“Tangled” (The Movie, Not The Jeter Situation)

Today I went to a screening of Disney’s new animated film based on the Rapunzel fairy tale. What an adorable movie. Not only has the story of the girl with the long hair been updated and re-imagined, but the quality of the animation is just mind boggling. The characters and their expressions are so life like and there’s plenty of action, plus the whole thing has a lot of heart. I teared up at one point and Michael said, “It’s a cartoon! Snap out of it!”
Afterwards, the two directors came for a Q&A and explained the process of making the film. It was fascinating to hear how they collaborated with 500 animators, as well as took suggestions from some of the employees at Disney. For example, to find the right look for the hero, they asked a bunch of women to bring photos of their favorite hunky actors and they ended up using a composite of features. They also asked women about their relationships with their mothers so they could get the dialogue between Rapunzel and her wicked mother just right. But I really perked up when one of them was describing what it’s like to do a movie at Disney. He said, “Disney is like the Yankees.”
Huh? I sat up straighter in my chair.
“Mostly, the Yankees are really successful,” he went on. “They have their down years, but they always come back strong.”
Even in Hollywood, the pinstripes are a force to be reckoned with. I left the theater smiling.
I’ll be smiling even more when the MVP in the AL is announced on Tuesday and the winner is Cano. Other things that will make me happy?
* A deal with Jeter.
* A deal with Mo.
* A deal with Cliff Lee.


  1. devilabrit

    I am just glad the comparison was done by Disney, could you imagine if the Yankees compared themselves to Disney…
    I think the deals will come with at lest 2 of the players on your list, I’m still holding out for Lee to be back in Philadelphia….


    Phillies Outside

  2. Jane Heller

    So you think the Phillies will make an offer for Lee too, Peter? I’ve heard that rumor but so far no offer, right? That would be some rotation with Halladay, Lee, Oswalt and Hamels. Yikes.

    Amen and hallelujah, NYYLogoGirl. Welcome to the blog, by the way.

  3. colombiano2386@yahoo.com

    Hi Jane and fellow baseball fans. I’ve been away for awhile from commenting (still job hunting; have an interview this Tuesday and hope all goes well). Tangled looks good but I’m hoping Disney makes more 2D films to follow the momentum from The Princess and the Frog. Yes I can admit that I am a fully grown masculine guy and I loved The Princess and the Frog. It brought back childhood memories and emotions I’ve felt watching movies like Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, etc from the golden age of Disney. But anyway, I am not liking that the Jeter negotiations aren’t going smoothly. I hope the Yanks do not budge from their initial 3 yr/45 mil offer. They have the leverage as I doubt any other team will be willing to offer Jeter anything close to that. I love Jeter for all the memories he brought for me growing up but it’s time for him to accept he’s old and aging and he isn’t the same player as he was years ago. I don’t want him to hurt the team in the long run due to selfishness. I, along with many fans, see the end coming near and are more than ready to move on. I hope Jeter will do so graciously when it’s time.

  4. colombiano2386@yahoo.com

    Jane I definitely understand and maybe selfish was the wrong word. I know he wants to be set for himself and his family as this will likely be his last contract. He definitely should be proud of his accomplishments. Every sane Yankee fan is. As I said, ultimately he’s nearing the end of his career, he won’t produce as he did in his earlier years or even 09 (if he proves me wrong there, I will shove my foot in my mouth) and he should be paid as such. $15 million isn’t chump change at all and certainly far more than every other team would pay current Jeter. I just don’t want the Yankees to throw him an outrageous contract with similar dollars like they did with A-Rod (although A-Rod is the better player). Doing that would hurt the Yankees financial flexibility even more, thus they would not be able to field the best team possible as they are commited to doing every year. We’ll see what happens. And thanks hope the interview goes well too.

  5. abby1306

    “Tangled” looks awesome! Saw the preview yesterday when I was at the movies and watched “Despicable Me”. Can’t wait for the movie being released here.
    Ha ha, I’m the same, Jane, I also cry watching cartoons. Just put on The Lion King and I can’t stop crying when Mufasa dies…lol.
    I love it that they compared Disney to the Yankees, definitely sounds like a highlight. Would have smiled too. They know who rules. ;D

    Oh yes, I can’t wait for those deals to be done. And still crossing my fingers for Cano! Waiting can be so annoying. But still praying that everything comes out well for us!


  6. Jane Heller

    Michael not only went, Paul, but he really liked the movie. He just didn’t cry like I did. LOL.

    The directors of Tangled said yesterday that Disney is absolutely committed to making more 2D films, Leo. So not to worry. As for Jeter, I’m a little surprised by your reaction to the negotiations. While I agree that he isn’t the player he used to be, he’s the heart and soul of the team and if he wants another couple of years and the Yankees can find a way to accommodate him, either on the field or off, they should do it. I don’t see him as selfish at all; I see him as having pride in his accomplishments. Most importantly, good luck with your job interview tomorrow. Fingers crossed for you.

  7. blithescribe

    Disney and the Yankees have other similarities as well. Did you know that men who work at Disneyland are required to keep their hair cut short and their faces clean shaven? There are a few exceptions made for people in character roles where facial hair is a boon but, otherwise, put them in pinstripes and they’d look like Yankees…until you tossed them a baseball of course.
    Tangled sounds cute! I’ll have to check it out. I love Disney…except in matters of sports team ownership. I’m glad they got out of that.

  8. Jane Heller

    Ah, yes. The crying at movies thing, Nadine. I’m hopeless even with animated films. If it’s happy, I cry. If it’s sad, I cry. I’m just a romantic sap, what can I tell you. Sounds like you are too. Definitely hoping we get good news on Cano tomorrow.

    I didn’t know about Disney’s “clean cut” policy, blithescribe. I guess they do mirror the Yankees in more ways than one.

    I hope the Yankees do blow the competition away when it comes to signing Cliff Lee, srf17. That’s when having a big fat payroll is very handy.

  9. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Waaay back before videos and before I had kids, my husband and I used to take our friends’ 6-year-old to the movies so we had an excuse to see the Disney classics. My poor husband ended up with a totally tear-drenched shirt from me and the 6-year-old after we went to Dumbo. (The part where they drag him away from his mama always gets me.)

    How was the music in Tangled Jane? The music with the trailer wasn’t great. I do love a good musical!


  10. Jane Heller

    Ohhhhh, don’t even get me started about Dumbo, Melissa. That movie traumatized me when I was little. I cried so hard. (Old Yeller was the other one that nearly killed me.) The music in Tangled is much better than what the trailer showed and the voices of the characters, especially the wicked stepmother, are excellent.

  11. antonella

    I have a bad feeling about this AL MVP.. MLB Network pretty much keeps confirming that Robbie will not win because he plays on an All-Star team & that not everyone has a Jeter, Tex & ARod batting before them. *POUTS* Well, let’s shoot the kid because he has great team mates. I’m sure Hamilton will win, but I’m still rooting for Cabrera over him [that is if Cano doesn’t win lol]

    I would feel better if we signed Jeter like, yesterday. This is taking entirely too long. I thought this would be cute & simple. SMH

  12. Jane Heller

    It will be really unfair if Cano is penalized for being on an “all star team,” Antonella, since Josh Hamilton’s teammates made it to the World Series! Robbie had an MVP season, plain and simple! But we’ll see what happens tomorrow.

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