Day 3 of “Operation Jeter Countdown”

Another day, another swipe at Jeter and his agent by the Yankees (or should I say by a so-called Yankees source). This time, the message was for Jeter and Casey Close to “drink the reality potion,” according to ESPN. Alrighty then. Are we on a school playground? Is this how grownup business people talk? Why so rude? It’s a negotiation, not a personal grudge match. I understand that the Yankees don’t want to pay Jeter more than they think he’s worth, but why the sniping? For tonight’s Countdown Video until we can declare “Mission Accomplished,” I picked an interview Jeter did with Jeremy Schaap in ’99. Most of it is Jeter’s usual “I always had a dream to play for the New York Yankees” stuff. It’s Schaap’s last question and Jeter’s prescient answer that are worth the price of admission.
He can’t see himself ever wearing anything other than Yankee pinstripes, but he gets that “this is a business. They could trade me tomorrow.”
Maybe he was the only one who could have predicted this current standoff, knowing the organization and the game as well as he does. We’ll see. In the meantime, how about Nolan Ryan “reaching out” to Pettitte? As if Andy would ever play for the Rangers. Good try, cowboy. 
P.S. I actually forgot it was Mo’s birthday. Shame on me! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MO!
P.P.S. Very sad to hear about the passing of former Yankee Gil McDougald. RIP, Gil.


  1. antonella

    These comments from the “professionals” are getting embarrassing.. I wish they’d just sign Jeter so we could ALL move on. I mean, look at the Rockies giving Tulowitzki a 7-10 year deal.. NO PROBLEM [ok, so he’s 26] I bet if a woman was running these negotiations we would have signed Jeter a month ago.

    In other news, Nolan Ryan must have lost his mind.. Even though, these “sources” now say the Rangers never contacted Pettitte o_O. There were a couple of death threats on twitter being put out for Ryan’s head haha. It was pretty funny.

    Oh yeah, as the day comes to a CLOSE.. It’s only right to say Happy Birthday GODriano Rivera 🙂 [Okay, I improvised lol]

  2. Jane Heller

    You raise an interesting point, Antonella. Where are Jessica and Jennifer (those are their names, right?) Steinbrenner in all this?We never hear from them except when there’s some function having to do with the Stadium. Why aren’t they stepping in and providing a woman’s voice? Nolan Ryan can ask about Pettitte all he wants, but this isn’t the same scenario as when Andy went to the Astros; the Yankees have made it clear they want him back. I hope Mo had a great birthday, even though we weren’t there to spend it with him. LOL.

  3. abby1306

    Oh yes, a woman in charge would be fantastic! Jeter would already be back in pinstripes. =) This negotiation got nasty and I’m really sad about it. I mean (I think you mentioned that before, Jane) when Jeter signs eventually, he will not forget what happened and maybe there will always be some tension between him and the organization. But seriously, how can they talk like that? They’re not even setting up a meeting, everything goes through the media. And you never know what’s true, ’cause it’s always a “source of someone” or a “source close to something” and it’s really bugging me. Even Curtis Granderson left a statement on twitter and fb, that says ” (He) thinks the media should stop using a “source close to the negotiations” so often”.
    Why can’t they just sit together and talk??? As I said before, behaving like kindergarten. No wait, those kids resolve their problems faster…

    Didn’t Andy say either he plays one more year for the Yankees or not at all? So I am sure it doesn’t matter if Nolan Ryan reached out to him, he will not play for the Rangers (thank god – I can’t stand Texas).

