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Here’s Huffington Post‘s item on Jeter, the Yankees and today’s media coverage of same. Don’t you love their headline?

Yankees President Reportedly Allowing Derek Jeter To Test Free Agent Market

First Posted: 11-18-10 09:53 AM   |   Updated: 11-18-10 11:58 AM


New York Yankees president Randy Levine toldAnthony Mccarron of the New York Daily Newsthat longtime Yankee Derek Jeter is allowed to test the free agent market.

“All I can say is we think he’s a great Yankee, we think he’s been a great Yankee and we’ve been great for him and this is the best place for him,” said Levine. “But he’s a free agent and he’s allowed to test the market and do whatever he wants.”

According to Wallace Matthews of ESPNNewYork, a source said that the Yankees want to give Jeter “more money than his play currently warrants,” but the shortstop wants more years on his contract.

The 36-year-old reportedly wants a minimum of four years, but preferably five or six.

Jeter batted .270 with 10 home runs and 67 RBI in 2010.

Posturing. Lots and lots of posturing. What I really found hilarious were some of the comments about this. Take a look:

“Someone check to see if New York’s suicide rate just spiked.”

“His skills are waning and he has to cheat to get on base. Why on earth would anyone want him?”

“If he stays with the Yankees, he can continue to bring down the value of the Gold Glove.”

“Meh. Who outside of NYC gives a damn?”

There were others that praised the Captain, including one from a Red Sox fan who insisted that Jeter belongs in pinstripes because he’s one of the sport’s true legends. But seriously. I need to stop reading stuff written by “fans” who don’t have a clue.


  1. raysrenegade

    What is that famous saying, “If you love something set it free, If it was meant to be it will come back to you”.
    Guess we can paraphrase this quote and put “Jeter” somewhere in there for full effect.
    Might be a good thing to let him see just how much “respect” aka $$$ Jeter could get if he really wanted to keep dropping those Houston tidbits to the media.
    Little known rumor swirling around the bowl is that the Astros might be up for sale, and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban will certainly be courting for the team with a bouquet of yellow roses.

    Rays Renegade


    However this plays out I feel that the new Yankee regimen doesn’t place the same value on the same things as George.
    I just have a bad feeling that this will be seen in the next few years.
    It feels like baseball, being the team that all look to and players want to play for, and winning are secondary to business now.
    Instead of balancing the two.
    Where as George wanted a winning team first, a classy team, a team to be revered and an organization to be proud of.
    Something just doesn’t feel right anymore and it has nothing to do with Jeter, Mo and Andy’s contract.

    I have to say that if you had told me in 1977 that I would have really missed George I would have laughed. Who knew?


    I think its all corporate politics – I don’t think there is any chance that Jeter will not retire in pinstripes. That being said, what is he thinking wanting six years at his age? And if he is thinking about getting married and starting a family how is he going to keep playing into his 40’s? I don’t know, maybe its politics on his end too. Perhaps he wants the same amount he would have made he would sign a 3 or 4 year contract if they offered him what he would have made with a 5 or 6 year contract. I don’t know. We’ll see.

  4. ladyjane303

    Headline in one of the free daily rags today said “What If He Leaves?” I say, let’s stop reading the headlines and jumping on all the rumors and let this work itself out (which I believe it will – I have no choice but to do so), and on opening day next year we can listen to the late, great Bob Sheppard announce, “#2, Derek Jeter, #2”

  5. abby1306

    “Allowing Derek Jeter To Test Free Agent Market”… I don’t know, it sounds weird. Didn’t Derek say that he actually doesn’t want to be a free agent? That the Yankees are the only organization he ever wanted to play for? That this was the reason why he signed a 10-year-contract? And he never wanted to deal with free agency? I kind of have this echo in my ear. I don’t know why they say something like this, don’t they want to try EVERYTHING to get him back? IF he really wants a 5-6-year contract it’s because he wants to retire in pinstripes and doesn’t want to be in this situation again. But I’m sure they’ll find a solution. He will stay. He has to.
    And just because he’s ALLOWED to test the free agent market, doesn’t mean he will.

    The comments from “fans” or haters really makes me sick. If they don’t care or just have nothing productive to say, they should shut up. Kudos to that Red Soy fan, though. You’re right Jane, I also should stop reading something like that, would keep my blood pressure down. 😉

  6. Jane Heller

    Renegade, Jeter doesn’t want to test the waters and the Yankees don’t want him to. Contrary to conventional wisdom, he has an ego and the Yankees are running a business. Hal warned a while back that it could take a while to make the deal. He was right. I have no doubt that the two sides will work it out. As for Mark Cuban, last I heard he was trying to buy the Dodgers. I think he should give up trying because MLB doesn’t want him owning a team (and neither do I, for that matter).

