We have a new pitching coach! That’s something.

rothchild[1] (2).jpg
The fact that Larry Rothschild looks like an older version of Dana Carvey’s church lady is beside the point.
He’s had a lot of experience in the majors. He’s not someone who will need an adjustment period. He sounds like he did his homework and studied video of….AJ. He wasn’t a guy anybody saw coming, because he was never on the list of candidates we kept reading about, but Cashman is full of surprises, isn’t he? What’s next? Lou Piniella as our new hitting instructor?
Sorry to hear about Albaladejo being released, but he couldn’t seem to get it done at the big league level. And Juan Miranda was never going to play first base for the Yankees or DH, so good luck to him. 
This weekend will bring more movie screenings for me: the controversial marital drama, “Blue Valentine,” tomorrow (it got an NC-17 rating) and “Tangled,” Disney’s new animated offering, on Sunday. Will report!


  1. beckers46

    Hi, Jane!
    Larry kind of resembles church lady, lol! I really hope he can help with AJ. It would be nice to see him bounce back and have a much better season. If not, then we may see him on the mound with another black eye. Enjoy the movies! I really want to see “Tangled.” Have a good night!
    – Becky :0)

  2. ooaooa

    Sad to see my fave Johnnie Abs leave the day I return to the site after Knee replacement. First few days were tough but getting better every day.

  3. Jane Heller

    Hi, Becky. Rothschild does sound as if he wants to dive in and work with the pitchers, and the fact that he lives in Tampa will give me access to those who come to spring training early, which is great. (Are you listening, AJ?) I heard Tangled was fun, so I’m looking forward to it on Sunday. Today’s movie is for adults only. lol.

    John, I’m so glad you came through the surgery OK. My sister had her hip replaced over the summer and she’s back at work and doing well. I know you’ll continue to improve and be ready for spring training! I did think of you when I read that Abs was headed for Japan. Best of luck to him.

    I’m happy we have a new pitching coach too, Nadine. Maybe it’ll help in the negotiations with Cliff Lee, not to mention give our current pitchers a guy they’ll feel good about. I know there were some who probably wanted to see Harkey, the bullpen coach, get the job, but as you say Rothschild must have impressed Cashman and that was that. And yes, he and Girardi did cross paths with the Cubs so there’s a Chicago connection. I will let you know how the movies are for sure. So far this Oscar season my two favorites are The King’s Speech and The Social Network.

  4. abby1306

    I’m really happy the Yankees already chose the new pitching coach. I didn’t know him (since I’m still a more-or-less newbie), but I read about his career and it seems very impressive. Sounds like he really knows what he’s doing and already has some improvement ideas. He gave the right answers in the job interview, Cashman and Girardi expected something satisfying and obviously he told them what they wanted to hear. What hopefully proves he can do it. šŸ™‚ And now he has enough time to study the Yankee pitchers and can start working with them when spring training arrives.
    I read the players he worked with always trusted him and he already worked with Girardi when both were with the Cubs. Sounds good to me, so good luck to everybody!

    Jane, have fun with the movies and let us know how it was. Most of the movies here are going to be released between 1 week and 2 month after their release date in the US. So I count on your recommendation. šŸ˜‰

    – Nadine

  5. scofid

    The Church Lady is the perfect comparison! Hahaha! I was pleased the Yankees made a move to get a highly respected pitching coach. I hope it’s the right move to “fix” Burnett. I thought it was interesting that the Braves gave up on outfielder Cody Johnson. The guy has huge power potential, but needs a lot of work. It would be great to see if the Yankees can fix the flaws and restore his status as a top prospect. I am not sure what I think about the release of Albaladejo. He had a very solid minor league season and although he didn’t excel at the major league level, he also didn’t get much of an opportunity. I thought the Tigers paid way too much for Joaquin Benoit, but I’d like to see the Yankees get someone like that to fill the void of Kerry Wood’s departure. I know that Chamberlain and Robertson have the potential to be “the guy” but they haven’t proven it yet. It’s fun to see Hot Stove activity picking up…


  6. Jane Heller

    Apparently, Jeff, Rothschild passed Cashman’s big video test. He had all the candidates watch hours of video of CC, Hughes and AJ and give opinions/strategies/etc, and Rothschild’s answers got an “A.” Plus the Cubs pitchers led the league (or even the majors) in strikeouts? Anyhow, I remain hopeful.

    I’m not so sure Wood won’t end up back with the Yankees, Scott. (If he’s already landed elsewhere, then I’m behind in my news.) They didn’t want to pick up his expensive option and I know he supposedly wants to be a closer, but maybe he enjoyed his time in the Bronx and would stay at a price everybody can live with. We do need help in the pen!

  7. raysrenegade

    It is kind of funny that Larry Rothschild was the pick for this position, but maybe Rick Peterson who believes he can fix any pitchers’ mechanics was not even considered.
    But being a Pitching Coach can be a job that is always on the firing line for any problems or inconsistencies within the team.
    Rothschild does come with a pedigree of a World Series ring, but he also was the first D-Rays Manager when pitching seemd to be missing from the Rays equation.
    Let’s see if Rothschild learned anything those past few years in Chicago besides trying to calm down Carlos Zambrano’s temper tantrums.

    Rays Renegade


  8. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Well they obviously didn’t pick him based on his hairdo! Hopefully he’ll have what they need and the reason he was with the Cubs so long was that he was good.

    At one point someone mentioned Leo Mazzone and I am just so grateful it wasn’t him. His rocking in the dugout drove me insane.

    Love to hear about your movie nights Jane. We just watched “Sugar” which was great and made me feel bad for all the Dominican kids who come over here, and “Crazy Heart” which I also loved.


  9. Jane Heller

    So odd that Rothschild was the Devil Rays’ first manager, Renegade. I was surpised when I read that yesterday, but then he has quite a resume. Unlike the other candidates that were considered, he has all kinds of experience at the ML level, which I hope will prove useful.

    I guess the Cubs thought he was good too, Paul, or they wouldn’t have kept him around so long.

    I felt exactly the same way you did about Mazzone, Melissa. The rocking would have driven me crazy. Sounds like he wasn’t even on Cashman’s radar this time around. I found the movie Sugar fascinating. Remember when I saw it at the Santa Barbara Film Festival two years ago and blogged about it? We had a screening of Crazy Heart too since Jeff Bridges is our local boy. So glad he won the Oscar for it. He was great.

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