    Happy Birthday Mo! =) 41 years old and still the closer every team would love to sign. xD But he’ll stay a Yankee!
    – Nadine

  4. ladyjane303

    I’ve been trying to not pay attention to all of this, but it’s getting hard to ignore. I heartily endorse the suggestion to let the women handle it. That’s right, the Misses Steinbrenner should sit down with Dorothy Jeter and Minka over tea at The Plaza and get this done. And while we’re mentioning the Jeter family, isn’t Dr. Charles Jeter usually the voice of reason – why can’t he say something to resolve this? As for The Rangers trying to steal Andy – drink a reality potion, Nolan. He’s playing in NY or he’s not playing at all.
    Happy birthday Mo!!! Your brithday present (a new contract) is sure to come soon. And RIP Gil McDougald, a classy Yankee of the past.

  5. beckers46

    Hi! Yes! The team needs a woman in charge. I think George Steinbrenner’s daughters should step up as well. Remember Marge Schott? She owned the Reds. She was fearless. My dad was a member of the USAF Thunderbirds in the 80s. When they were on the road, they would go to baseball games in major cities because the tickets were free for them. My dad sat next to Marge Schott at a Reds game. He said she was very nice, but fierce. If she didn’t like the pitcher, she would get on the phone and yell at the manager in the dugout until he put a new guy in. Yep, we need a woman to get on her phone and call the shots. Dad also said that when little kids came up to ask her for autographs, she would ask them about their grades in school. See, she even expected a lot out of little kids. Nolan Ryan is sneaky. There’s no way Andy would pitch for the Rangers. I hope Mo had a great birthday. I really want to go to his restaurant in New York. It’s on my to do list. Have a great day, fans! – Becky :0)

  6. Jane Heller

    Curtis Granderson weighed in, Nadine? I didn’t know that. Interesting. And yes, good question about the meeting. Why hasn’t one been set up? Makes sense to have all parties sit in a room and talk this out, face to face. If Cashman has time to fly around the country visiting AJ and Cliff Lee, why not pay another visit to Jeter and his agent, with Hal coming along PLUS the Steinbrenner women! Andy did say he would either retire or play for the Yankees, and I have no reason to doubt him.

    I love your idea, ladyjane! The Steinbrenner ladies should have tea at the Plaza with Dorothy Jeter and Minka and hash this out. (And afterwards, they can go shopping at Bloomie’s.) And you’re right; Dr. Jeter is a clinical psychologist and substance abuse counselor. He could certainly mediate, but in the meantime he’s probably giving Jeter advice about how to stay out of the fray.

    Yup, the last thing these “negotiations” need is snark from the Yankees, Paul. And over the fact that Jeter is asking for more money than they want to pay? Sheesh.

    Ugh, Becky. Sorry to disagree, but the last thing we need is a tyrant like Marge Schott. I’m glad she was nice to your dad at the Reds game, but she was nuts. What we need are some SANE voices here. I do hope you can go to Mo’s restaurant – and that he’s there. What a thrill that would be!

    I’m glad you brought up LeBron, Jeff. He’s exactly the opposite of Jeter and the Yankees know that. He would never schedule a prime time special and announce, “I’m keeping my talents in the city of New York,” after making the audience wait for 45 minutes. LOL.


    More ugly stuff in The Contract Wars…but thanx for that ’99 video…it is nice to take stock & reminisce…and how interesting that NONE of the guys The Captain mentions in the interview became/remained superstar SS’s for much longer after this discussion…except A-Rod!
    Glad to hear that Mo’s negotiations are moving smoothly…and, like you, I don’t wanna take any stock in a Texas Two-Step for Andy…but yanevaknow anymore…
    Last comment…farewell, Gil MacDougald…he was just leaving the Yankee Scene as I was getting into it…too young to see/remember him in the ’50s, but I read & heard so much about that horrific liner he hit off Herb Score’s eye in ’58, and how that fabulous young Cleveland lefty was never the same…Gil probably wasn’t, either…never knew that he himself was victim of a liner off HIS head that eventually led to his becoming deaf…and, of course, when that video of the 1960 Series is ever released, we’ll see Gil scamper home thanks to Mickey’s brilliant baserunning in the 9th inning of Game 7…sleep well, Gil, and say hi to Hank and Mick and Billy and Johnny Blanchard, all the boys…

  8. Jane Heller

    I don’t remember McDougald either, Dave, except that I heard his name around the house when my grandfathers would come over to watch the games. I didn’t know that liner off his head made him deaf! You’re a regular Wikipedia, you are. I hope he’s having a drink with the boys in heaven right now. Do you think they’re talking about Jeter???


