Day 3 of “Operation Cliff Lee Countdown”

Before we get to Cliffy, raise your hand if you watched the Jeter press conference today?
Here’s what jumped out at me about the presser, which I watched on the MLB Network at 11:30 California time.
#1. Jeter was the only one who came dressed for the occasion. Loved the suit, the shirt, the tie. Good job by Jeet on his wardrobe choices, but why did all the other guys have to look like schlubs?
#2. Jeter was emotional (for him) when he got up to speak – and not in a good way. You could tell how angry he was at the Yankees for making the negotiations public. He said as much, but there was also a chilliness to his words. I’m sure it’ll all be fine, but I’m glad he was honest about his feelings.
#3. Nobody on the dais but Girardi and Jeter spoke. Couldn’t Hal have said a few words on behalf of ownership? Seriously?
#4. Cashman kept glancing at his phone while Jeter was talking. I found it annoying. Granted, he’s in the middle of the winter meetings and Cliff Lee’s future is hanging in the balance, but still. Show a little respect, dude.
Speaking of Lee, supposedly there are a couple of teams actually willing to give him a 7 year deal (maybe or maybe not including those free-spending Nationals). Will the Yankees make him an offer already or must we gnaw on our fingernails for the foreseeable future?
Nail Biting.jpg
Hopefully, my Operation Cliff Lee Countdown will speed things along. For tonight’s video, I picked a recap of Game 3 of the ALCS against the Rangers – a game we lost, obviously – during which Doug Mientkiewicz (if you’ve read my She-Fan book you know why I have a special affection for the former Yankees first baseman) waxes poetic about Lee. Take a look.
Here are some of Mientkiewicz’s quotes about Cliffy that especially caught my attention:
“He’s about to make a lot of money.”
“He’s dominated the best lineups in baseball and he’s making it look easy.”
“I don’t see how anybody can beat him.”
“He’s not afraid of contact.”
We need you, Cliffy. We do. Please don’t sign anywhere else. I’m asking you nicely.



    Who signs Mister Lee?
    Sign for more than five!
    Mister Lee, Mister Lee…HO! Mister Lee-ee-ee…”
    Apologies to The Bobbettes, wherever they may be today. And there won’t be enuf apologies to go around if we don’t win this sweepstakes. What do you bet that part of the deal-making with The Captain went, “Hey Derek — wouldn’t you sacrifice a bit of $$ if we could use it to pick up Cliff Lee?” Not that they’d EVER admit that, but you knowhutImean…
    Locally, we’re amazed that the Lerner family opened up their purse strings so wide as to sign Jayson Werth, esp. after not wanting to pay Adam Dunn. What an upgrade!! Son #2 was disappointed…he hope hope hoped that Our Bomberz could sign Werth, but were they ever in the mix? It will make Nats-Phils games intriguing for at least awhile!
    Maybe we fans could make nice with Cliff’s Wife and send her a lovely tasteful holiday gift…like say some Yankee cupcakes…? But you she-fans would clearly know best…!

  2. Jane Heller

    You should have seen the pics of nails I could have posted, Paul. But I knew I’d get, “Oooh, that’s so gross.” So I went with the “neat” nail biting.

    Looks like you and Paul are my only commenters first thing in the morning, Jeff. Very nice to see your two smiling cyberfaces. And yes, the Yankees need Lee and deserve him because they’d treat him like royalty. The Pirates, on the other hand, would probably use him every day and his arm would fall off.

  3. Jane Heller

    I can’t believe the Yankees would ask Jeter to take a pay cut so they could sign Lee, Dave. Just doesn’t compute for me, despite the Captain’s desire to win championships. And do I think the Yankees were ever in it for Werth? No. They want Lee and their fall back position if they don’t get him is spelled C-R-A-W-F-O-R-D. I’m glad for your local Nats though if it turns out that Werth fills the seats and makes the team more competitive. Yes, a batch of Yankees cupcakes for Kristen Lee is a great idea! Cashman should bombard her with them – with a diamond bracelet or two thrown in.

