No “Moneyball” Info to Report But….

…I really, really liked “The Social Network.” I know the film has been in theaters for over a month, but I waited to see it today because I knew writer Aaron Sorkin and the cast of the movie would be at our screening for a Q&A afterwards. I admit I was skeptical about it; how do you tell a visually entertaining story about a social networking site and the anti-social kid who invented it? But leave it to the creator of “The West Wing” and “A Few Good Men” to come up with words that grab you and don’t let go. For anyone who hasn’t seen the movie yet, GO. Here’s the trailer, which doesn’t begin to do the movie justice.
The acting is incredible from top to bottom (even Justin Timberlake is good!), and the pace of the film is so fast you can’t blink or you’ll miss something. Anyhow, I highly recommend it.
I was invited to the post-screening reception for Sorkin and the actors. That’s where I planned to ask him about “Moneyball.” Bad news. I arrived just as he was leaving – like five minutes into the party. “He had to be back in LA,” I was told when I asked why he had disappeared. Maybe he did have to drive back; traffic can be brutal on the 101 freeway on a sunny Sunday afternoon. But maybe the problem was Sorkin himself. He admitted during the Q&A that he was as socially awkward as the movie’s geeky protagonist and always felt as if he walked around with a sign on his forehead that said, “I don’t belong.” Whether that was just posturing or he really is uncomfortable around people in social settings I couldn’t tell you. I was just disappointed I didn’t get to talk to him. I did spend a few minutes with Andrew Garfield, the actor who plays the co-founder of Facebook. 
Me: “Andrew, I just have to tell you how much I enjoyed your performance.”
Andrew: “Oh, that’s really nice of you. Thanks.”
Me: “You’re British and yet you played the part of the Harvard grad with a flawless American accent.”
Andrew: “Well, my father is American so I grew up familiar with those familiar sounds. But thank you. I appreciate it.”
Me: “I really think you’re going to have a big career ahead of you. Do you have any new movie projects lined up?”
Andrew: “Um, yeah.”
Me: “Good. Good. Anything I’ll be hearing about?”
Andrew: (laughs shyly): “Um, I’m the new Spiderman.”
Me: “Oh, right!”
I walked away feeling like a total dork. I had just asked the hottest actor in Hollywood if he had any future jobs. Next time I’ll do my homework.
Back to baseball, the GM meetings get underway tomorrow. I know we’ve been told not to expect any major signings or deals while they’re going on, but Cashman always surprises us. (Raise your hand if you thought Curtis Granderson for Austin Jackson would come out of last year’s meeting.) I might have to send “Suzyn Waldman” down to Orlando to file a video for us. Stay tuned.


  1. beckers46

    Hi, everybody! I haven’t posted in awhile. Hope everyone’s doing well. If you’re like me, you’re depressed without baseball. I’m hoping to go to my first spring training in Tampa this year.

    Jane, everyone I know loves this movie and enjoyed it. I haven’t seen it yet. I think it’s random that Justin Timberlake is in it.

    I also wanted to share that I’m reading one of your books. I found Name Dropping at my local library. I got excited when I came across it. The library has 2 more of your books, but they were checked out.

    Good night, fans! – Becky :0)

  2. mikeeff

    my god I could have raised a child in the time it took to log onto MLB Blogs.
    anyway- this was the best movie I’ve seen in ages. I’m a sucker for great dialog and he is king of the snappy line. I loved everything and all the actors. don’t worry- i didn’t know that kid was the new spiderman either, but those type movies aren’t my thing.
    I missed the Yankees desperately Saturday night. reduced to watching the 2009 blu ray highlights for the umpteenth time…


    I have heard good things about this movie also.

    Ah Jane, your talk with Andrew Garfield made me smile. We’ve all had moments like that – though usually mine are with some local person, NOT with the star of a movie. (I’m so out of the loop, when I first read it I thought he said “I’m in the new Spiderman.”)

    I’m sure people have spoken to you at book signings and talks and gone home and thought they were dorks.

    We think you are fun, witty, and intelligent.



    I’m a little backed up right now on movies but that is one I definitely want to see. Timberlake has always been a riot on Saturday Night Live – I have no doubt he will have a successful acting career as well as singing career.

    I do miss baseball as Becky commented – the only time I went to Spring Training was the year A-Rod joined the team. Its a great place to enjoy being a Yankees fan, that’s for sure. Unlike frequent games in the Bronx, at training camp you are surrounded by nothing but Yankees fans. Its awesome.

    In the meantime, I’m enjoying football season as a Jets fan. The last few games have been messy, but they have found a way to win all but 2 so far this year and have not lost a single game on the road. That’s something. Even those of you who are not football fans should have gotten a good laugh out of the prep last week before the game, as the defensive coach for Cleveland and the head coach of The Jets are twin brothers. They were absolutely hysterical.