    (that was for the benefit of young bloggers who maybe just wanna keep talking about Jeter Contract Wars, and could care less about old Yanks…and yes, YOU BET the boyz are talking about Jeet right now…okay, done with that…)
    McDougald’s last game was Game #7 of the ’60 WS…he likely retired due to his hearing getting worse, or maybe also to make way for that great infield of our childhood — Clete at 3B, Kubek at SS, Bobby R. at 2B (and Moose at 1B, of course)…my best memory of him was his 1960 BASEBALL CARD, ’cause I started collecting seriously in ’60…such cool cards that year…they were horizontal, which was rare…every ’60 card had a team logo in the lower-left corner, which was also rare and very cool…and now, Sister Jane, allow me to make a confession…I loved that year’s cards SO MUCH, that I GLUED THEM into a scrapbook! Well, I was only nine…and one of the ones I glued in (and later tore out), thereby ruining, was, of course…Mickey’s. As you can see, it haunts me to this day. Sigh…
    Here endeth the geekfest. Thank you, Doctor Jane…

  10. Jane Heller

    You are a total geek, Dave! I never did collect baseball cards except that they came with the bubble gum and I liked the gum. LOL. Well, I must have had Mickey’s card. I can’t believe you ruined his card in that scrapbook. The trauma! Of course it still haunts you. May I suggest a good therapist?

  11. raysrenegade

    In the end it will all get done and the storm will fall into silence and all will be as if nothing ever happened with the whole Jeter mumbo jumbo.
    This is just a small slice of the what the next decades Yankee front office will possibly conduct it business.
    Gone are the days of standing at the team microphone and spewing the sound bytes we have become accustom to with the game…Their segments of the whole story will now be told in 140-character bytes from unknown sources within the Yankee realm.

    Rays Renegade

  12. antonella

    Haha. I’m glad people liked the whole “the women should take care of it” idea.. I’ll step in if needed LOL!

    I just got done watching the Tulowitzki press conference AND of course, he mentioned Derek and said “I hope Derek stays in New York..” he was talking abt players that stay with one ball club throughout their careers.. *sigh*

    Someone should just wake me up whenever the deal is complete.. In the mean time, Cashman is jumping off buildings with Santa Claus.. Maybe on the way down.. he’ll come to his senses lol

  13. Jane Heller

    Yup, Renegade. We all know the deal will get done, and I hope you’re right that there won’t be any lingering ill will. Jeter and Close are together in Miami now, so they’ll be calculating their next move.

  14. Jane Heller

    Even Tulo got in on the Jeter act, Antonella? That’s pretty funny. And I laughed when I read about Cashman playing the elf. Aren’t we glad he’s taking time off from his “baffling negotiations” to participate in Christmas revelry?

  15. darockiesfan

    Hey Jane, did you hear about the Rockies locking up Tulo for 7 years? Looks like when Derek retires (possibly 2011) the Yanks will actully have to get another homegrown shortstop. Who wudda thunk of that?

  16. Jane Heller

    Yup, darockiesfan, I did. (See my response above to Antonella’s comment.) I “thunk” you have your facts a little skewed though. Jeter isn’t retiring in 2011.

  17. Jane Heller

    They’ll get the deal done by your birthday, Antonella. Not to worry. It’ll be a fantastic gift for you – Derek and Cliff Lee, wrapped up in a pinstriped bow.

  18. antonella

    YESS 🙂
    Matter of fact, someone should call Mr. Cano & tell him to deliver the good news to me in person. *shrug* LOL

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