She-Fan Exclusive: Cashman and Jeter Sit Down in Tampa

BREAKING NEWS: It looks like after a day of media reports that the two sides were far apart in their contract negotiations, Brian Cashman and Derek Jeter have met and decided to make a deal. I’m very relieved, to say the least. 


  1. scofid

    Sorry, but count me among the group that feels 3 years at $45 million is very generous on the Yankees part. I don’t want to lose DJ to another team, but I have no problem with the Yankees telling him to see what he can find elsewhere.


  2. Jane Heller

    I don’t think anybody believes that $45 million is peanuts, Scott. And from a purely business standpoint – i.e. Rafael Furcal – it’s generous in terms of shortstops. But Derek Jeter isn’t just any shortstop and there are times when it’s OK for a team to overpay to keep an icon in the fold. In other words, I couldn’t disagree with you more about telling him to go try to find a better deal elsewhere.


    first off i really want to see you on literary gumbo.
    as to this video, very funny, as always however, i am not taking off my shirt or cap and rooting for the red sox even if derek for to become one of them.
    this is such a weird time of year. we have no idea what will happen and all of this back and forth spitting of cash and jeter’s agent feels like a waste of time. neither wants jeter to go anywhere and hopefully they will agree of some crazy amount of monopoly money and be done. it feels weird to say but i think cliff lee and mariano are more important.


    Wow, Derek looks really different out of uniform!

    On the one hand, $15 million is way more money than any human being should ever be making while there is poverty and starvation in the world.

    On the other hand, Jeter deserves to make more than your average shortstop or player because he is a legend.


  5. ladyjane303

    Darn – I can’t play the video on my office pc – will have to watch it later. But I agree with Melissa, and know that there is a compromise that everyone can feel good about. Jeter can’t play for anyone else – and neither can Mo, for that matter. He’s (Mo) kind of the forgotten man right now, but they have to do right by him, too. Latest buzz is that Pettitte is leaning towards coming back – fingers crossed.
    Want to wish you and all the She-Fan gang a happy, healthy Thanksgiving.

  6. Jane Heller

    It feels weird to read that you think Lee and Mo are more important than Jeter, Barbara. We don’t have a shortstop without Jeter for the short term, unless you think Pena or Nunez are ready to fill his shoes, or there’s somebody else out there worth trading for. And do you not want to see Jeter be the first Yankee to get 3,000 hits? That said, I do agree that pitching is the name of the game, that Lee is key to the rotation, and that Mo is the only reliable piece of the pen. But most of all, I don’t want to see Jeter’s reputation sullied by the comments of Cashman or Hank or any of them. It’s just not fittin’, as they said in Gone with the Wind. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Xtranormal’s new hurling feature is way fun, Jeff. You should do one of their videos.

    Well said, Melissa. That’s the point I was trying to make above. The money is just crazy money as far as the real world is concerned. But these guys are entertainers and $45 million isn’t out of line compared to the crazy money recording artists and movie stars make. There are times when companies have to fork it over for a guy like Jeter who doesn’t come along every day. I say give him another year, a share of YES or a management job and be done with it.

    Of course there’s a compromise everyone can live with, ladyjane. That’s the sensible way to look at this. So instead of trying to devalue Jeter, Cash and company should be looking at what that compromise is. Same goes for Mo, whose value is huge. Give him the two years if he wants it!!!! Hope Pettitte does decide to pitch. And HAPPY Thanksgiving to you too.

    Yup, Paul. Jeter now has his own show. He figured he’d better come up with a backup plan if the Yankees don’t come through. I’d watch. Wouldn’t you?


    I couldn’t view the video either, Jane, but if its anything like your others, I’m sure its hysterical. In the meantime, like I said last week, this is all politics on both sides and I’m getting a little tired of it. I don’t know if offering him something like a coaching position or a piece of YES would be something that would get him to sign in lieu of a longer contract period. I would like to see him break some more Yankees records so I hope all goes well. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Jane…also to Dave and Peggy and all who are “blog – family”.