    I loved Jeter’s cracks to Sweeney Murti, Nadine. He’s quick with the comeback, isn’t he? I think Cashman was probably miffed that Jeter said publicly how angry he was, because we all know it was directed at Cash. Doug is a really nice guy. And the magic beer did work! After that night he played almost every game and really did well. So I take full credit. LOL.

  4. abby1306

    I agree on everything you said about the press conference, Jane. I liked it when Jeter talked about his feelings and expressed that he is angry about what happened in the media. He said it polite but was serious about it. Why should he hold himself back? But he also showed some good humor with the “I’m mad at you Sweeney”-part and the “I’ve been photoshopped in a lot worse pictures than other teams’ uniforms throughout the years.” Lol.
    Also liked his suit and tie a lot, why the other didn’t wear one? I don’t know. Jeter has always been classy and he keeps that attitude, something I really admire. Hal seriously could have said something and Cashman and his phone? We all know that he’s busy, but that was disrespectful. He should know better.

    Love the vid. Doug really seems to be a nice guy. Now I can imagine how your conversation went. Ha ha, just thought about the “magic beer”, loved that story!! The beer worked, so must this countdown. 🙂 Come on Cliffy, Cliffy, Cliffy…be a good boy and sign with the Yankees! You’ll love the city and you’ll have a lot of fun with your teammates, I promise. xD
    – Nadine

  5. crzblue2

    Hi Jane!
    Got lots to catch up on my reading! Very glad to see the June baby is staying in pinstripes. Do women really cut their nails like that? I’ll catch the video at home. I am glad Doug was a Dodger so that I could see what a nice guy he is.

  6. dj2jd5jm7

    I actually was able to watch the press conference yesterday! (Usually I am on a computer without sound at work, but it worked out. Yay!) I am so relieved that our captain is “back” where he belongs. I know, I know, he never really left, but Cashman publicly telling him to test the waters was pretty much an f-you to Jeter. I am glad Jeter was able to let us know himself how much this angered and hurt him. Being Jeter, he got his point across but never really accused anyone and was classy as ever. You could totally tell by their body language what was going on. Cash staring down at his phone and Jeet & Girardi leaning in, talking to one another. Just one more reason why I don’t like Cashman. (He’ll gain back a little of my respect if he gets Lee to NYC though!)

    I think you need to talk Cooperstown cookies into a big group deal. Then all of us Yankees fans can send the Lee family a box for Christmas! =)

  7. Jane Heller

    That’s right, Emma. I forgot that Doug was a Dodger after being a Yankee. Looks like his playing days are over but you never know when somebody will need a veteran backup infielder. In the meantime, I’m glad he’s getting TV gigs.

  8. Jane Heller

    What a great idea, dj, to get Cooperstown Cookies to send the Lee family some Yankees cookies! Even better than the cupcakes idea because they could keep the tin that looks just like Yankee Stadium and use it for other things after they eat the cookies. Yes, Cashman will make us feel better about him if he can pull off the Lee deal. Even Jeter will forgive him!

  9. raysrenegade

    I saw the press confernece on ESPN, and it did seem to hurt Jeter a lot with the back and forth ping pong action of reports of his signing. I never thought he was being “greedy” or even a bit “jaded” at all in his contract demands. It is not like he wanted a rider placed on the contract where the Yankees would sod his Davis Island home, or provide unlimited jet service from Tampa to NYC on off days.
    But the white glove treatment no longer seemed an option and more than a few comments did surface that seemed pointed directly towards questioning Jeter’s heart for the Yankees.
    But neither are worse for the wear and tear and with time, all wounds will heal and fade away.

    Rays Renegade

  10. Jane Heller

    I paid no attention to those comments you mentioned about Jeter, Renegade. Those were probably the same people who called him a cheater and “captain dp.”

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