Top Ten Reasons Why Andy Pettitte Should Pitch Another Year

He’s doing the dance again….He told Brian Cashman he wants to spend more time with his kids but he loves being a Yankee. He can’t make a decision yet. He won’t. We’re left to watch and wait and wonder. I’m not a patient person, so I think he needs some help with his plans. Here are the reasons I think he should put the pinstripes back on and give it one more go. Listen up, Andy:
#10) Hanging out with ballplayers is way more fun than making the bed, loading the dishwasher and taking out the garbage.
#9) Mrs. Pettitte won’t let you spit sunflower seeds in the house.
#8) Throwing over to first and picking off runners is still a kick – admit it.
#7) You’ll gain a lot of weight if you retire.
#6) You’ll be an “Old Timer” instead of an “active player” if you retire.
#5) All you’ll have to look forward to is testifying at Clemens’ trial if you retire.
#4) You won’t be invited to Jeter’s wedding if you retire – or his new house in Tampa.
#3) You won’t get that nice big check if you retire.
#2) You won’t be interviewed by Kim Jones, Suzyn Waldman, Jack Curry or anyone else if you retire.
#1) You’ll miss Cliff Lee’s debut as a Yankee if you retire.
What have I forgotten? We have to send Andy a list. And soon.


  1. Jane Heller

    Yes, Antonella! Exactly. And, as @lynzyigirl2 said on Twitter, he wouldn’t get to star in any more Dove commercials.

  2. antonella

    HAHAHA! Right! He’ll stop being “comfortable”!
    PS- the book is getting good, half way through.. school has me occupied.. I’m hoping to get it done during Thanksgiving.


    andy, you’ll miss pulling your cap down so low that with your glove in front of his face, that only yours eyes show. you’ll miss yelling into your glove. you’ll miss mo getting more saves for you. you’ll miss going to the playoffs and getting more wins. you’ll miss jeter’s dry humor on a daily basis. you’ll miss being part of the big four. ok let’s face it. i’ll miss you, andy.
    i adore andy so i hope he’s back.

  4. abby1306

    Ha ha, I love it! My favorite is #9! That’s definitely the best reason. Lol! Andy really needs to read this list, maybe it helps with his decision. 😉
    He just has to come back, there’s no other way! Maybe he’ll be setting any kind of record again… and he only finds out if he does not retire! There can happen so much in a season, come on Andy, you can’t watch Yankee-games from home… (and not that I’m being selfish…but I want to see you play next season!!!)

    – Nadine


    I have a couple more, Jane:

    1. What will we call The Core Four if they go down to 3?
    2. I don’t know…a few million dollars!!???

    Also, didn’t the time come and go on the predicted Jeter wedding? I have heard absolutely no rumors of any kind – you’d think there would be a definite hum. Anyone???

  6. Jane Heller

    Antonella, are you talking about Best Enemies? Can’t remember which one you’re reading, since you’ve been storming right through them.

    Very simple indeed, ladyjane. If the power of our fandom means anything, Andy should come back.

    Thanks, Jeff. You’re very complimentary this morning. (Well, it’s morning here anyway.)

    He could always yell into his glove at home, Barbara. LOL. But he will definitely miss Mo getting more saves for him and then shaking hands afterwards. I can’t picture my Yankee life without him but maybe those Houston years gave us practice.

    Yup, Melissa. He would miss all that coverage of his brilliance. Who would take pictures of him like that?

    Now that’s the best reason yet, yankeesgirl. He wouldn’t get to have his voice computerized and he wouldn’t get to be interviewed by me. Somebody needs to explain that to him!

  7. Jane Heller

    Nadine, #9 is a huge reason. I mean, how will he be able to spit those seeds at home? And if he can’t, will he be able to kick the habit? Makes more sense for him to pitch another year.

    That’s right, Paul. He would miss being able to second guess Girardi’s pitching moves.

    I don’t know what happened with Jeter’s supposed wedding, Diane. All those rumors had him getting married in November of LAST YEAR. And as far as we know, he’s still single with no engagement news on the horizon. Maybe he’s waiting until he’s 40? Or retires? Or finds someone else? I must add that I’m excited that Prince William is engaged to Kate Middleton. I do love weddings.

  8. mlbmom

    11.Because I won’t know what to wear every fifth day from April to October if it’s not my pinstripe Pettitte jersey….

  9. Jane Heller

    LOL, Wendy. Your wardrobe is a huge reason why Andy should stay! You should send him a pic and sign it, “What do I wear if you’re gone?”

