Since There’s No Yankees News, This Post Is About THEM

That’s right, the Fab Four (not to be confused with the Core Four). Today’s announcement that iTunes would now be making the Beatles’ music available for download was a huge thrill for me, and it took me exactly ten seconds to go on the site and click “Buy” next to all the songs I loved when I was growing up. Yes, I was one of those screaming teenagers who went crazy the first time I saw Paul, John, George and Ringo on “Ed Sullivan.” From then on, I hung their posters in my bedroom, bought their records, went to their movies (I actually saw “A Hard Day’s Night” 11 times and “Help” 13 times), terrorized my parents to let me go to their concerts. I was like the blonde girl in the video below who cries.
(Loved Groucho at the end of that.)
Anyhow, the Beatles were a big part of my childhood and even now when I see Paul McCartney at Yankee Stadium I go a little nuts. So today was a happy one for me and my iPod.
Oh, I guess there was a little Yankees news. Doc Halladay won another Cy Young award. How is that Yankees news? Because in my fantasies, he ended up in the Bronx, not Philadelphia – just like the Beatles came to my house and sang “I Want To Hold Your Hand.”


  1. Jane Heller

    I’d have to say the Braves “won” the trade, joejoe146. But I’m not sure where you get your intel on Cliff Lee. Last I heard the Rangers hadn’t made him an offer and planned on taking it “slowly.”


    I still get a thrill just seeing their picture. They had the best selling album of the decade of 2000 – 2010 in “1” and were the second best selling group. Not bad for a band that hadn’t been together for 40 years!

    Help and A Hard Day’s Night are two of my favorite movies.


  3. Jane Heller

    Seeing their picture takes me right back to my adolescence, Melissa. Their early music does that too. It’s amazing how we can be transported back just from hearing “She Loves You” along with all the girls screaming. Last night I played my new iTunes purchases and it was kind of scary how I remembered all the words.

    I guess Michael Jackson had the same kind of stardom for your generation, Jeff, as the Beatles did for mine. Who knew he’d end up buying their entire music catalog and pissing them off for decades.

    Sounds like Ali, who was obviously very sheltered when it came to music, Paul. The Beatles clowned around all the time. That’s why their movies were so much fun.


    Na, na, na…NA na na na…Na na na na…
    Apologies to Diane, since you can’t stand ’em — and maybe half our blog universe wonders who these guys were, or “who cares anymore”…but for the rest of us…
    Well, I’m so glad you Newfangled Techie Types can get their stuff now. You know, back in the day, I bought a lot of their 45s (many strange & fascinating flip sides, like “Rain”), but never needed to buy their LPs, because EVERYBODY AND THEIR DOG had them!! My family is divided — older sis never liked them either (for her, it was soul music or nothin’) but my wife LOOVES ’em, esp. Paul. Jane, didn’t you love the irony when Paul married a girl from YOUR HOME TOWN?? Okay…have we bored everyone yet?
    Back to beisbol. I saw on that they have an fan-voting setup by which you can decide on every significant current Yankee — position player or pitcher — and tell ’em if you want to “Take” them or “Trash” them in 2011. Over 46,000 people have already voted!! I won’t spoil all the results, in case you wanna do it, but here’s a little taste:
    The three players everyone most wants to “take” are:
    (1) Cano (97%); (2) Tex (91%); and (3) Grandy (87%)
    The three pitchers everyone most wants to “take” are:
    (1) CC (95%); (2) Mo (93%); and Phil (90%).
    Who do the fans want to “trash?” What are the other results? Well, check it out yourself…or if you wanna, I’ll post the other results later…all you need is love…!


    OMG, Jane. Don’t hate me for this but I can’t stand The Beatles. I know I am in the vast minority of people world-wide, especially all of us over 40, but I think they are the worst singers and musicians to ever become huge stars. They were great song writers, I will give you that, but otherwise I would be happy to never hear them again.

    The footage was very cool though. Edward G. Robinson, Jack Benny and Grocho Marx; right? Awesome!

    Halladay was a simple pick in the NL – I don’t think the AL is going to be as easy. We’ll see what happens.

  6. Jane Heller

    I’m sure there are people read the top of this post, Dave, and said, “Who?” and then stopped reading. LOL. But your wife and I were Paul lovers, apparently. I nearly died when I found out that he was marrying Linda Eastman – the Linda Eastman who went to my high school and lived practically around the corner! I knew her sister Louise pretty well and kept trying to imagine having a Beatle for a brother-in-law. Yes, do post the results of that ESPN poll. I want to see the players people want to “trash.”

    I don’t hate you, Diane. But “the worst singers and musicians to ever become huge stars?” There are so many reasons people become stars and a lot of it has to do with timing and freshness and hitting the culture at just the right moment. Teenagers who were too young to be raised on Elvis discovered these British guys who wore long hair and were playful and sang in a new way. They were a phenomenon. And yes, Lennon and McCartney were great songwriters. But each to her own. We can’t agree on everything, right?