    THANX for getting us on the set of “Late Nite With The Captain”…whaddya think of his new goatee? Cash’s avatar sure is an upgrade, don’cha think?
    And thanks for lightening this heavy load. As for me, this process may turn out to be “Late Nite With Captain Morgan” before it’s all through…plus there’s no good word on Mo yet either…and I have to agree, that is a whole lotta moola at this point in time, albeit far below what’s desired. We were in the car for 8 hours yesterday aft & evening, returning from Carolina and hitting the pre-Thanksgiving Mad “Rush,” aka moving parking lot, to & through the D.C. Beltway…not recommended for anyone’s sanity…and so, of course, my dear spouse, the anti-Yankee fan, was full of opinions…”what does he WANT”…”he’s not worth it”…”he didn’t even deserve that Gold Glove”…and the unkindest cut of all, “when he came up to bat in the playoffs, I didn’t worry at all.” Now THAT comment was low enough to be offered up at your forthcoming Thanksgiving feast, She-Fan, but what could I say…we still have a wall-size Fat Head of The Captain in the basement…and it ain’t comin’ down anytime soon…

  9. Jane Heller

    Ah, Peg. You gotta love the guys (or girls) who do the Photo Shopping and illustrations on the back pages of the NY tabloids. Even when the Mets name a new manager, the Yankees somehow get all the ink. Just the way it is, I guess. In all seriousness, I don’t see Theo Epstein giving Jeter even close to what he wants; the Red Sox didn’t keep Victor Martinez, a player they claim to have wanted to hang onto, not to mention Damon all those years ago.

    Sorry people aren’t able to view the video. You too, Diane. Yes, it’s politics on both sides, but as Tyler Kepner said in the NY Times today, there was plenty of time for this deal to get done either during the season or directly afterwards, and now it’s taking time away from Cashman’s pursuit of Lee and others. A shame. And yes, I do think that if they threw in some sort of post-playing nugget like a share in YES or a coaching position, it would signal to Jeter and his agent that he means more to the franchise than just stats, which is why they’re balking. Most importantly, have a wonderful Thanksgiving if I don’t see you here again before Thursday. Enjoy!

    Dave, every time you write about your conversations with your wife, I have the urge to put duct tape on her mouth – and I’m sure she’s a lovely person and I’d like her very much! So forgive me! I guess that’s the part of all this Jeter stuff I resent the most: the way it’s giving anti-Yankee fans the ammunition to insult both sides. Can’t we all just get along? LOL.

  10. peggy3

    Hi Jane & Fellow Baseball Fans….

    As I’ve been so busy with moving back home and the upcoming holidays plus family functions I really haven’t had time to write but I do read EVERY day.

    I just wanted wish EVERYONE a very Happy Thanksgiving filled with happiness & cheer but most of all the love of all those you hold dear. I’m pretty sure the turkey won’t be the only thing stuffed at the dinner tables … :o).

    As far as DJ …no comment …I’m just so tired of it all. I just want to see DJ, Mo, Andy and Cliff all signed on the dotted line before Christmas.

    Diane ….didn’t get to mention it before but thanks for your lovely comment awhile back about me being the #1 fan on or off video. I just wanted you to know it didn’t go unnoticed … :o)… Have a great Turkey Day !!!


    Go Yankees 2011 !!!

  11. Jane Heller

    Right back at you, Peggy. So glad this Thanksgiving will find you back safe and sound in your home and all that hotel living is behind you. You made the best of a bad situation, and you deserve huge props for that! And congratulations on your daughter’s wedding date. She picked well, sandwiching it in before the season starts. Will they honeymoon at Opening Day? HAHA.


    Peggy…isn’t that GREAT! Congratulations!! And, of course, a Happy Gobblers’ Day to you, and Diane, and She-Fan, and of course everyone…even PAUL…!!
    With all this contract squabbling, we didn’t take time to note the unfortunate AL MVP voting (either that, or my feeble brain missed it). Ah well. Hamilton is “The Feel-Good Story,” and how do you fight THAT…but still…finishing in 3rd place, behind CABRERA? Like Rodney said: no respect…no respect at all!
    But that’s OK…when it comes to individual awards, I don’t really care if a Yankee wins ’em or they don’t. It’s all about the team trophy, even when there wasn’t one. I’m so old (“how old ARE you, Johnny?”) — in terms of sports fandom, that is — that I remember being really really PO’d in 1962 when Mickey won the MVP. WHAT?? Why?? You wanna know why?? Because my silly former self thought that BOBBY RICHARDSON deserved it more. And maybe he did, who’d remember, but that’s not how it goes. Why do I remember these things? Help me, Jane; I remember all the wrong things. But it’s all beisbol…so it’s all good…

  13. peggy3

    Oh ….something special I have to be thankful for …my daughter set her weddiing date …March 23, 2012. Definitely
    had to get married before the baseball season started … :0)…

    Go Yankees 2011 !!!

