Day 5 of “Operation Jeter Countdown”

I figured everybody could use a laugh right about now. Sure, there was a meeting between Jeter and the Yankees yesterday, but there’s been nothing since and we’re still playing the waiting game. So tonight’s Jeter-related video is designed to elicit a derisive smile or two. It features two Boston Globe guys speculating about whether the Red Sox should jump into the melee and sign our captain. The young guy on the right doesn’t say much. The old guy on the left is long-time Globe columnist Bob Ryan. After you watch the video, tell me he’s not Andy Rooney on speed.
“What would happen if we got stuck with him?” Ryan asks. You should be so lucky, pal.
Moving on, I was not happy to read this afternoon that Alfredo Aceves, who spent all that time not being a productive member of the Yankees so he could rehab his back by not having surgery, had surgery….for breaking his collar bone in a bicycle accident. Sheesh. I realize we can’t keep players from leading normal lives, and riding a bike is not the same as playing basketball (I’m talking to you, Aaron Boone). But I sure wish we could encase them in bubble wrap or something.


  1. antonella

    I think I lost 2 brain cells watching that video Jane. LOL!
    I would like the Red Sock to enter negotiations.. It would be nice to beat them OUTSIDE of the diamond as well 😀

  2. darockiesfan

    Yeesh. Even if Derek doesn’t sign with the Yanks (which isn’t very likely) I think he would have the respect to sign with a team that isn’t a major rival of the Yankees. Maybe like a NL team that wont face the Yankees at all next year. Giants possibly? That would stink for me. But yeah he is going to stay in NY and not go to Beanfarttown.


    i really like reading bob ryan in the globe but he didn’t come across well in this video. i don’t know why they were so red in the video. boston sports talking heads have little to talk about right now besides from the pats and jets and that is still many days away so this is what the papers are writing about. it makes sense that boston has to mention this to tweak us yankee fans. i don’t know what is true of what we hear and read. are the sides far apart? is there fighting or is this normal negotiating? i also don’t know if jeter had a down year or he’s at the end of his career. i still like the daily video here but i still think he’ll be a yankee and we are just waiting because we don’t have the fast forward button on the vcr of life. i sure am reading a lot more in the off season. thank goodness for good books but please we need some real baseball soon. too much work and so little baseball is not a good life balance for me.

  4. Jane Heller

    I wish I could get those brain cells back for you, Antonella! No, you don’t want the Red Sox to enter the negotiations. They’d only drive the price up and make the Yankees pay more. I’m glad they’re on the sidelines for this one.

    The Giants just signed Miguel Tejada, darockiesfan. I doubt they’d be interested in Jeter now.

    I’m surprised that the Boston talking heads aren’t talking about the Red Sox, Barbara. I thought they were candidates to sign either Werth or Crawford and that the fans there would be buzzing about that. I don’t want a fast forward button on the VCR of life (except where the Yankees are concerned, so the season would start already). Time is going fast enough as it is!


    Oh, Jane. See what we who live here in Massachusetts have to endure on a regular basis? -sort of predictable! I hope your countdown works -SOON!

  6. Jane Heller

    I do see, Ellen. Sorry about that! I hope my countdown works soon too. It seems to be. I’m encouraged by reports about the meeting between the parties. At least nobody stormed out in a huff.


    Hey Jane! I predicted the Giants would win the World Series… (remember?)(half-kiddingly) but I’ll unfortunately have to stick with my other prediction, Jeter goes to the White Sox. I think that was the prediction anyway…. 😛 My mom says the “brothers” don’t like Jeter cause he look the attention away from the Boss and they’ve always been secretly jealous. Any thoughts?

  8. Jane Heller

    You want my thoughts about Jeter going to the White Sox, seindsfeld? No, you really don’t. 🙂 And no, I don’t think any of this is about the “brothers” not liking Jeter. At all.

    LOL, geoffh. Ryan is very animated, isn’t he?

    I really hope they wrap up, Jeff. I’m getting tired of writing about this!


    The next headline in the NY Post “She-Fan States She Is Tired of Jeter Deal.”

    Those guys were nuts. Yeah, it would be horrible to be “stuck” with the classiest, most respected ball player of his generation, who also is altruistic. No wonder Boston has no class.


