Day 2 of “Operation Jeter Countdown”

As promised, there will be a Jeter-related video for each post until the Captain and the Yankees have officially made a deal – no matter how long it takes. (I mean, seriously. Was I supposed to write a post about how Javy Vazquez is going to the Marlins? Didn’t think so.) Tonight’s Jeter video takes us back to simpler times. Way back. So far back that he and A-Rod were close friends for real. My reaction when I watched it was, “Awwwww. Look how young they both were.” Not that I want Cashman to dwell on Jeter’s age. Instead, I want him to see that his shortstop was proud to be a New York Yankee and wasn’t afraid to tweak his buddy about it. (Love A-Rod’s line about how Jeter is “hip hop.”)


  1. missjoa

    I remember this video from way back when… back in the day when the two were best bros. Watching the video makes me feel old more than anything (even if I was only 13 back when this interview took place).

    Best part of the interview? The size of Derek’s cell phone! Holy moly! Oh, and of course, the FedEx story: “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to Federal Express my ring to your house. Can you send it back?”

  2. Jane Heller

    For some reason I’d never seen this video, Joa. It feels like it’s from another century. (Well, it is, actually, but you know what I mean.) I laughed too at the ring story. And I got a kick out of how A-Rod was mocking Jeter for being polite to his mom. LOL.

  3. blithescribe

    Oh wow, they were so young! It’s nice to see them relaxed and goofing around together. The federal express story was hilarious as was Jeter teasing A-Rod about always being late. This actually makes me feel a little old – they’re only a very little bit older than me 🙂

    I hope your “Operation” is successful quickly but in the mean time the videos are fun!


    This whole Jeter mess has got me disgusted and down. It is putting everyone in a bad light and just giving more ammo to the Yankee haters.

    The video made me sad. They look so young and are having so much fun – now they look stressed and unhappy.

    And Arod must be getting sick of Jeter getting all the publicity – there are photos of him and Cameron Diaz hosing each other off in Mexico.

    The spectacle of all of this just sickens me.



    I love the video. They both looked so young and “innocent.” I also love the way you are keeping us entertained Jane while we sit on pins and needles waiting for Jeter (and Mo and Andy) to sign.

  6. Jane Heller

    Blithescribe, to me the interesting thing about the video (other than the fact that they’re young and make us feel old!) is how they were talking about their strengths and weaknesses as shortstops. And now A-Rod is no longer a shortstop and Jeter is trying to remain one. It’s been quite a journey for both of them.

    The Jeter mess got me down too, Melissa. That’s why I started the countdown in the Day 1 post – to distract us from the “spectacle.” So today’s video shouldn’t make you sad. It should make you smile at how full of “cool” our captain was. As for A-Rod and Cameron, they’re allowed to take a vacation, aren’t they? Not their fault that the paparazzi follows celebrities everywhere. I remember pics last year at this time of Derek and Minka in the Caribbean.

    He IS Mr. Yankee, Emma. And he will stay a Yankee. It’s just taking a little time. Happy Birthday to Vin.

    I’m trying, Freya. I’m trying. Maybe it’s the “pleaser” in me, but I really don’t want people to dwell on the he said/he said aspect of all this. It’s too upsetting.

    It’s been fun so far scraping the bottom of the archive barrel, Jeff. I didn’t expect to find today’s video, for example. Can’t wait to see what I unearth tonight.

    I did work Javy in there, Paul. Look again.


    Ooh, this is tough. Thanks, Jane, for digging out the video –sure it’s painful, in some ways…but so are things in life, like say having to look at old wedding pix (?? – to explain – I’ve been hitched to the same ‘wagon’ for 28+ years, so to speak…to put it mildly, I look just a wee bit diff’rent today…if pushed, I tell people that those are pictures of my wife’s FIRST husband…obviously, we think he died or disappeared from the earth. Very sad.)
    And so it goes. “The Way We Were.” Sigh. Actually, a young ESPN writer named Ian O’Connor suggests that there are still some face-saving ways outa this mess. He explains that maybe if the Yanks increase the package to four years, and up the sal per year a tad, so that it’s, say $70 mill for a total, those could be numbers that all could live with. Otherwise, we bloggers will (continue to) get bashed for our crazy-fan irrational defense of Jeet and Undefensible Dollars in a terrible economy. Whaddya do…

  8. Jane Heller

    HAHA, Dave. Very funny about your wife’s “first husband” and how he disappeared instead of morphing into YOU! Ian O’Connor and others have suggested a myriad of ways the Yankees and Jeter could compromise and not just to tack on more dollars to the package. They just need to sit down and be creative! As for the Jeter bashers, take a look at the comment on the previous post from “joisyboy” or whatever his name is. Yes, we’re in a terrible economy. And yes, Jeter wants a lot of money. But has anyone looked at how much Lady Gaga or Leo Di Caprio makes? They’re entertainers and they put people in the seats. I hate to disillusion baseball fans, but the players are entertainers too.

  9. raysrenegade

    I am surprised there has not been reported events of a ********** spirit roaming the halls of Yankee Stadium.
    Youknow that Papa Steinbrenner is probably all hot and bothered that either the kids have mis-played their hand in this, or that his former “Teacher’s Pet” is biting the hand that fed him millions for so long.
    Either way, it will probably drag on until after the Winter Meetings in Orlando, or possibly until Cliff Lee gives a nod to his desired 2011 team.
    Or maybe Jeter and Cashman can patch things up with both riding Mr Toad’s Wild Ride at Disney World next week coming off the ride with a smile and a deal.

    Rays Renegade

  10. abby1306

    So funny, I just downloaded that video 2 days ago. I love it, I watched it over and over again. Same with some of Jeter’s commercials, which were new to me (ESPN, Ford and Visa). He’s quite an actor. 😉 I mean he has proven that on the field as well, lol. I love your video countdown, Jane, it makes me smile and it’s definitely a highlight during this negotiation time. I hope every day when I get home from work, that there are positive news about signing Jeets, Mo or Andy. I hate to get disappointed all the time. And those three are not the only ones the Yankees need to take care of. So they seriously should make some moves now. I can’t wait for the day I open my computer and read some good news! Or my cell phone for that matter. I even downloaded the NY Times app (I can’t buy it, so nice alternative) to my Blackberry to read the news, ha ha! I love technology! =)
    – Nadine

  11. Jane Heller

    LOL that you got censored, Renegade. All you said was “peeesed off.” On one hand, I think George would have relished the publicity of all this; he did love it when the Yankees were in the spotlight, for better or worse. On the other hand, I think he would have written Jeter a check and been done with it. He wasn’t a bean counter. He just wanted what he wanted.

    I wish there were positive news, Nadine. Instead, the latest is from ESPN with a “source” saying Jeter’s agent needs to drink the reality potion, or something like that. Sigh. I’d like to give them all a reality potion! How weird would it be if Cashman signs Cliff Lee during the meetings next week and Jeter and Mo are still sitting out there watching the press conference? I don’t expect a decision from Andy until January.

  12. Jane Heller

    That could be the next headline, Melissa. The media could start getting into the psychology of the Steinbrenner family and dissect Jeter as the son George always wanted. Ugh.


    I didn’t mean to imply that ARod and Cameron were wrong – it was more the “reporters” who make a spectacle of them.

    Are the Stienbrenner boys acting out against Jeter because they think their daddy liked him better than he liked them? That could be the next headline.


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