    George probably would have just written a check after talking to Jeter directly on the phone, Peg. He did do things differently – not always to our benefit though. Don’t forget, he was the one who wanted to trade both Andy and Mo way back when. But I do know what you mean about the change in regime. First of all, they should never let Randy Levine near a reporter. He blurts out the stupidest stuff and is not a good PR person for the organization. At least Hal is more measured in his responses.

    I agree about the corporate politics, Diane. And I don’t know what Jeter is thinking asking for all those years except all the Yankees have to do is make it a player-coach deal where he can play for awhile and then move to the management side. Or something. They just need to let him know he always has a place with the Yankees. But on their end, they don’t want another A-Rod deal where they’re stuck with guys into their 40s.

    I’m sure it’ll turn out exactly the way you say, ladyjane. I do. I just thought the level of panic in the headline above and the subsequent comments were worth sharing. Situations like Jeter’s bring out all the naysayers and I had a laugh reading what they had to say.

    I thought the same thing, Jeff – hilarious. Of course he’ll be back. The hysteria is ridiculous.

  7. Jane Heller

    I don’t think they want to try “everything” to get him back, Nadine, but I do think they could bridge any gaps by being creative with how they structure a deal. If he really wants all those years, then give him an off-the-field position, as I said above. He doesn’t have to play to be paid; he just has to be a Yankee! And yes, the haters raise my blood pressure too, which is why I needed company to read them with me. LOL.

    True, Paul. Life would be so dull without all the drama, manufactured or otherwise.

  8. Jane Heller

    For once you agree with Paul, Dave. LOL. I love the William and Kate reference. Now there’s a topic I can really enjoy talking about. Michael thinks I’m nuts, of course, but I can’t get enough of the engagement stuff and am looking forward to more TV coverage. But I digress. Love the Florida Cubans idea for the Marlins, but don’t love the idea of Mark Cuban owning a baseball team. Let him annoy people in other sports!


    For once, I agree with Paul. All this gar-baage does keep many a sportswriter and talking head fully engaged…
    My guess is that this will get worse before it gets better. But hey, even William and Kate had their falling-out, eh wot? I do agree with the observation that they need each other…and if the spurned offer is in the ‘hood of 3 years at $21 mill per, well, lotsa guys have taken lots less. Of course, lotsa guys ain’t The Captain…but even The Babe…
    Makes me pine for the days of Yogi. Allegedly, Yogi would help Del Webb and Dan Topping and all those owner-types get all likkered up in the clubhouse celebration, then schmooze up to ’em and say, “Hey boss…we just won it again…how ’bout a raise next year?” And he’d get it…or so the legend goes, at least. Helped to win the Series almost annually, of course…
    Here’s an awful thought from my LF position. What if a spurned Mark Cuban turned his gaze eastward, toward the Florida Marlins…they always need money, can’t draw fans in that sweatbox, and give away their talent…if he bought them, suppose he might change their name, to be like old Paul Brown’s Clevelanders…then they’d be the FLORIDA CUBANS!! Takin’ his talents to South Beach!! Uh-oh…that’s so bizarro…could it…?


    Amen about Cuban; let sleeping bowsers lie with basketballs…
    Well, since we’re off to the Carolinas for a few daze and so postings are most unlikely, lemme share this…
    Off-topic with Willum & Kate — we know how the Brits luv all this stuff, and You Wimmenfolk can’t seem to get enuf either (including me own spouse)…but as for us slovenly middle-aged American males…well…
    Saw a funny pie chart last week that said it best. Title: WHY MEN GO TO WEDDINGS…slices up as follows…
    — 10% because their wife made them go
    — 10% because they’re the Groom
    — 10% because they’re the groom’s Best Man
    — 10% to (continue) pursuit of a Hot Babe…and…
    Do me a favor…run this chart past Michael…see if he agrees…?! And have a fine fine weekend…

  11. Jane Heller

    Hahaha, Dave! Love that and I’m sure Michael will too. His pet peeve about being dragged to weddings (or any fancy occasion, for that matter) is the need to wear nice shoes, which he claims never fit. Have a great time away.

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