH spot or any other position when he’s older. On the other hand, Pettitte is nearly 40 and still going strong so maybe Lee would be the same way. If we don’t get him, we’ll survive – not happily but we will!

  8. Jane Heller

    Ugh, I hate when the comments show up out of order. It drives me crazy. Sorry, everyone.

    Blithescribe, you totally have it right. Lee must be AWOL because he’s deer hunting! CJ Wilson hit the nail on the head when he theorized about that. LOL. Actually, I remember when Tex was talking about how hard it was to make a decision before he signed with the Yankees prior to Christmas, so I’m sure it’s not as easy as I make it sound for Lee to decide where he’ll play. Maybe deer hunting relaxes him. Hopefully Brian Cashman told him they have deer in NJ and CT where he’d probably buy a nice big house.

  9. abby1306

    Oh the girl is so adoreable!!! If this doesn’t melt your heart then what does? I really hope Cliffy sees this. 😉 Plus have you read what Mark Teixeira would tell a “current free agent”? Jason Klein from Steiner Sports asked him when he came in for a signing.
    Hope Cliffy reads that as well. 😉
    So, I guess we still have to wait. Let’s see what’s coming up this weekend. Jane, have fun with your screenings and I hope you enjoy the movies. 🙂
    – Nadine


    i believe my father and i did some less cute version of this when i was young is why i am the insane yankee fan that i am.
    i have, however, found equilibrium. if we sign cliff lee that is great. we will be very good for the next couple of years. if we don’t it is ok. yes next year will be horrible, especially living in boston, but we then will get someone else and this contract is crazy. lee will not be good for 7 years. he will not be injury free for 7 years. his history screams to me of giving a shorter contract. so if we get him, happy days and if we don’t i have found my way to deal with it.

  11. raysrenegade

    I know this has dragged on longer than the film “Gigli”, but possibly Lee is on a visionquest and his ultimate decision is somehow lost in translation.
    Or Lee could be doing the diplomatic thing by making the Rangers pack their bags and call it a day to facilitate a easy road to NYC.
    No matter what, this has gone on long enough.
    Doesn’t Lee know he is causing a baseball emotional and player traffic jam by awaiting a sign. Some teams are hinged on this decision before completeing trades or even calling prospective players agents for a “apprasial cost” for their services because of the Lee stalemate.

    Rays Renegade

  12. Jane Heller

    You’re so right, Renegade. Lee’s non-decision is causing gridlock, a traffic jam, whatever you want to call it. The Yankees can’t make a move before finding out what he’s going to do, which means other teams can’t move their players in trades. Uggggh.

    You were Tino for Halloween, Virginia? That’s adorable! What were you this year? Or should I say who?

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