    Linda Eastman lived “around the corner”…and you knew her SISTER?!? Farrr out!! Didn’t guess ANY of THAT!!! Come to think of it, Linda looked rather like you…willowy blonde, comfy in front of (or behind) the camera…and quite the attractive one…but I digress…
    Well, since you asked, here are further results of The Poll. The other Players included six others who the fans would “TAKE”…Jeet (at 85%), Gardy (84%), A-Rod (83%), Swish (79%), Mister Thames (65%) and…drum roll, please… Senor JoPo, bringing up the rear at 63%.
    SO — who did they TRASH? Cervelli (40%)…and in dead last…Fat Elvis, at a mere 13%. Well, to come back for $15 million…I guess it’s thank you, thankyouverymuch…we’ll be leaving the building now…
    Now to The Pitchers. A few of them didn’t even get rated. But here’s who else they’d TAKE: Andy (at 83%), Kerry Wood (81%), Nova (79%), Boone (74%), Moseley (70%), and Last Man in The Pen…Robertson (at 61%).
    And thus…who did they TRASH? Joba (“I Am The Walrus –Jooba, Joba, Jooba!”…32%)…A.J. (“there’s a fog upon L.A. –where they sit in A.J. Way?”…19%)…and the Doghouse Rubber Bone goes to…
    Javy Krishna (“I’m A Loooser…and that’s all I’m ever meant to be”) Vazquez, at 7%. Yes, that’s right, I said SEVEN PERCENT. Now, what does that say about Ah-Save-Us, and Meat-Tray? Well, as The Beatles also sang, “How can you laugh — when you know I’m down?”

  8. Jane Heller

    Very interesting results, Dave. Thanks for sharing. Funny about Cervelli, isn’t it? He was everybody’s replacement for Posada for ten minutes, now people want him gone in favor of Jesus Montero, who’s never played major league baseball. Joba doesn’t surprise me. And of course there’s Javy, poor guy. Aceves is apparently recovered from his back problems (didn’t have surgery after all) and may play winter ball.

  9. James Buxton

    Dear Readres (and Fearless Ledaer She-Fan) of this Blog:
    I’m 32, and I LOVE The Beatles, If we the new generations would learn from the past we’ll be a better world. Also I hate some other great bands (Oasis for example), but as you said “each to her/his own”. I’m fond of the great singers of the past. (My dad used to put me to sleep with Frank Sinatra or some Disco Samba record I still have, oh the memories) and certainly those four kids with long hair and some skills are simply the best. Are you familiar with the incident involving George Harrison, his guitar, and some guy here who found it?
    Very interesting poll, I too imagined poor Javy would have his amount of hate, and Cervelli, well, I think he is as good as some other catchers in the league. Good Vibe for Aceves!! A quick recovery and lots of good outings in winter ball. (if he is playing in Mexico, maybe I could see him). I miss baseball, Yankee baseball mostly…

  10. Jane Heller

    Hey, James. So we have another Beatles fan among us. Sweet. I’m not familiar with the story about George Harrison’s guitar in Mexico so do tell. And maybe Aceves will end up playing there this winter. You could give us a first hand report!

  11. Jane Heller

    Thanks for filling me in, James. Even if it’s not true, it’s a great story! If I’d found George’s guitar, I would love to have met him and handed it to him. Sigh.

    I bought early stuff, Mike – mostly from A Hard Day’s Night. Here goes: Eight Days a Week, Can’t Buy Me Love, Any Time At All, Things We Said Today, Please Please Me, Love Me Do, I’ll Be Back, No Reply. And that was just my first go-round. Will get more.

  12. James Buxton

    It’s more like an urban legend, but here it goes. Geroge lost his guitar, I’m not sure where, but ended up in the International Airport in Mexico City. Some guy found it and took it home. George absolutely loved his guitar and took a great effort to found it. He asked his fiends to look for it. Ravi Shankar was having some concerts in Mexico and started to ask for the guitar. The guy approached Ravi and tells him he has the guitar. George said he’ll give whatever amount of money the finder could ask, but this guy asked only one thing, to meet him. So there comes George to meet this guy, and to pick up his beloved guitar (they ended being very good friends). Some said he was the father of Olivia Arias, his second wife, bit I’m pretty sure they met when she worked for A&M Records. I hope to se Aceves if he comes here and of course you´ll have a first hand report!!!!! (Reminder to self, buy a video camera…)


    Well, Mike…if you’re looking back at former postings…and you’d like some more musical input…here’s mine:
    “It’s Only Love” from Rubber Soul — when the CD came out, it was NOT included, ’cause the CD was the British version, and it drove me crazy trying to find it…
    “Here, There, and Everywhere” — okay, maybe a bit cliche, but after hearing it many times at many weddings — including my cousin’s daughter’s wedding when my cousins sang it together on acoustic guitar…well, it’s special…
    “Because”, from Abbey Road — flashback to my college DJ daze…’nuff said…
    “Back In the USSR” and “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” from the White Album — just plain rockin’ and rollin’ FUN…
    Jesus Montero. There. I said SUMTHIN’ bout beisbol…!

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