  14. abby1306

    Jane, I love the video! I was cracking on the “Do you know Jane Heller …. the fans will boycott Yankee Stadium and the YES Network…”-part. Hilarious! I agree on what you said, $45 Million is a lot of money, but every successful sport athlete is making that much money, all around the world. Same with the soccer players here. But in the end it’s not our money, we as fans can only say how much the players are worth to us. And that is beyond any figure. That should also be an important reason next to keeping the best shortstop. Derek is the Yankees and the #2 brings a lot of money from all the merchandise to the Yankees (How many She-fans only come to the Stadium to see HIM play?). So paying him one or two million more won’t hurt the Steinbrenner family. And seriously telling him to “test the market” just to see that no one’s offering more than the Yankees sounds like an insult to me, even though everyone is saying that (of course!) they want him back.
    Same with Mo, he’s 40, but still plays like age doesn’t matter for him. So there’s no sign that all of a sudden he won’t be able to be “Mo” again next season, so just give him the 2 years he’s asking for. I don’t think they’d risk anything with that!
    And seeing Jeter in different uniforms (saw the pics from the Daily News on a blog) is just wrong! I think Jeter would rather retire than signing with the Red Sox!
    – Nadine


    Happy Thanksgiving everyone – safe travels to all!

    Let’s all be thankful that we are even having this discussion about two of the greatest players of this generation that are on OUR team!! I’ve decided this is all media hype. It sells papers, PLUS it keeps the Yankees in the headlines.

    I’m thankful that Peggy is back in her home.


    PS Eddie, where are you, haven’t heard from you in a while!

  16. peggy3

    Jane …they will definitely be back from the honeymoon in time for Opening Day which is at Yankee Stadium I believe. I get to babysit my little Yogi while their gone …although ..he’s not that little anymore ..LOL

    We are closing early …yipeeee….have a safe one and don’t forget to bring the reinforcements to the dinner just incase a fight breaks out again …haha

    Go Yankees 2011 !!!

  17. Jane Heller

    Dave, I think we all hoped that Cano would win the MVP but figured he wouldn’t. But you were rooting for Bobby Richardson over The Mick? Reading that made my eyes bleed! But you’re probably right and Bobby did deserve it. I honestly don’t remember.

    So true, blithescribe. The Universe is used to chaos and drama, but even we have our breaking point. So all “issues” need to be resolved peacefully and soon! (Glad the video made you laugh.)

    Nadine, I feel exactly the same way you do about all this. Word for word. When I read the comment yesterday from Hank Steinbrenner about how Jeter makes more money (or is richer – can’t remember the specific wording) than some of his bosses, I said to myself, “How many people come to games to watch his bosses? How many people buy T-shirts with his bosses names on them?” Seriously. We all know these guys make a ton of money and it’s nuts in the larger scheme of things, but Jeter has value far beyond his ability to turn a double play.

    I wish it were all media hype, Melissa, but I’m not so sure this time. In any case, let’s hope the spirit of the season will infuse all parties with good will. And you’re right about Eddie. Where did he go? Hope all is well there.

    HAHA, Peggy. I am so ready for tomorrow’s throwdown at Thanksgiving. I’ll be posting a pic on the blog tonight of the chocolate cake I just baked and will be bringing to the dinner tomorrow. Let’s hope it doesn’t end up in somebody’s face!

    I love Gone with the Wind too, dj, and I find myself quoting from the dialogue all the time. I, too, say Fiddle-Dee-Dee to anybody who doesn’t realize the value of our two icons. You’re always welcome to get stuff off your chest here. Never fear. And Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  18. dj2jd5jm7

    “It’s just not fittin’, as they said in Gone with the Wind”-
    That’s my favorite movie! And oh, so true. I wish I could just tell Cashman “Hey plugs! Frankly we fans don’t give a DAMN what you think a ‘shortstop’ is worth, this is an ICON we’re talking about. And MO, the BEST CLOSER of all-time!! Get your head outta your butt and sign these guys. You’re full of fiddle-dee-dee!”

    Thanks for letting me get that out. I am on-board for boycotting should something crappy happen. I don’t go to many games, but I watch most of them, and have spent lovely money on yankees merchandise. It infuriates me that Mo, Jeter, and Joe Mauer are about the ONLY baseball players that could play their ENTIRE career with only one team. The game has become waaaaay too much about the money and individual stats.

    Peggy, so glad your daughter is wise and getting married before the season starts. That’s a special day to me too. March 23 is not only my best friend’s birthday, it is the day my husband proposed. Nearly 10 years later we are very blessed and I can even get him to cheer for the Yankees, unless they are playing the Twins. Congratulations! I wish them years and years of love and baseball! You’ll have to post some pictures for us.


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