    WELL…some interesting stuff there…
    Not sure how to feel about “The Social Network” — but then again, not sure how I feel about Facebook itself! Hope you are right about the trailer doing the movie no justice — if it’s THAT fast-paced, I’m truly lost at the starting line…gotta admit, though — never thought I’d hear a choir’s version of “Creep” by Radiohead…but, when it comes to this stuff, like a modern-day Yogi, I don’t know nuthin’ — and that’s OK…
    Wish that I’d have had time to miss beisbol — with the conclusion of softball and soccer seasons, it’s been rather insane ’round here for me, but at last they are done…and so am I…
    Now let’s hope for a morsel of good news (or at least no BAD news) from the GM meetings. Let’s see…what could we use…how about pitching, pitching, and more pitching??

  6. Jane Heller

    Hey, Becky. Very exciting that you’ll be going to spring training for the first time. You’ll love it there. So glad you stumbled on Name Dropping at the library. Have fun with it!

    Oh, Mike. Sorry about the sign-in problem. There are days when I try to leave a comment on my own blog and can’t, so I feel your frustration. I thought Social Network was the best movie I’ve seen this year along with The King’s Speech. Those two will be Best Picture Oscar contenders for sure. You’ll love Mike Leigh’s film but it’s one of those that will come and go quickly, so if you see it playing, go…or wait and rent. Our group is getting Blue Valentine next weekend (the one that got rated NC-17) and Black Swan sometime after that.

    All you have to do to get into these events is pay, Paul. Once the pain of writing the check is over, it’s all good.

    If your kids are your movie guinea pigs, Jenn, you need to tell them to go and see this one! From what I hear, people of all ages love it.

    Awww, Melissa. Thank you for thinking I’m not a dork! LOL. It never occurred to me that anybody would feel the way I did yesterday at one of my book signings. It’s the other way around. One woman came to a signing carrying every single one of my books in her arms and said, “Here, sign these and write something funny in each one.” I was a little startled by her “command,” but I asked her name and proceeded to write something in each book. She thanked me and took off – then came storming back yelling, “It’s Kathi with an “i!”‘ From then on I started asking people how they spell their name.

  7. Jane Heller

    Justin Timberlake plays the kid that started Napster, Diane, and made a fortune selling music online. He’s kind of the devilish character and he plays the part really well – total smooth operator. Now if he could just do something about his high voice. I know you must be enjoying football season. It’s great that you have a sport and a team you’re passionate about to tide you over.

    Dave, you’re not too old fogy-ish to like Social Network, trust me. It’s about starting a business and people suing each other and trial depositions and divided loyalties – timeless stuff. Yes, the pace and dialogue are rapid-fire, but you’ll get into it. And yes, pitching, pitching and more pitching. We have way too much question marks in our rotation right now.

  8. mikeeff

    seeing “small” movies is one of the things i miss the most about not living in new york anymore. I hadn’t even heard of The King’s Speech until you just mentioned it. On to my saved Netflix queue it will go!- I can’t wait to see that

  9. Jane Heller

    Mike, you must have missed my post about The King’s Speech. Colin Firth is fabulous as the king who had a stammer and Geoffrey Rush matches him as the speech therapist. One of the year’s best films for sure.

  10. Jane Heller

    It wasn’t funny to poor Kathi, Melissa! She was really mad! But come to think of it, I do remember a woman who got tongue tied. She had written to me that she was a fan of my novels and I said I’d be doing a signing in her area. She wrote back that she was so excited and couldn’t wait. I said, “Be sure to come up and say hello.” The signing came and went and there was no sign of her. It turned out she was there but later wrote to me to say she was too shy to come up to the table. I was sorry about that.


    Jane, you may think no one at your book signings went home feeling like a dork, but I’ll bet people did. You are famous and I’m sure for some people, you are their favorite author. You’ve probably tongue tied quite a few of them.

    The story about Kathi with an i was pretty funny!



    Dear Jane, an ESPN Baseball blogger reports that the Yankee managment is reviewing the future of the Yankee radio broadcasters–does this mean no Suzy? or is John “it is far. ..” gone?
    And–even better, and true, Joe Morgan and Jon Miller are gone, and it is likely that McCarver and Buck will be gone, too. So much to look forward to!

  13. Jane Heller

    Jes14850, the contracts for Suzyn and John – and WCBS, for that matter – are up in 2011. So we have another year of them for sure and then my guess is the Yankees will bring them back. Yes, Morgan and Miller are gone, although I think ESPN is waiting for Miller to decide if he still wants to do the national radio broadcasts. I wish Buck and McCarver would be replaced. They’re the duo I really can’t stand.

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