    She is gorgeous, Diane, and I love that she’s “middle class” as opposed to some snotty aristocrat. Can’t wait to see her wedding dress.

    Andy told Cashman he’s not playing for the Astros or anybody else in Texas, Dave. It’s either the Yankees or retirement, so we don’t have to worry about that. I can’t decide if his injury will make him for or against pitching. On one hand, I agree that he’d want to come back and pitch another year healthy. On other other, he might say, “Well, my body isn’t holding up the way it used to, so…”


    When we still had the Sunday home package at the old Yankee Stadium and someone would propose our whole section would yell, “Nooooo, don’t do it….just say no” — it was pretty funny. Kate Middleton is gorgeous.

  11. blithescribe

    Hmmm…how about:

    11. The signs aren’t as easy to read at home and his wife will get really annoyed if he shakes them off anyway.

    12. A steely gaze just doesn’t intimidate teenagers into behaving the same way it backs batters off the plate…and pitching them high and inside to make your point is right out.

    13. Once he’s retired, does he really think he’s going to get 4 days rest in between each item on the honey-do list? Yeah, I don’t see that happening either. 🙂

    14. It’s really tough to get a shaving cream pie in the face at home.


    Well, looky there, looky there…
    He doesn’t wanna be the FIRST of the Core Four to hang it up, does he? Not when it seems like they’re TRYING to give JoPo a subtle hint to go…and then, OMG, if they both went…we’d go from Core Four to a gruesome twosome in no time flat…! YIKES — don’t wanna entertain that proposition…
    And does Andy really wanna mosey on back to Texas while the Rangers are the AL Champs? If we can steal away Lee, but Andy did hang ’em up, do ya think that Smilin’ Ryan would try to talk Andy into One Last Roundup with HIS boys? He went ‘Texan’ once; well, shut my mouth and perish the thought…!
    And does “Reet Petite” (he’s sooo fine…oh…um, that’s the title of an old Jackie Wilson tune…nevermind) REALLY wanna go out on an injured half-a-season, and ringless? How about just “One for the Other Thumb in 2-0-1-1?!”

  13. beckers46

    I love all of these reasons! One more year Andy, one more year!!! He’ll also miss having the chance to take over a few more Yankee pitching categories from Whitey Ford. I purchased the other day a few more Andy t-shirts. Just to be safe. I think one more year will also secure a first year Hall of Fame ballot. I say all us she-fans should go to Deer park,Texas and drag him to spring training if he decides to retire. Andy seems like the kind of guy that would retire just to give a rookie pitcher from triple A a shot at the show. That’s nice, but I want him to pitch another year! Have a great day, fans! – Becky :0)

  14. pinstripebirthdays

    Andy needs 29 more regular season wins to surpass Red Ruffing for 2nd place on All Time Yankee list and 33 more to reach Whitey Ford’s 236 victories. He would need two very good seasons at the minimum, to achieve those numbers. I’d love to see him come back in 2011 and if he has a Pettitte type year and still feels good physically, try to reach those numbers in 2012. By the way, I wish Andy’s nickname was “Blue” because the top three Yankee pitching winners would be Red, Whitey and Blue!

  15. raysrenegade

    You know I have never been shy when it comes to ballplayers, but I do get a bit timid around AndyPettitte.
    Not sure why really. I know it is not for him saving his own skin in the Roger Clemens dibacle, or even his dominance in picking off B J Upton opr Carl Crawford at will over their careers.
    Maybe it is the plain fact he has carried himself like an All Star and Hall of Famer since the first time I saw him stride out to the mound in his pinstripes. You can not teach charm, charisma and class.
    If you could, Pettitte would definitely be the Head Master….In my opinion.

    Rays Renegade

  16. Jane Heller

    Blithescribe, your reasons are the absolute best! I laughed reading every one of them, but my favorite was the four days rest between running errands on the honey-do list. That cracked me up. Well done.

    You were smart to pick up some extra Pettitte jerseys, Becky. And I’d be willing to go with you to Deer Park and drag him to Tampa. No problem.

    I don’t see Pettitte coming back for two years, pinstripebirthdays. It would be sweet if he passed Red Ruffing, but I don’t know if personal records mean that much to him. He seems like it’s all about the team.

    You’re intimidated by good old Andy, Renegade? Actually, I’d probably get all giddy and stupid if I happened to be in his presence. I agree that he’s got charisma and class. What’s not to like, right?

    I’m sure Lee would like to have those two games back, kaiser.

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