  10. raysrenegade

    One of the Rays top fan-based websites had a photo of Jeter in a Rays uniform today. Even though it would never happen because of our payroll limitations and the pure fact we have a young SS just itching to play full-time (Reid Brignac).
    It would be interesting to see how fast the Yankee supporters would do a 180 on Jeter if he did play for another AL squad?
    We all know within time he will return home, but it is interesting some have already shown him in another AL East uniform…..Besides that red and white uni of some team North of NYC.

    Rays Renegade

  11. Jane Heller

    That headline in the Post would be accurate, Melissa! Yeah, can you imagine being “stuck” with Jeter? But fine. Let the Red Sox keep Marco Scutero and enjoy.

    I don’t think even Jeter could stomach it, Paul. Good thing too.

    There’s a web site (don’t have the link, sorry) that has Jeter wearing all the uniforms in the major leagues, Renegade. Playing for the Rays would certainly limit his commuting time, but that’s about the best thing I can say about it.

    There was light at the end of the tunnel, Dave, because they did have that face to face meeting on Tuesday night. But I haven’t read that there’s any indication the Yankees are willing to bump up their offer. Maybe if Jeter comes down in his numbers they’ll meet somewhere in the middle. That’s what negotiations are supposed to be about. I don’t think we can enlist Michael to perch himself on a billboard, but Surf Dog Bill is another story. I should pay him a visit!


    Ah, Bob Ryan…with a face that was made for radio…in fact, he’s on fairly often as a radio guest of Tony Kornheiser (he too of radio-face fame, but also PTI), and he sounds good; and on PTI, he ain’t bad. I’m more tolerant, being a pudgy old windbag himself who ENVIES all Ryan’s hair!!
    Now, as to the subject matter…ahh, it just da Sawx fans, who ain’t been relevant since Game 7 of the ’08 ALCS (and thank you o thank you for that, Rays Renegade!!), so let ’em chatter like magpies (a la Heckyll and Jeckyll… Remember?)…the true irony is, as much as they dis Our Captain, the Sawx ain’t had a steady reliable SS since the days of Nomahh! V-e-r-y interesting, eh what?
    Read some ESPN blather today that there’s a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel…that the Yanks may be a bit more willing to bump up the offer…sho’ hope so, Miz Jane, so ya don’t have to go totally bonkers with this watch. But HEY — here’s a thought — why not have Michael (or maybe Hot Dog Man) threaten to stay atop the highest billboard in Santa Barbara (if you even have any) until the contract dispute is resolved? Then it’ll make national news, and Jeet will have to fly out there to rescue poor old Michael and comfort his charming wife…!


    I really couldn’t bear to watch those Boston guys talking about Jeter and the Yankees. I found them very annoying.

    I was at Yankee Stadium Tuesday night for a private corporate tour and Joe Girardi was the guest speaker. It was a thrill to meet with him and to take a photo with him and the 2009 trophy. Of course he was asked who was going to be the shortstop in 2011 and you can all relax because he said it would be Jeter. I believe that if “the boss” was still alive, it would have been settled by now.

  14. Jane Heller

    How cool that you got a tour of the Stadium and met Girardi, Freya. If you want to send me your photo of the two of you, by all means do so (small file) and I’ll post it here. I agree that the boss would have taken care of business by now. No question.

  15. Jane Heller

    A bubble wrap clause would be excellent, blithescribe. I like the way you’ve presented it too. Have you thought of going to work for the players’ association? LOL.

    I read that too, Antonella. Woohoo! We’re getting somewhere. Wonder what the new offer was, but I’m sure it won’t be long before somebody will leak it. Very funny about the plane ticket for Lee. Once Jeter’s signed, Lee will be next. (Oh, will I have to do a countdown post every night for him too?)

  16. blithescribe

    I think you may be on to something with that bubble wrap idea. Think about it. MLB could institute an automatic bubble wrap clause for contracts that exceed 3 years or $10 million/year, allowing managers to invoke mandatory bubble wrap protection as the deem fit. It would extend careers and make large contracts more palatable to the front office. I think the players’ association would totally go for it, LOL!…then again, there is a remote possibility that I’ve just been writing too many policies today.

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