Day 6 of “Operation Jeter Countdown” (With Update!)

Progress, people! The two sides met on Tuesday, said nice things about each other on Wednesday and grew closer to actually making a deal today. We don’t know what the Yankees’ new offer to Jeter is (unless I just haven’t read about it yet), but once he and his agent digest it and make their counter (if they haven’t already), we could be looking at the end of our long national nightmare. 
It would sure be sweet if Cashman could head into the meetings in Orlando with his shortstop and closer locked up, so he can focus on a pitcher whose last name rhymes with a TV show.


Speaking of TV shows, tonight’s Jeter Countdown Video is a real oldie from the vault. No, Jeter’s not in it. Monty Hall is. It’s a clip from “Let’s Make A Deal,” and it’s instructive. The contestant had an opportunity to win $10,000 but she was perfectly content to walk away with $2,000. I hope Jeter feels the same way, relatively.
P.S. For those who expressed an interest in watching me sit at a table and talk for an hour about book publishing, here’s the link to the local TV show I was on. It’s called “Literary Gumbo.” Don’t expect a fancy set (it was a cable access channel) or a lot of laughs. But if you think you’d enjoy listening in as two publishing veterans trade war stories, you might want to check it out.
UPDATE: Hooray that Mo is safely back in the fold and we’ll be treated to another two years of “Enter Sandman!” Cross that one off the To-Do List, with a Jeter deal sure to follow. I have a busy weekend of movie screenings coming up and I’m not allowed to have my phone turned on while I’m in the theater, so I’d really like the Captain’s deal to be done by tomorrow night. Which reminds me, Saturday’s screening is “Frankie and Alice,” an indie film starring Halle Berry that’s getting Oscar buzz for her as Best Actress. She’ll be here for a Q&A after the movie. How much do I want to ask her about David Justice?


  1. scofid

    If they meet in a room for five hours, why can’t they just come up with the $ and years and be done with it? While I like this week’s positive vibes about the negotiations, I am so ready for this to be over and for #2 to know where the money is going to come from to pay for that huge mansion in Tampa. The more I read about Cliff Lee and the Rangers, the more I realize that it would be a colossal mistake for their organization to try and match the Yankees. I am hopeful that it leads to a Lee-Sabathia reunion!


  2. antonella

    LOVED the interview. I didn’t know Confessions of a She-Fan could possibly be made into a movie.. I am volunteering my acting skills to play you [ok, so you’d be a latina in this version of the movie] LOL. I hope it all works out πŸ˜€

    According to Michael Kay [not the best source in the world but we’ll go with it] the Jeter deal should be done in the next 2 days, I guess they want it to be done prior to the winter meetings.

    Mo & the Yanks have agreed to a 2yr/$30M deal.. EVEN THOUGH, the Red Sox, Angels & one other team offered him a 3yr deal for more money o_O………………. how disrespectful of the Red Sox.

  3. Jane Heller

    The Jeter deal will get done in a matter of hours, Scott. That’s my prediction. Their meeting on Tuesday was just to talk, not to negotiate. That’s best left to Cashman and Casey Close. Would love to see a Lee-Sabathia reunion for sure.

    You watched the whole damn thing, Antonella? That’s sweet – or you were really bored tonight. LOL. Yes, I wrote a screenplay loosely based on “She-Fan” with Gordon Greisman, who wrote and produced the “Bronx Is Burning” miniseries for ESPN. We’re trying to get an actress to play “Jane.” Very excited and relieved about Mo. Why would the Red Sox make him an offer unless….they’re done with Papelbum?


    Well…some really good news, at last…
    Mo’s back, and The Captain is (casey?) close…gotta hope that it’s just around the corner…today would be a nice time to find out, but any day is fine…good thing, too, because you were almost going to be assaulted with a weak song parody of “I’m Your Captain” by Grand Funk…pheww…
    Help me out, dear She-Fan — clearly, I have missed something rather major in your blog that you have breezily and humbly dismissed…did I read right that you have a SCREENPLAY based on “Confessions” out there?…and that you wrote it with a certain Mr. Greisman…who wrote and produced ‘Bronx Is Burning’…SAY WHA?!? This is very exciting, and quite a lot for my feeble brain to process all at once, so a little more detail would be wonderful…!
    On another note…a moment of silence, and a peaceful nod to Ron Santo…by all accounts, a wonderful guy who was as much a Mr. Cub as Ernie Banks…he put up with so many awful ailments, losing both legs to diabetes, and cancer, and never getting elected to the HOF, but with such grace and dignity…sorry Jeff, I know you loathe the Cubbies ’cause you’re a Redbird guy, but to the rest of us, Santo and Harry Caray (yes, I know, stolen from St. Loo) made the Cubs lovable…hey, it’s all beisbol, so it’s all love…

  5. Jane Heller

    I’d love to ask Halle Berry about her marriage to Justice, Geoff. It sounded pretty turbulent. But I’ll probably stick to the script and ask her about the movie in which she plays a woman with multiple personalities!

    Jeter’s next, bleedingyankeeblu. I just woke up here in CA so for all I know he’s already made the deal. As for Mo, he never really said he wanted three years so I’m not sure why anyone thought that would be enticing to him.

    HAHA, Jeff. I would have gone for the 10,000 too! But I wouldn’t have dressed up in some of those costumes the contestants on that show wore. Crazy stuff.

    Justice was one of Cashman’s best late-season (or was it mid-season) pickups, Sue. He had been in Cleveland, but he was just what the Yankees needed at the time – a good bat and a veteran presence in the clubhouse. I’d ask Halle what it was like to be married to a ballplayer. But I won’t. I’d get booed out of the theater, which will be filled with very serious moviegoers.

    Yup, it’s party time, Paul. A week from Saturday is the one I’m really looking forward to: the Q&A with Javier Bardem followed by a reception for him. I’ll get to meet and talk to him and will probably faint, because I think he’s so gorgeous.

  6. Jane Heller

    Very sad to read about Ron Santo, Dave. He went through so much with his health and still managed to keep going. Yes, I wrote a script VERY loosely based on the She-Fan book with our classmate Gordon Greisman. He had written and produced “The Bronx Is Burning” and read my book and we started emailing. (I’d seen him at an LA-based SHS reunion at Jon Bloom’s house not too many years before and we reconnected.) We decided to write a spec script together and now it’s out to a few producers. Our goal is to attract an actress and then hope to set it up at a studio. But we’re just in the early going, waiting for feedback from those who are reading it. Will certainly keep you informed of any progress on that front.

  7. Jane Heller

    Jeter will take less, Virginia. Now that the Yankees have upped their offer, he’ll come back with a counter and they’ll make a deal – hopefully soon.

  8. abby1306

    Sooo happy about the Mo-news! πŸ˜€ Finally something good, I really needed that. And also happy about the Jeter progress. Now I’m really sure they’re close to a deal. But couldn’t believe when I read that the Red Sox also made an offer to Mo. But what I read was the same deal as the Yankees’. 2 years/30 Mill. Did the Red Sox really believed Mo would sign with them? Ts ts ts! But now they stick with Papelbum.

    Also watched the Literary Gumbo yesterday. I loved it, it was really interesting. Now I know you a little better, Jane. Lol!
    – Nadine

  9. Jane Heller

    Yes, finally something good, Nadine. I wasn’t worried about Mo signing, but it’s a relief to have the deal over with. Not sure what the Red Sox were thinking; probably they just wanted to tweak us, although it doesn’t send much of a positive message to Papebum or Bard. You watched me? Now you know all about my shady past. LOL.

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