Will There Be Any Yankees Bargains on Black Friday?

I know it’s only Monday night, but I’m thinking ahead to all the shopping people will be doing and wondering if the Yankees will be among the busy customers. With news that Mo’s camp has finally emerged to state their intentions, maybe he and the Yanks will make a deal. And maybe the Jeter thing will be resolved. And maybe Cliff Lee will have eaten so much turkey that he’ll be in a triptophan fog and will sign with us without realizing it.
Aside from those three, here’s what I’d like to pick up on Black Friday: a treadmill. I’ve been thinking about getting one for a long time and maybe Friday’s the day to score a sale. Someone on Twitter told me that ProForm is the brand to look for, but if anyone else knows about the machines please shout. I don’t have much room, so I need one that folds up.
Tonight I was the guest on a local TV show called “Literary Gumbo.”
It’s a half-hour of chat about writing and publishing, and the host is Fred Klein, who spent many years at Bantam Books as head of marketing. The producer played the intro music and Fred did his welcome thing to the camera, and then the two of us started talking….and talking. He was supposed to be watching this digital timer next to his chair so he’d know when to wrap up, but somebody forgot to set it before the taping started and we kept going. I can’t wait to see the interview because it’s got to have the most abrupt ending in the history of television. Some authors aren’t fond of having to answer questions on camera, but I’m the opposite. When you’ve been sitting home alone in front of the computer all day writing, it feels like recess to go out and talk about your work to someone who’s actually interested. What a concept! Besides, Fred spent the last 10 minutes asking me about “Confessions of a She-Fan.” What could be more fun?


  1. Jane Heller

    The show will be online in about a week, Melissa. I’ll post the video if you’re interested. As for the Times article, I nearly spit out my breakfast while I was reading it earlier. On one hand, it’s interesting to find out how the Yankees came up with their offer by comparing the performances of other shortstops. On the other, this is JETER we’re talking about. They say they’re only evaluating his abilities on the field, but what about how much he means to the organization? Yes, it’s meant a lot to him too, but are they nuts? The only reason they’re locked into that A-Rod contract is because they gave it to him. Why punish Jeter for that? All that said, Jeter now needs to make a counter offer and then the two sides can begin meaningful negotiations. The Yankees got the ball rolling. Jeter’s team needs to take a deep breath, put a counter proposal on the table and get this moving.

  2. Jane Heller

    He’s not going with me to Black Friday, Paul. He made that very clear! BUT he went with me to Sports Authority last night after the show and we did look at treadmills that I – I repeat, I – might go back and get on Black Friday. Hope I don’t get trampled.

    I’ll watch the video when they post it, Melissa, and if it’s not horrible I’ll post it! I would say that a lot of the time was taken up talking about the publishing business and my years as a publicist for different authors. We didn’t really get to MY books until well into the conversation.

  3. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    By the way Jane, after knee surgery 12 years ago, I bought a ProForm treadmill. I used it almost daily for several years and it worked well. It was also what my PT had in her office.

    Just saw the Hamilton won the MVP. I’m not surprised, but really, Cano was just fabulous all year, stepped up when others were injured and played almost every game. Hamilton missed a lot of the season. Oh well.


  4. Jane Heller

    Thanks for the link, kaiser. Yogi finished his playing career as a Yankee though, so he doesn’t really count. Certainly, there’s precedent for legends ending up elsewhere, but I don’t see it happening at all in Jeter’s case. Or Mo’s.

  5. abby1306

    Horrible or not, I want to see that interview too… šŸ˜€ But I’m pretty sure it’s not horrible, apparantly you had fun and like being interviewed, so we’ll enjoy watching it.

    Good luck on Black Friday (had the joy of experiencing that just once, wow, people were going nuts at our mall) with your treadmill!

    MVP will be announced in half an hour…so excited. šŸ˜‰ Watching the live coverage on mlb.com. I mean it’s almost time for bed for me – haha!

    – Nadine

  6. Jane Heller

    It won’t be horrible, Nadine, but I don’t like to bore anybody so I’ll “preview it” before posting. Really hoping we hear good news about the MVP very soon! You’re such a good fan to stay up and wait for it.

  7. Jane Heller

    Really bummed about Cano, Melissa. Not unexpected news but still. As you say, he was huge for us this year – especially since Jeter, A-Rod and Tex were not, and I’d say that qualifies as a most valuable player criterion. But what do I know. Anyhow, thanks for the endorsement for the ProForm treadmill. Now I’m confused about which model to get. There are so many. I don’t need one that has a zillion bells and whistles. I just want it to be sturdy and last a long time and fold up.

  8. crzblue2

    Looking forward to the video Jane. I have not been posting for a while. I’ve been so busy at work but today I was able to get back to some fun stuff.
    Can’t help on exercise equipment. The only thing I have is a Pilates mat and today I started with a Pilates roller. Let’s see how I feel about it tomorrow.

  9. raysrenegade

    Still think the Yankees and Kerry Wood are having a few dark room discussions with the possibility of him rejoiningthe team at a more team feasible salary for 2011.
    Not sure what amount would be considered middle ground between the Yankees and Wood, but he did provide a nice stepping stone to Mo once he got his feet settled on the mound.
    But then again, Andy Pettite always throws on his own “Blue Light Special” this time of year deciding his future. Maybe this time he can bring it out into the open before the New Year…..possibly.

    Rays Renegade


  10. Jane Heller

    I wouldn’t mind at all if the Yankees found a way to bring back Wood, Renegade. I just think that with pitching being in such demand he’ll be able to field offers to be a closer with other teams. As for Andy, first it sounded like he was retiring but lately he’s made noises that he might come back. Who knows!

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